There was exciting racing action at the Marshalltown Speedway on Friday night, as it shared the Central Iowa Fairgrounds with the county fair on Friday, July 8, 2016.

Trent Jackson and Jimmy Gustin wowed the crowd with lap after lap of close racing. Jackson took the lead at lap five, Gustin getting to second by lap seven, and from there on out, the chase was on. Gustin followed in Jackson's tire tracks, tormenting him unrelentingly. Gustin tried a last second slide under the leader coming out of turn four as they looked ahead at the checkers, but it wasn't to be.

Jackson took the win, and Gustin had to be satisfied with second on this night. Jacob Murray finished third from starting eighth, Joel Rust came from tenth starting spot to take a fourth place finish, and seventh place starter, Ronn Lauritzen, was fifth. Jackson, who has raced both a modified and a late model at the Adams County Speedway in Corning, Iowa a number of years ago, scored his first win at Marshalltown.

There was fast and furious racing in the IMCA 20-lap Stock Car A main. Todd Reitzler led the race immediately, but suddenly at lap two, there was the 99D of the Chelsea Charger, Damon Murty on his tail. Murty, who had started twelfth, flew around the topside on his charge, and began dogging Reitzler. Meanwhile, Donavon Smith had also made big advances, getting to third and pressuring both Reitzler and Murty. At lap nine, Reitzler's night turned into a nightmare, when his car appeared to dig into the entry of turn one, and then he took a huge ride as the car rolled.

Thankfully, Reitzler emerged from the car unhurt. When racing action picked back up, Murty was now the leader with Smith in second. Murty returned to his topside run, Smith trying the low line, but it was all Murty's race from there on out, as he crossed under the checkers first once again. Smith kept the runner up spot, and third went to tenth starter, Steve Meyer. Fourth was Dave Atcher, who made a great comeback after an early race incident called for a trip to the pits for a tire change, and Tyler Pickett was fifth. This was Murty's fourth win at Marshalltown this year, and a repeat of last week's victory.

The IMCA 15-lap Hobby Stock main event went to Adam Armstrong. Armstrong, who has been racing an IMCA SportMod this season, jumped back into his Hobby Stock for the night, and made the switch seem effortless. He had the lead at lap seven, and then pulled away the remaining laps to take the easy win. Lady racer Leah Wroten started ninth, and took the runner up spot. Gene Nicklas took third, Matt Pohlman started thirteenth and finished fourth, and Jack Phillips rounded out the top five. Armstrong is only the third different Hobby Stock winner at Marshalltown this year.

The 18-lap IMCA SportMod feature came next. Chase Rudolf took the lead as the green flag flew, and was looking strong. By lap five, he had Jared VanDeest to contend with but continued to keep his lead. VanDeest was relentless however, pestering Rudolf continually, until finally making it pay off at lap twelve, when he grabbed the lead. VanDeest was able to distance himself from the pack in the final handful of laps, and took the checkers and the win. Eleventh place starter, Cory Rose, was the runner up, and early leader Chase Rudolf was third. It was a fight for fourth and fifth, Sam Wieben winning out over thirteenth starter, Dan Drury. VanDeest started twelfth and won for the fourth time in the 2016 season.

Josh May was one of those returning drivers as he took the win in the 12-lap Mod Lite feature. May took command at lap four and from there on, never looked back. He finished comfortably ahead of second place Mike Morrill, who had started ninth. Third place went to Travis Stensland, fourth was Joel Huggins, who had to race his way back through the field after a lap one spin, and Cory Sauerman started tenth, and completed the top five. May matched his win from last week.

Racing continues next Friday night at the Marshalltown Speedway with racing at 7:30.

Contributed By: Jerry Vansickel

JULY 8, 2016

IMCA Hobby Stocks 7/8/2016
1. Adam Armstrong (Carlisle, IA), 2. Leah Wroten (Independence, IA), 3. Eugene Nicklas (Grinnell, IA), 4. Matt Pohlman (Keystone, IA), 5. Jack Phillips (Mitchellville, IA), 6. Mitchell Thomas (Marshalltown, IA), 7. Brandon Pitts (Ames, IA), 8. Travis Merical (Marshalltown, IA), 9. Gary Pfantz (State Center, IA), 10. Eric Knutson (Grimes, IA), 11. Andy Peck (Newton, Ia), 12. Craig Lovig (Marshalltown, IA), 13. Preston Merical (Collins, IA), 14. David Simpson (Ankeny, Ia), 15. Eric Stanton (Carlisle, Ia), 16. Tyson Overton (Carlisle, IA), 17. Jamie Songer (Ankeny, IA), 18. Doug McCollough (Webster City, IA), 19. Adam Petrzelka (Norway, IA),

