Janae Gustin scored her first career IMCA Modified feature win ever on June 25, 2106 at the Independence Motor Speedway. Travis Smock netted a $1,000 Late Model pay day on Peoples Company Night.

Brandon Maitland moved into the lead on lap two of the Performance Bodies Modified A-Main. The young gun protected the bottom once he assumed the lead. Rookie IMCA Modified driver Jane Gustin worked her way into second completing lap number five.

Janae Gustin Scores Career First IMCA Modified Win (Photo: Bucky Doren)

After running a handful of laps trying to find a way underneath Maitland, she moved the No. "19J" to the high line. Gustin worked into the lead by the halfway point, and she was able to drive off to her first ever IMCA Modified win. Maitland settled for second. His brother Ryan Maitland finished third. Ronn Lauritzen came from deep in the field (started 17th) to claim fourth followed by JD Auringer.

"I think Independence (Motor Speedway) and Marshalltown (Speedway) has the toughest competition in the state," Gustin said from victory lane. "So to win our first here means a lot. I can't thank everyone enough."

Travis Smock (File Photo: Speedway Souvenir)

Travis Smock scored the Peoples Company Night $1,000 pay day for the Budweiser Late Model main event. Smock assumed the early race lead, but Sean Johnson was in hot pursuit. The lead duo would pull away from the rest of the field.

Johnson tried a few times to work past Smock, but in the end, it was Smock who was first to the checkered flag. Tyler Bruening came from 10th to finish third. Russell Hesse finished fourth. John Emerson had to go to the back of the pack after a lap two caution but recovered to finish fifth.

Jason Hocken (Left) Kevin Hurst (right) (File Photo: Speedway Souvenir)

Kevin Hurst earned his first Albert Auto SportMod A-Main win of the 2016 season. Tony Olson was forced to start at the rear of the 19-car field after his window came down before the start of the 15-lap feature. Olson worked his way up to second, but he could not find a way around Hurst before the checkered flag waved. Andy Edwards finished third followed Dakoda Sellers and Kyle Olson.

Jason Hocken lead all 15 laps of the Burco Sales Stock Main A-Main. Tom Schmitt applied heavy pressure on Hocken, but he was unable to rattle the eventual winner. Schmitt settled for second after starting eight. Ninth place starter Jarod Weepie drove to a third place finish followed by Cole Mather and Chris Luloff.

Quinton Miller (left) Donny Erger (right) (File Photo: Speedway Souvenir)

Quinton Miller made his return to the Independence Motor Speedway pay off. Miller found himself in the Budweiser Victory Lane after 15 laps of racing. Miller's last appearance at the 3/8-mile dirt over was the non-points opening night (April 16, 2016). That night he also was the victor making him two-for-two at the Buchanan County Fairgrounds track. Benji Irvine finished second followed by Shawn Kuenen, Jeremiah Wilson, and Neal Miller.

Donny Erger went back-to-back, and third overall, in the RCZ Enterprises Indee Cars.

Racing action continues Saturday, July 2nd at the Independence Motor Speedway. Gates open at 4:30 PM, and hot laps are scheduled for 6:30 PM. Looking ahead, the IMCA Deery Brothers Summer Series and the Dale Miller Memorial for IMCA Modifieds is set for Wednesday, July 6th to kick off the 2016 Buchanan County Fair. There will be no races on Saturday, July 9th as the Chase Rice concert will take center stage that night, presented by K-98.5 and the Buchanan County Fair.

Get more details about the Independence Motor Speedway on their web site at www.RaceIndee.com.

JUNE 25, 2016

Budweiser Late Models - A Feature (25 laps)

1. 1-Travis Smock[3]; 2. 8R-Sean Johnson[6]; 3. 16-Tyler Bruening[10]; 4. 83H-Russ Hesse[4]; 5. 87-John Emerson[9]; 6. 2P-Jon Passick[8]; 7. 77-Dirk Hamilton[2]; 8. 60-Ben Seemann[12]; 9. 45-Curt Martin[11]; 10. 70-Jerry King[7]; 11. 78-Rick Wendling[15]; 12. S16-Kip Siems[16]; 13. 73-Greg Kastli[13]; 14. 5W-Scott Welsh[1]; 15. 84-Sam Halstead[14]; 16. 53-Darren Ackerman[5]

