Competitive sports isn't always about winning. Sometimes there are special moments during a game that are more important than the final score.

There was a wonderful gesture of compassion and sportsmanship that occurred during the final three minutes of an Iowa high school boys basketball game between Nashua-Plainfield and West Fork of Sheffield Tuesday night (Feb. 9, 2016).

West Fork team manager Dakota Reason got an opportunity to play. Entering the game created a lifetime memory for the Warhawks' senior, who was born with cerebral palsy and wasn't expected to live to be five-years-old.

Reason has spent his entire life defying the odds. He defied them again Tuesday night by scoring eight points, thanks to the help of his teammates and an understanding opponent (See Video Below).

At the end of the night, the scoreboard showed that West Fork -- the top-ranked team in Class-1A -- beat the Huskies on the court, 79-23. In the game of sportsmanship, however, both teams won.