HEAT 1: 1. Eugene Nicklas (Grinnell, IA), 2. Jamie Songer (Ankeny, IA), 3. Mitchell Thomas (Marshalltown, IA), 4. Gary Pfantz (State Center, IA), 5. Matt Pohlman (Keystone, IA), 6. Craig Lovig (Marshalltown, IA), 7. Travis Merical (Marshalltown, IA)

HEAT 2: 1. Eric Stanton (Carlisle, Ia), 2. Tyson Overton (Carlisle, IA), 3. Leah Wroten (Independence, IA), 4. Brandon Pitts (Ames, IA), 5. Preston Merical (Collins, IA), 6. Andy Peck (Newton, Ia),

HEAT 3: 1. Eric Knutson (Grimes, IA), 2. Jack Phillips (Mitchellville, IA), 3. Adam Armstrong (Carlisle, IA), 4. Doug McCollough (Webster City, IA), 5. David Simpson (Ankeny, Ia), 6. Adam Petrzelka (Norway, IA),

IMCA Modifieds 7/8/2016
1. Trent Jackson (Marshalltown, IA), 2. Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown, IA), 3. Jacob Murray (Hartford, IA), 4. Joel Rust (Grundy Center, Ia), 5. Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup, IA), 6. Jenae Gustin (Marshalltown , Ia), 7. Tim Ward (, AZ), 8. Jake Strayer (Newton, IA), 9. Adam Larson (Ames, IA), 10. Brian Irvine (Oelwein, IA), 11. Racer Hulin (Laurel, ia), 12. Scott Simatovich (State Center, IA), 13. Brandon Leeman (Roland, IA), 14. Eric Elliott (Boone, IA), 15. Tyler Gross (Ankeny, IA), 16. Gatlin Leytham (Ames, IA), 17. Andrew Kinser (Marshalltown, IA), 18. Derek Reimer (St Anthony, IA), 19. Rod Clement (Rhodes, IA), 20. Austin Emry (Kellogg, IA), 21. Josh Gilman (Earlham, IA), 22. Tommy Fain (Abilene, TX), 23. Tysus Pattee (Vinton, IA),

HEAT 1: 1. Jake Strayer (Newton, IA), 2. Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown, IA), 3. Scott Simatovich (State Center, IA), 4. Tim Ward (, AZ), 5. Gatlin Leytham (Ames, IA), 6. Brandon Leeman (Roland, IA), 7. Tysus Pattee (Vinton, IA), 8. Andrew Kinser (Marshalltown, IA),

HEAT 2: 1. Jenae Gustin (Marshalltown , Ia), 2. Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup, IA), 3. Joel Rust (Grundy Center, Ia), 4. Tommy Fain (Abilene, TX), 5. Adam Larson (Ames, IA), 6. Tyler Gross (Ankeny, IA), 7. Eric Elliott (Boone, IA), 8. Austin Emry (Kellogg, IA),

HEAT 3: 1. Trent Jackson (Marshalltown, IA), 2. Brian Irvine (Oelwein, IA), 3. Derek Reimer (St Anthony, IA), 4. Jacob Murray (Hartford, IA), 5. Josh Gilman (Earlham, IA), 6. Racer Hulin (Laurel, ia), 7. Rod Clement (Rhodes, IA),

IMCA SportMods 7/8/2016
1. Jared VanDeest (Holland, Ia), 2. Cory Rose (Boone, IA), 3. Chase Rudolf (Norwalk, IA), 4. Sam Wieben (Dysart, Ia), 5. Dan Drury (Eldora, IA), 6. Jake McBirnie (Boone, IA), 7. Neil Follett (Conrad, IA), 8. Eric Larson (Holland, Ia), 9. Ryan King (Montour, IA), 10. Ethan Braaksma (Newton, IA), 11. Jayme Duinink (Pella, Ia), 12. Morris Schuler (Albion, IA), 13. Hunter Longnecker (Boone, IA), 14. Tom Rawlins (Kellogg, IA), 15. Travis Peterson (Gladbrook, Ia), 16. Curt Hilmer (Dysart, IA), 17. Matt Petrzelka (Norway, IA), 18. Kevin Yearington (Des Moines, IA),