Heat 1: 1. 87-John Emerson[7]; 2. 70-Jerry King[5]; 3. 77-Dirk Hamilton[2]; 4. 53-Darren Ackerman[4]; 5. 5W-Scott Welsh[1]; 6. 45-Curt Martin[6]; 7. 73-Greg Kastli[3]; 8. 78-Rick Wendling[8]

Heat 2: 1. 1-Travis Smock[2]; 2. 16-Tyler Bruening[7]; 3. 8R-Sean Johnson[4]; 4. 2P-Jon Passick[6]; 5. 83H-Russ Hesse[3]; 6. 60-Ben Seemann[5]; 7. 84-Sam Halstead[8]; 8. S16-Kip Siems[1]

- - - - -

Performance Bodies Modifieds - A Feature (20 laps)

1. 19J-Janae Gustin[4]; 2. 2-Brandon Maitland[5]; 3. 4-Ryan Maitland[6]; 4. 10K-Ronn Lauritzen[17]; 5. 00J-JD Auringer[9]; 6. 33D-Scott Hogan[11]; 7. 75-Josh Sherbon[13]; 8. 20L-Zach Less[10]; 9. 21-Brennen Chipp[7]; 10. 64-Vern Jackson[3]; 11. 415-Josh Barta[15]; 12. 5-Jason Morehouse[23]; 13. F7-Patrick Flannagan[20]; 14. 7-Todd Jensen[19]; 15. 85C-Bryce Carey[16]; 16. 71-Troy Cordes[8]; 17. 43B-Tommy Belmer[12]; 18. 26-Brian Irvine[14]; 19. 57B-Dennis Betzer[18]; 20. S16-Joe Smith Jr[1]; 21. 60-Dan Praska[22]; 22. 61-Adam Barlow[2]; 23. 9-Leon Wilson[25]; 24. 23B-Brett Bumgardner[21]; (DNS) 01-Ed Thomas

Heat 1: 1. 21-Brennen Chipp[6]; 2. 00J-JD Auringer[7]; 3. 33D-Scott Hogan[8]; 4. 2-Brandon Maitland[5]; 5. 75-Josh Sherbon[3]; 6. 85C-Bryce Carey[4]; 7. 7-Todd Jensen[2]; 8. 60-Dan Praska[9]; 9. 9-Leon Wilson[1]

Heat 2: 1. 64-Vern Jackson[3]; 2. 4-Ryan Maitland[5]; 3. 61-Adam Barlow[2]; 4. S16-Joe Smith Jr[1]; 5. 26-Brian Irvine[8]; 6. 10K-Ronn Lauritzen[7]; 7. F7-Patrick Flannagan[6]; 8. 5-Jason Morehouse[4]

Heat 3: 1. 19J-Janae Gustin[3]; 2. 71-Troy Cordes[6]; 3. 20L-Zach Less[7]; 4. 43B-Tommy Belmer[8]; 5. 415-Josh Barta[5]; 6. 57B-Dennis Betzer[2]; 7. 23B-Brett Bumgardner[1]; (DNS) 01-Ed Thomas

- - - - -

Albert Auto Sport Mods - A Feature (15 laps)

1. 339-Kevin Hurst[10]; 2. T23-Tony Olson[11]; 3. 36A-Andy Edwards[7]; 4. 7D-Dakoda Sellers[12]; 5. K3-Kyle Olson[9]; 6. 35-Kyle Bentley[4]; 7. 57R-Ryan King[6]; 8. 19B-Greg Barnett[16]; 9. 00-Jim Buhlman[14]; 10. 05-Aarron Mitchell[8]; 11. B21-Brandon Tharp[15]; 12. 39-Brian Hilbert[5]; 13. 71-Tristan Cordes[13]; 14. 42-Chris Lewis[3]; 15. 11A-Andy Hunter[2]; 16. 03-Jason Foye[17]; 17. 29-Sean Vogt[19]; 18. 6K-Mike McNeal[18]; 19. 50H-Steve Wimer[1]

Heat 1: 1. 339-Kevin Hurst[6]; 2. 35-Kyle Bentley[3]; 3. 50H-Steve Wimer[1]; 4. 7D-Dakoda Sellers[7]; 5. 71-Tristan Cordes[2]; 6. 19B-Greg Barnett[4]; 7. 29-Sean Vogt[5]

