The Class 2A 2016 Iowa High School Wrestling State Tournament runs February 18-20 at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

Thursday, February 18 is the opening day. Friday feature the quarterfinal and semifinal matches. On Saturday morning, the wrestleback matches will take place to determine third through eighth place. The championship matches are scheduled for Saturday night.

Class 2A action for Thursday is complete.

Class 2A action for Friday is complete.

Saturday's Placement Matches are complete. Championship matches are tonight starting at 6:00 PM.

Results Saturday night will be posted on the page above.
The brackets below will not be updated until the end of the night.

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1: 106#


 Shea Ruffridge (Pocahontas Area/L-M) ^^Back To Top
 G1Ruffridge (PALM) 
 Chase Luensman (Monticello) Dec-8-2G9     
    Ruffridge (PALM)
 Kole Hansen (Atlantic)   Dec-6-4G13
 G2 Hansen (Atlantic)       
 Luke Radeke (Vinton-Shellsburg) Dec-7-5   
    Faught (Clear Lake)
 Eric Faught (Clear Lake)      Dec-9-7
 G3Faught (Clear Lake)   
 Dylan Robinson (New Hampton) MD 9-0G10   
   Faught (Clear Lake)  
 Kaleb Olejniczak (Perry)   Dec-6-4
 G4 Olejniczak (Perry) 
 Andrew Flora (ADM) 12/10/03      G15
    Randone (Assumption)
 Matthew Randone (Assumption-Davenport)   CHAMPION
 G5Randone (Assumption)   Dec 5-4
 Cesar Sandoval (MOC-Floyd Valley) Fall 1:02G11 
    Randone (Assumption)
 Grayson Kesterson (Williamsburg)   Dec-4-1G14
 G6 Kesterson (Williamsburg)       
 Wyatt Dale (Central Decatur)Fall 3:54   
   Randone (Assumption)
 Kaden Anderlik (Crestwood-Cresco)    Dec-6-5
 G7Anderlik (Crestwoord)   
 Joe Simon (Grinnell) MD 14-0G12   
    Reeves (Albia)  
 Aden Reeves (Albia)   Fal 1:32
 G8 Reeves (Albia)       
 Connor Johnson (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows) M. For.   
 Chase Luensman (Monticello) ^^Back To Top
 G16Luesman (Monticello) 
 Luke Radeke (Vinton-Shellsburg)  Anderlik (Crestwoord)  
  Anderlik (Crestwoord) Dec-7-3G24
 Dylan Robinson (New Hampton)  Anderlik (Crestwoord)
 G17Robinson (New Hampton) Dec-3-2
  Fall 1:55G21 
 Andrew Flora (ADM) Robinson (New Hampton)
   Kesterson (Williamsburg) Dec-3-0
 Cesar Sandoval (MOC-Floyd Valley)      
 G18Dale (Central Decatur) 
  MD 8-0G22 
 Wyatt Dale (Central Decatur) Dale (Central Decatur)
 Olejniczak (Perry) MD 13-4G25
 Joe Simon (Grinnell)  Hansen (Atlantic)
 G19Simon (Grinnell) Fall 3:11
  MD 10-0G23 
 Connor Johnson (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows) Hansen (Atlantic)
  Hansen (Atlantic) MD 12-0
 Anderlik (Crestwoord)  
 G26Ruffridge (PALM) 
 Ruffridge (PALM)Dec-6-4G28 
   Reeves (Albia)
 Hansen (Atlantic) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Reeves (Albia)MD 12-3
 Reeves (Albia)MD 13-4  
 Anderlik (Crestwoord)  
 G29Hansen (Atlantic) 
 Hansen (Atlantic)5th Place Finisher 
 Robinson (New Hampton)  
 G30Robinson (New Hampton) 
 Dale (Central Decatur)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 1:56 

