The 4th annual “Aftermarket Nationals” brought a record 66 Modifieds and 28 Sportmods to Keith Simmons' 3/8 mile Farley Speedway. It was two days of intense racing action dubbed as the Declaration of Independence against the Crate Engine.

When the final checkered flag of the night flew it was Corning, Iowa's, Jesse Dennis hoisting the trophy and collecting the $10,000 winners share. Dennis started the 50 lap main from the pole. He settled in behind race leader David Brown for the first ten laps before overtaking Brown for the lead.

The race was stopped at the midway point to allow the drivers to refuel. The second 25 laps saw the top five positions change with the exception of Dennis maintaining the point position. Chris Zogg scored his career best special event finish garnering the runner up spot and the $5,000 check. Hunter Marriott, Jordan Grabouski and Brown rounded out the top five.

The Sportmods were also part of the “Aftermarket Nationals” all in competition with custom built engines. Troy Bauer had laid claim a couple of weeks back that he had the “Aftermarket Nationals” on his list of must win events. Bauer made good on his claim as he captured the 30 lap Championship on Friday night.

Bauer raced with pole sitter Todd Weise for several laps and was part of the lead pack that grew to four before Bauer was able to move out front and take the clear track en route to the Championship. Weise fell back as far as 5th before making a run back to the front in finishing second ahead of Josh Most and Tyler Soppe.

Friday, July 8th will be Driver Appreciation night at the Farley Speedway with a full program of Weekly Racing with a free grandstand admission. Action will take to the track at 7 pm with the first race scheduled for 7:30 pm.

JULY 1, 2016

Aftermarket Nationals Modified Feature
1. 70 Jesse Dennis-Corning, IA
2. 9Z Chris Zogg-New Liberty, IA
3. 62 Hunter Marriott-Brookefield, MO
4. 30 Jordan Grabouski-Beatrice, NE
5. 21D David Brown-Kellogg, IA
6. 3 Kelly Shryock-Fertile, IA
7. 96RC RC Whitwell-Tuscon, AZ
8. 5 Todd Shute-Des Moines, IA
9. 32 Brandon Rothzen-Gladstone, IL
10. 26B Brian Irvine-Oelwein, IA
11. 69X Jon Snyder-Ames, IA
12. 4 Ryan Maitland-Waterloo, IA
13. 77 Kurt Kile-Nichols, IA
14. 72M Brian Mullen-Seymour, WI
15. 21M Tyler Madigan-Dubuque, IA
16. 27M Mark Schulte-Delhi, IA
17. 33K Kenny Kostenbader-Freeport, IL
18. 6 Konner Wilinski-Seymour, WI
19. 19G Richie Gustin-Gilman, IA
20. 39G RJ Gonzales-Moline, IL
21. 90K Shawn Kilgore-New Franken, WI
22. 33Z Zack VanderBeek-New Sharon, IA
23. 8K Kyle StricklerMooresville, NC
24. 24G Greg Gretz-Kewanee, WI
25. 54 Benji LaCrosse-Green Bay, WI
26. 41 Jeremiah Hurst-Dubuque, IA

Engine Builders Challenge Modifieds
1. 71C Troy Cordes
2. 43 Brandon Wilson
3. B1 Jeff Larson
4. 31 Corey Dripps
5. F7 Patrick Flannagan
6. 05 Mike Mashl
7. 49 Rod McDonald
8. 26 Luke Miller
9. 33J Joe Huenefeld
10. 8S Josh Starr
11. 23B Brett Bumgardner
12. 41P Keith Pittman
13. 3K Todd Dart
14. 98 Jason Snyder
15. 5B Austin Bishop
16. 11X Tom Berry Jr. – DNS
17. 29D Brad Dierks – DNS
18. 21K Kyle Brown – DNS
19. 68 Mark Joski – DNS

Manufacturers Challenge Modifieds
1. 72M Brian Mullen – Chose to Start A-Main
2. 2G Matt Gansen
3. 92 Josh Most
4. 21F Nick Firari
5. 20L Zach Less
6. 9 Jerry Wilinski
7. 4K Kyle Kudick
8. 1M Austin Moyer
9. 8 Tony Snyder
10. 4G Kevin Goben
11. 12 Nathan Hall
12. 11BC Ben Carpenter
13. X4 Jason Purvis
14. 11B Mike Burbridge
15. 72 Dave Hammond
16. 11T Dugan Thye
17. 12J Justin O’Brien – DNS
18. 777 Joe Beal – DNS
19. 25R Russ Reinwald – DNS

Aftermarket Nationals SportMods
1. 9K Troy Bauer
2. 2W Todd Wiese
3. 92 Josh Most
4. 3T Tyler Soppe
5. 71B Scott Busch
6. 12N Gage Neal
7. 72 Brett Lowry
8. 1V Curtis VanDerWal
9. 42 Wes Digman
10. 492 Trent Wyssbrod
11. 2 Joey Schaefer
12. 16 Geoff Jeche
13. 12J Jake Steffen
14. 24M Mark Maas
15. 99F Shawn Fisher
16. 198 Sam Wieben
17. 81 KC Ansel
18. 35 Justin Becker
19. 22 Austin Heacock
20. T23 Tim Current
21. 20 Brandon Schmitt
22. 2X Troy Hovey
23. 7M Matt Short
24. 61 Logan Rogers

SportMod Non- Qualifiers
6M Jake Murphy
33T Andy Turpin