Heat 2: 1. T23-Tony Olson[6]; 2. 11A-Andy Hunter[1]; 3. 36A-Andy Edwards[4]; 4. 39-Brian Hilbert[3]; 5. 00-Jim Buhlman[5]; 6. 03-Jason Foye[2]

Heat 3: 1. 42-Chris Lewis[2]; 2. K3-Kyle Olson[5]; 3. 57R-Ryan King[3]; 4. 05-Aarron Mitchell[4]; 5. B21-Brandon Tharp[1]; 6. 6K-Mike McNeal[6]

- - - - -

Burco Sales Stock Cars - A Feature (25 laps)

1. JR3-Jason Hocken[2]; 2. 18-Tom Schmitt[8]; 3. 3-Jarod Weepie[9]; 4. 74C-Cole Mather[3]; 5. 18L-Chris Luloff[5]; 6. 37C-Roger Ciesielski[7]; 7. 3T-Scooter Dulin[12]; 8. 56T-Justin Temeyer[6]; 9. 8E-Mitchell Evens[13]; 10. 20B-Matt Burmeister[11]; 11. 88-Corey Brown[1]; 12. 15-Norman Chesmore[10]; 13. 4JR-Russell Damme Jr.[4]

Heat 1: 1. 18-Tom Schmitt[5]; 2. 18L-Chris Luloff[4]; 3. 74C-Cole Mather[3]; 4. 15-Norman Chesmore[6]; 5. 56T-Justin Temeyer[7]; 6. 20B-Matt Burmeister[2]; 7. 8E-Mitchell Evens[1]

Heat 2: 1. 88-Corey Brown[1]; 2. 37C-Roger Ciesielski[4]; 3. JR3-Jason Hocken[2]; 4. 4JR-Russell Damme Jr.[3]; 5. 3-Jarod Weepie[5]; 6. 3T-Scooter Dulin[6]

- - - - -

Christy Door Co. Hobby Stocks - A Feature (15 laps)

1. 73-Quinton Miller[10]; 2. 79-Benji Irvine[9]; 3. 35B-Shawn Kuennen[6]; 4. T64-Jeremiah Wilson[4]; 5. 98-Neal Miller[5]; 6. 88-Luke Bird[14]; 7. 24T-Tyler Ollendieck[12]; 8. 68R-Shawn Randall[3]; 9. 23-Andrew Torkelson[11]; 10. 71A-Kyle Dulin[13]; 11. 16-Rob Twaites[1]; 12. 7B-Jim Ball Jr[2]; 13. 23J-Justin Hanson[15]; 14. 46-Brian Happel[7]; 15. 166-Justin Lichty[8]

Heat 1: 1. 35B-Shawn Kuennen[4]; 2. 98-Neal Miller[3]; 3. 16-Rob Twaites[1]; 4. 166-Justin Lichty[6]; 5. 68R-Shawn Randall[2]; 6. 23-Andrew Torkelson[7]; 7. 71A-Kyle Dulin[8]; 8. 23J-Justin Hanson[5]

Heat 2: 1. T64-Jeremiah Wilson[2]; 2. 73-Quinton Miller[7]; 3. 79-Benji Irvine[6]; 4. 7B-Jim Ball Jr[1]; 5. 46-Brian Happel[4]; 6. 24T-Tyler Ollendieck[5]; 7. 88-Luke Bird[3]

- - - - -

RCZ Enterprises Indee Cars - A Feature (12 laps)

1. 6-Donny Erger[5]; 2. 51-Cole McNeal[6]; 3. 75S-Cole Suckow[9]; 4. 99D-Dallon Murty[7]; 5. 3D-Dalton Weepie[10]; 6. 1-Kaden Reynolds[4]; 7. 17-Brady Kohrs[1]; 8. 4-Russ Olson[2]; 9. 33-Travis James[8]; 10. 48L-Carson Less[3]

Heat 1: 1. 6-Donny Erger[7]; 2. 48L-Carson Less[5]; 3. 51-Cole McNeal[9]; 4. 17-Brady Kohrs[3]; 5. 1-Kaden Reynolds[6]; 6. 4-Russ Olson[4]; 7. 99D-Dallon Murty[8]; 8. 33-Travis James[2]; 9. 75S-Cole Suckow[10]; 10. 3D-Dalton Weepie[1]