HEAT 1: 1. Chase Rudolf (Norwalk, IA), 2. Travis Peterson (Gladbrook, Ia), 3. Cory Rose (Boone, IA), 4. Jayme Duinink (Pella, Ia), 5. Dan Drury (Eldora, IA), 6. Neil Follett (Conrad, IA),

HEAT 2: 1. Tom Rawlins (Kellogg, IA), 2. Sam Wieben (Dysart, Ia), 3. Jared VanDeest (Holland, Ia), 4. Ryan King (Montour, IA), 5. Morris Schuler (Albion, IA), 6. Ethan Braaksma (Newton, IA),

HEAT 3: 1. Jake McBirnie (Boone, IA), 2. Kevin Yearington (Des Moines, IA), 3. Matt Petrzelka (Norway, IA), 4. Curt Hilmer (Dysart, IA), 5. Hunter Longnecker (Boone, IA), 6. Eric Larson (Holland, Ia),

IMCA Stock Cars 7/8/2016
1. Damon Murty (Chelsea, IA), 2. Donavon Smith (Lake City, ia), 3. Steve Meyer (Grundy Center, IA), 4. Dave Atcher (Laurel, IA), 5. Tyler Pickett (Boxhom, IA), 6. Michael Jaennette (Kellogg, IA), 7. Donavon Nunnikhoven (Sully, IA), 8. Chris Wilse (Huxley, IA), 9. Kyle Everts (Holland, IA), 10. Jerry Schipper (Dike, IA), 11. Russel Damme (Waterloo, IA), 12. Nate Thelen (Kellogg, IA), 13. Keith Simmons (St Charles, IA), 14. Robert Engelkes (Dike, IA), 15. Todd Reitzler (Grinnell, IA), 16. Justin Lovig (Clemons, IA), 17. Jeff Wollam (Marshalltown, IA), 18. Matt Deaton (Newton, Ia),

HEAT 1: 1. Damon Murty (Chelsea, IA), 2. Donavon Nunnikhoven (Sully, IA), 3. Michael Jaennette (Kellogg, IA), 4. Nate Thelen (Kellogg, IA), 5. Justin Lovig (Clemons, IA), 6. Matt Deaton (Newton, Ia),

HEAT 2: 1. Todd Reitzler (Grinnell, IA), 2. Dave Atcher (Laurel, IA), 3. Steve Meyer (Grundy Center, IA), 4. Chris Wilse (Huxley, IA), 5. Keith Simmons (St Charles, IA), 6. Jerry Schipper (Dike, IA),

HEAT 3: 1. Donavon Smith (Lake City, ia), 2. Jeff Wollam (Marshalltown, IA), 3. Kyle Everts (Holland, IA), 4. Tyler Pickett (Boxhom, IA), 5. Russel Damme (Waterloo, IA), 6. Robert Engelkes (Dike, IA),

Mod Lites 7/8/2016
1. Josh May (De Soto, IA), 2. Mike Morrill (Altoona, IA), 3. Travis Stensland (Nevada, Ia), 4. Joel Huggins (Des Moines, IA), 5. Cory Sauerman (Grimes, IA), 6. Erin Turner (Newton, IA), 7. Joe Glick (Des Moines, Ia), 8. Randy Bryan (Ames, IA), 9. Mike Kennedy (Boone, IA), 10. Kevin Grisham (Ogden, IA), 11. Larry Sorenson (Ames, IA), 12. Chelsea May (Desoto, IA), 13. Jeff Stensland (Nevada, IA),

HEAT 1: 1. Josh May (De Soto, IA), 2. Mike Morrill (Altoona, IA), 3. Jeff Stensland (Nevada, IA), 4. Erin Turner (Newton, IA), 5. Joe Glick (Des Moines, Ia), 6. Chelsea May (Desoto, IA),

HEAT 2: 1. Joel Huggins (Des Moines, IA), 2. Travis Stensland (Nevada, Ia), 3. Randy Bryan (Ames, IA), 4. Cory Sauerman (Grimes, IA), 5. Kevin Grisham (Ogden, IA), 6. Mike Kennedy (Boone, IA), 7. Larry Sorenson (Ames, IA),