2: 113#


 Brady Fritz (South Tama) ^^Back To Top
 G1Fritz (South Tama) 
 Drake Doolittle (Webster City) Dec-5-4G9     
    Cox (Atlantic)
 Carter Cox (Atlantic)   SV-1 3-1G13
 G2 Cox (Atlantic)       
 Nate Cornwall (Spirit Lake Park) Fall 3:00   
    Cox (Atlantic)
 Nolan Harsh (ADM)      Dec-2-1
 G3Feldman (Assumption)   
 Jacob Felderman (Assumption-Davenport) Fall 1:28G10   
   Fye (New Hampton)  
 Noah Fye (New Hampton)   MD 14-1
 G4 Fye (New Hampton) 
 Josh Keller (Columbus Community/WMU) Fall 1:14      G15
    Portillo (CGD)
 Justin Portillo (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows)   CHAMPION
 G5Portillo (CGD)   MD 9-0
 Ian Showers (Sh-bcluw) TF-1.5 3:11 (19-1)G11 
    Portillo (CGD)
 Joe Vondrak (Bishop Heelan Catholic)   Fall 3:10G14
 G6 Goodson (COM)       
 Jacob Goodson (Creston/Orient-Macksburg)Fall 3:49   
   Portillo (CGD)
 Sam Martin (Cascade)    Dec-6-3
 G7Martin (Cascade)   
 Walter Long (Bondurant-Farrar) Fall 4:30G12   
    Wright (Denver-Tripoli)  
 Duncan McCain (Mid-Prairie-Wellman)   MD 10-1
 G8 Wright (Denver-Tripoli)       
 Riley Wright (Denver-Tripoli) MD 8-0   
 Drake Doolittle (Webster City) ^^Back To Top
 G16Doolittle (Webster City) 
  Fall 3:48G20    
 Nate Cornwall (Spirit Lake Park)  Doolittle (Webster City)  
  Martin (Cascade) Fall 2:49G24
 Nolan Harsh (ADM)  Doolittle (Webster City)
 G17Keller (CCW) MD 9-1
 Josh Keller (Columbus Community/WMU) Keller (CCW)
   Goodson (COM) Fall 1:04
 Ian Showers (Sh-bcluw)      
 G18Showers (Sh-bcluw) 
  MD 12-1G22 
 Joe Vondrak (Bishop Heelan Catholic) Feldman (Assumption)
 Feldman (Assumption) Dec-8-1G25
 Walter Long (Bondurant-Farrar)  Fritz (South Tama)
 G19McCain (MPW) Dec-6-3
  Fall 2:40G23 
 Duncan McCain (Mid-Prairie-Wellman) Fritz (South Tama)
  Fritz (South Tama) Dec-5-4
 Doolittle (Webster City)  
 G26Doolittle (Webster City) 
 Fye (New Hampton)Dec-6-5G28 
   Doolittle (Webster City)
 Fritz (South Tama) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Wright (Denver-Tripoli)Dec-7-1
 Wright (Denver-Tripoli)Dec-7-3  
 Fye (New Hampton)  
 G29Fye (New Hampton) 
 Fritz (South Tama)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 2:45 
 Keller (CCW)  
 G30Keller (CCW) 
 Feldman (Assumption)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 1:45 

3: 120#


 Chase McLaren (Atlantic) ^^Back To Top
 G1Thompson (Perry) 
 Zach Thompson (Perry) Dec-6-5G9     
    Thompson (Perry)
 Jon Hellman (Union)   Dec-6-3G13
 G2 Hellman (Union)       
 Joe Minkler (Pocahontas Area/L-M) Dec-3-2   
    Millage (Crestwood)
 Nick Meling (East Marshall/GMG)      Dec-5-4
 G3Meling (East Marshall)   
 Klayton Keller (Saydel) Dec-6-2G10   
   Millage (Crestwood)  
 Jacob Fenske (Assumption-Davenport)   Dec-8-3
 G4 Millage (Crestwood) 
 Michael Millage (Crestwood) Dec-3-2      G15
    Portillo (CGD)
 Josh Portillo (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows)   CHAMPION
 G5Portillo (CGD)   Dec 8-6
 Jared Hensley (Bedford/Lenox) Fall 4:40G11 
    Portillo (CGD)
 Rhyker Sims (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)   Fall 3:54G14
 G6 Sims (SBL)       
 Cole Lehn (Williamsburg)Fall 0:52   
   Portillo (CGD)
 Gabe Ruepke (Chariton)    Dec-4-2
 G7Tacchia (Iowa Falls-Aldean)   
 Dante Tacchia (Iowa Falls-Alden) Fall 6:44G12   
    Cleveland (New Hampton)  
 Connor Cleveland (New Hampton)   Fall 3:29
 G8 Cleveland (New Hampton)       
 Bryant Woodford (Central DeWitt) TF-1.5 1:56 (16-1)   
 Chase McLaren (Atlantic) ^^Back To Top
 G16McLaren (Atlantic) 
 Joe Minkler (Pocahontas Area/L-M)  Tacchia (Iowa Falls-Aldean)  
  Tacchia (Iowa Falls-Aldean) Dec-9-4G24
 Klayton Keller (Saydel)  Sims (SBL)
 G17Fenske (Assumption) Dec-4-1
 Jacob Fenske (Assumption-Davenport) Sims (SBL)
   Sims (SBL) Dec-4-1
 Jared Hensley (Bedford/Lenox)      
 G18Hensley (Bedford/Len..) 
  Fall 1:05G22 
 Cole Lehn (Williamsburg) Hensley (Bedford/Len..)
 Meling (East Marshall) Dec-5-4G25
 Gabe Ruepke (Chariton)  Hensley (Bedford/Len..)
 G19Ruepke (Chariton) MD 14-4
 Bryant Woodford (Central DeWitt) Ruepke (Chariton)
  Hellman (Union) Dec-8-1
 Sims (SBL)  
 G26Sims (SBL) 
 Thompson (Perry)INJ. 0:00G28 
   Cleveland (New Hampton)
 Hensley (Bedford/Len..) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Cleveland (New Hampton)Fall 1:54
 Cleveland (New Hampton)Dec-8-2  
 Thompson (Perry)  
 G29Hensley (Bedford/Len..) 
 Hensley (Bedford/Len..)5th Place Finisher 
  M. For. 
 Tacchia (Iowa Falls-Aldean)  
 G30Tacchia (Iowa Falls-Aldean) 
 Ruepke (Chariton)7th Place Finisher 

