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With the impending snow storm, there's a good chance you may get a "free pass" to miss work tomorrow, or at least show up later than normal. BUT, if you're boss makes you come in, do you REALLY have to go? Do you have a legal right to refuse to come to work?

It's an EXTREMELY difficult situation to be in and there are several different laws and rules on the books about this. So, let's break it down a bit.

Do you drive for a living? - That's if you drive a semi or have a job where you drive people to their destinations (taxi, bus, etc..). IF this is the case, you have OSHA and the National Labor Relations Act on your side. But, that doesn't mean your employer can't fire you. You're take on dangerous driving conditions may not be the same take your employer has. Or, if you end up in court, the judge may decide that 45 inches of snow and 100 mph winds isn't dangerous and can side with your employer.

Do you commute to work? - If you work and live in different towns or you commute to work in any way, you basically have no leg to stand on. It's up to the employer at that point to determine if the conditions are bad enough to allow you to stay home. Yes, your employer can fire you if you decide that driving to work is too dangerous. You can fight it, but you probably lose.

That leaves you with this: If it's bad weather out, unless you drive for a living, your employer CAN make you work, or fire you if you don't show.

For more detailed information, check out our source article by clicking HERE.