Andy Edwards scored his first career IMCA SportMod Saturday (June 11, 2016) at the Independence Motor Speedway.

Andy Edwards led all fifteen laps of the Albert Auto SportMod A-Main, but Edwards had to fend off Kyle Olson for the victory. Olson started ninth, and moved into second with five laps remaining.

Despite Olson's pressure, Edwards was able to pull away for his first ever IMCA SportMod win. Olson settled for second. Jim Buhlman came home in third. Sean Vogt and Tony Olson completed the top five.

Emerson Adds to Point Lead in Late Models

John Emerson started twelfth for the Budweiser Late Model 25 lap A-Main. Two yellow flags slowed the field while trying to complete the first two laps. After that, the race ran caution free to the end. While completing the 16th lap, Emerson was able to slip past Curt Martin for the lead.

Emerson was able to pull away for the win. In the late stages of the feature, Jon Passick and Sean Johnson worked by Martin. Passick came home in second followed by Johnson, Martin and Tyler Droste.

Hogan Steals Win Late in Modifieds

Young gun Ryan Maitland held the when the Performance Bodies Modifieds crossed the start/finish line with two laps to go. Maitland drove into turn one a bit to strong, and his car slid up the banking. That gave Scott Hogan just enough room to slip underneath and steal the lead.

Despite Maitland trying to take back the lead on the last lap, Hogan raced to the win. Maitland scored a second place finish. Ronn Lauritzen held off Troy Cordes for third. JD AUringer finished fifth.

Scmitt Drives to Stock Car Win

Tom Scmitt caught early race leader Chris Luloff, and he eventually worked his way by for the lead. Luloff didn't let Schmitt run off and hide, but he was never able to get back around.

Scmitt scored his second Burco Sales Stock Car win of the season. Luloff had to settle for second. Justin Temeyer finished third. Norman Chesmore was fourth, and Cole Mather rounded out the top five.

Irvine Wins Fourth Straight at Independence

Benji Irvine used a late caution to make his move for the lead. Irvine started ninth during the Christie Door Company Hobby Stock main event. By lap 12, he had climbed his way to second. A caution flag waved late in the 15 lap A-Main setting up a green-white-checkered restart. Irvine was able to work the low line to take the lead and eventual win.

It's his fourth straight win in as many night at Independence. Justin Lichty finished second followed by Justin Hansen, Tyler Ollendieck, and Luke Byrd.

McNeal Pulls into Victory Lane

Cole McNeal made in two straight wins in the RCZ Enterprises Indee Cars. Kayden Reynolds finished second. Russ Olson drove home third. Kurt Hilmer and Matt Post rounded out the top five.

Photo Courtesy: Speedway Souvenir

JUNE 11, 2016

Budweiser Late Models
A Feature 1 25 laps
1. 87-John Emerson[12]; 2. 2P-Jon Passick[10]; 3. 8R-Sean Johnson[5]; 4. 45-Curt Martin[8]; 5. 31-Tyler Droste[11]; 6. 60-Ben Seemann[9]; 7. 53-Darren Ackerman[18]; 8. 70-Jerry King[16]; 9. S16-Kip Siems[1]; 10. 83H-Russ Hesse[7]; 11. 77-Dirk Hamilton[3]; 12. 44-Mark Hurst[4]; 13. 25X-Greg Hunter[15]; 14. 73-Greg Kastli[14]; 15. 1-Travis Smock[13]; 16. 21-Lee Kinsella[17]; 17. 28X-Justin Mitchell[6]; 18. 99-Luke Pestka[2]

Performance Bodies Modifieds
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 33D-Scott Hogan[12]; 2. 4-Ryan Maitland[4]; 3. 10K-Ronn Lauritzen[9]; 4. 71-Troy Cordes[7]; 5. 00J-JD Auringer[10]; 6. 21-Brennen Chipp[5]; 7. 01-Ed Thomas[3]; 8. 20L-Zach Less[11]; 9. F7-Patrick Flannagan[8]; 10. 19J-Janae Gustin[15]; 11. 85C-Bryce Carey[21]; 12. 2-Brandon Maitland[19]; 13. 23-JJ Scott[2]; 14. 5-Jason Morehouse[14]; 15. 5B-Austin Bishop[13]; 16. 7-Todd Jensen[20]; 17. 66-Terry Johnson[16]; 18. 57B-Dennis Betzer[18]; 19. 75-Josh Sherbon[1]; 20. 60-Dan Praska[22]; 21. S16-Joe Smith Jr[25]; 22. 64-Vern Jackson[6]; 23. 11B-Mike Burbridge[17]; 24. 9-Leon Wilson[23]; 25. 68-Tysus Pattee[24]

Albert Auto Sport Mods
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 36A-Andy Edwards[1]; 2. K3-Kyle Olson[9]; 3. 00-Jim Buhlman[6]; 4. 29-Sean Vogt[5]; 5. T23-Tony Olson[14]; 6. 339-Kevin Hurst[10]; 7. 05-Aarron Mitchell[11]; 8. 39-Brian Hilbert[8]; 9. 42-Chris Lewis[4]; 10. 11A-Andy Hunter[3]; 11. 71-Tristan Cordes[15]; 12. 03-Jason Foye[13]; 13. 57R-Ryan King[7]; 14. B21-Brandon Tharp[12]; 15. 50H-Steve Wimer[2]; (DNS) 35-Kyle Bentley

Burco Sales Stock Cars
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 18-Tom Schmitt[8]; 2. 18L-Chris Luloff[3]; 3. 56T-Justin Temeyer[14]; 4. 15-Norman Chesmore[9]; 5. 74C-Cole Mather[5]; 6. 4JR-Russell Damme Jr.[4]; 7. 3-Jarod Weepie[10]; 8. 7H-Phil Holtz[6]; 9. 13-Rick Milks[1]; 10. 20B-Matt Burmeister[11]; 11. 88-Corey Brown[2]; 12. 37C-Roger Ciesielski[7]; 13. JR3-Jason Hocken[13]; 14. 89J-Jerry Schipper[12]; (DNS) 61-Scott Hampton

Christy Door Co. Hobby Stocks
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 79-Benji Irvine[9]; 2. 166-Justin Lichty[8]; 3. 23J-Justin Hanson[6]; 4. 24T-Tyler Ollendieck[5]; 5. 88-Luke Bird[3]; 6. 7N-Trent Newhouse[13]; 7. 7B-Jim Ball Jr[1]; 8. 68R-Shawn Randall[2]; 9. T64-Jeremiah Wilson[4]; 10. 98-Neal Miller[16]; 11. 9ER-Adam Speicher[10]; 12. 442-Neil Franzen[14]; 13. 35B-Shawn Kuennen[7]; 14. 88X-Jeremy Peterson[12]; 15. 16-Rob Twaites[11]; (DNS) 82-Billy Rhodes

RCZ Enterprises Indee Cars
A Feature 1 12 laps
1. 51-Cole McNeal[5]; 2. 1-Kaden Reynolds[1]; 3. 4-Russ Olson[2]; 4. 15-Curt Hilmer[6]; 5. 64-Matt Post[9]; 6. 13-Scott Beaty[11]; 7. 17-Brady Kohrs[8]; 8. 33-Travis James[10]; 9. 3D-Dalton Weepie[7]; 10. 6-Donny Erger[4]; 11. 48L-Carson Less[3]