4: 126#


 Ben Carr (Solon) ^^Back To Top
 G1Carr (Solon) 
 Andrew Waite (Washington) Dec-6-2G9     
    Steffen (Crestwood)
 Ryan Steffen (Crestwood-Cresco)   Dec-7-1G13
 G2 Steffen (Crestwood)       
 Dylin Harberts (Chariton) Fall 3:47   
    Curry (SBL)
 Brayden Curry (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)      MD 14-3
 G3Curry (SBL)   
 Cole Nokes (Webster City) TF-1.5 4:25 (17-2)G10   
   Curry (SBL)  
 Tanner Probasco (South Tama)   Dec-6-2
 G4 Probasco (South Tama) 
 Trevor Marlin (Creston/Orient-Macksburg) Fall 5:27      G15
    Rathbun (CPU)
 Brock Rathbun (Center Point-Urbana)   CHAMPION
 G5Rathbun (CPU)   Dec 7-3
 Justin Light (Mount Vernon) TF-1.5 2:40 (16-0)G11 
    Rathbun (CPU)
 Tate Battani (Ballard)   MD 11-3G14
 G6 Shatek (New Hampton)       
 Tyler Shatek (New Hampton)Dec-9-5   
   Rathbun (CPU)
 Gisaveri Niyibizi (Perry)    Dec-2-0
 G7Niyibizi (Perry)   
 Tyler Rupp (MOC-Floyd Valley) Dec-6-4G12   
    Niyibizi (Perry)  
 Anderson (Glenwood)   Dec-5-3
 G8 Anderson (Glenwood)       
 Nate Lasher (Charles City) Dec-7-6   
 Andrew Waite (Washington) ^^Back To Top
 G16Harberts (Chariton) 
 Dylin Harberts (Chariton)  Anderson (Glenwood)  
  Anderson (Glenwood) Fall 2:36G24
 Cole Nokes (Webster City)  Anderson (Glenwood)
 G17Nokes (Webster City) Dec-10-4
 Trevor Marlin (Creston/Orient-Macksburg) Shatek (New Hampton)
   Shatek (New Hampton) Dec-9-4
 Justin Light (Mount Vernon)      
 G18Battani (Ballard) 
 Tate Battani (Ballard) Probasco (South Tama)
 Probasco (South Tama) MD 11-2G25
 Tyler Rupp (MOC-Floyd Valley)  Probasco (South Tama)
 G19Lasher (Charles City) Dec-6-0
 Nate Lasher (Charles City) Carr (Solon)
  Carr (Solon) SV-1 8-6
 Anderson (Glenwood)  
 G26Steffen (Crestwood) 
 Steffen (Crestwood)Dec-8-1G28 
   Niyibizi (Perry)
 Probasco (South Tama) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Niyibizi (Perry)Dec-3-2
 Niyibizi (Perry)Dec-8-2  
 Anderson (Glenwood)  
 G29Probasco (South Tama) 
 Probasco (South Tama)5th Place Finisher 
 Shatek (New Hampton)  
 G30Carr (Solon) 
 Carr (Solon)7th Place Finisher 

