Dierks Bentley's new video for "What the Hell Did I Say" takes place where the love triangle in “I’ll Be the Moon" left off.

The story continues as a woman goes back home to her other man, while her late night lover is left frustrated and ends up at the bar pounding a few drinks. Once the morning comes, he can't quite remember what he said to her.

"'What The Hell Did I Say' is a pretty rocking song off the record that a lot of people can relate to because we all know what happens when phones, alcohol and regrets mix together," Bentley says in a press release. "Everyone's wondered what they may have said the night before or on a bender. The music helps balance out those feelings the next morning and I love the way [director] Wes [Edwards] was able to capture the turmoil of this song with three different perspectives."

The plot thickens as the woman is shown fast asleep while he's blowing up her phone. Meanwhile, her boyfriend comes home to see her phone light up and picks it up to read all the text messages her other man has sent her.

"I love singing fun songs; I've built a career on them," Bentley tells Rolling Stone Country. "With 'What the Hell,' it's a fun, morning-after song. The video is a chance to take it somewhere else and keep the conversation wide open."

In advance of the release of Black, which drops on May 27, Bentley will continue to reveal a series of videos that follow four of the songs from the album and one continuing storyline. The first episode in the series debuted last week with his new song “I’ll Be the Moon,” which features Maren Morris. The video saga continues with another new video, "Pick Up," on April 29.

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