5: 132#


 Derek Holschlag (Union) ^^Back To Top
 G1Holschlag (Union) 
 Walker Henderson (Davis County) Dec-6-1G9     
    Holschlag (Union)
 Kade VanKirk (Perry)   Dec-9-3G13
 G2 Garcia (Mount Vernon)       
 Tony Garcia (Mount Vernon) Dec-6-4   
    Geerts (New Hampton)
 Colton Vest (South Tama)      Dec-4-1
 G3Vest (South Tama)   
 Gavin Kramer (Spirit Lake Park) Fall 1:55G10   
   Geerts (New Hampton)  
 Keaton Geerts (New Hampton)   Fall 2:20
 G4 Geerts (New Hampton) 
 Elias Shaeffer (Harlan) Fall 3:10      G15
    Geerts (New Hampton)
 Jarrett Miller (Ballard)   CHAMPION
 G5Swafford (Mediapolis)   Dec 2-0
 Shea Swafford (Mediapolis) MD 17-8G11 
    Everson (Camanche)
 Brice Everson (Camanche)   TF-1.5 5:42 (15-0)G14
 G6 Everson (Camanche)       
 Joey Busse (Humboldt)TF-1.5 5:42 (15-0)   
   Everson (Camanche)
 Austin Rozeboom (Rock Valley (Boyden-Hull/RV), IA)    MD 10-0
 G7Rozeboom (BHRV)   
 Dillon Rubow (Iowa Falls-Alden) Fall 2:47G12   
    Rozeboom (BHRV)  
 Austin Gutknecht (Clarinda)   Fall 3:15
 G8 Gutknecht (Clarinda)       
 Chase Lienhard (Crestwood-Cresco) TB-2 2-1   
 Walker Henderson (Davis County) ^^Back To Top
 G16VanKirk (Perry) 
 Kade VanKirk (Perry)  VanKirk (Perry)  
  Gutknecht (Clarinda) Dec-3-2G24
 Gavin Kramer (Spirit Lake Park)  Swafford (Mediapolis)
 G17Kramer (Spirit Lake Park) Dec-5-2
 Elias Shaeffer (Harlan) Swafford (Mediapolis)
   Swafford (Mediapolis) Dec-9-2
 Jarrett Miller (Ballard)      
 G18Busse (Humboldt) 
 Joey Busse (Humboldt) Busse (Humboldt)
 Vest (South Tama) Dec-4-3G25
 Dillon Rubow (Iowa Falls-Alden)  Lienhard (Crestwood)
 G19Lienhard (Crestwood) MD 10-2
  TF-1.5 5:53 (17-2)G23 
 Chase Lienhard (Crestwood-Cresco) Lienhard (Crestwood)
  Garcia (Mount Vernon) Dec-3-2
 Swafford (Mediapolis)  
 G26Holschlag (Union) 
 Holschlag (Union)Dec-4-3G28 
   Holschlag (Union)
 Lienhard (Crestwood) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Rozeboom (BHRV)Fall 1:48
 Rozeboom (BHRV)Dec-1-0  
 Swafford (Mediapolis)  
 G29Swafford (Mediapolis) 
 Lienhard (Crestwood)5th Place Finisher 
 VanKirk (Perry)  
 G30VanKirk (Perry) 
 Busse (Humboldt)7th Place Finisher 

6: 138#


 Caleb Wilson (Denver-Tripoli) ^^Back To Top
 G1Wilson (Denver-Tripoli) 
 Tim Sibbel (Kuemper Catholic-Carroll) Dec-6-2G9     
    Thompson (COM)
 Wyatt Thompson (Creston/Orient-Macksburg)   Dec-8-3G13
 G2 Thompson (COM)       
 Kirk Mommsen (Assumption-Davenport) SV-1 2-0   
    Thompson (COM)
 Brennan Swafford (Mediapolis)      Dec-8-1
 G3Staudt (Charles City)   
 Austin Staudt (Charles City) Dec-8-5G10   
   Rieck (Spirit Lake Park)  
 Kyler Rieck (Spirit Lake Park)   Dec-9-4
 G4 Rieck (Spirit Lake Park) 
 Oscar Ruiz (Saydel) Fall 1:10      G15
    Leisure (Clear Lake)
 Tanner Abbas (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows)   CHAMPION
 G5Abbas (CGD)   Fall 7:22
 Drew Davis (Independence) Dec-8-5G11 
    Abbas (CGD)
 Anthony Dudek (Wahlert Catholic-Dubuque)   Fall 1:59G14
 G6 Dudek (Wahlert Catholic)       
 Jordan Renshaw (Glenwood)MD 14-1   
   Leisure (Clear Lake)
 Ryan Leisure (Clear Lake)    Dec-7-0
 G7Leisure (Clear Lake)   
 Austin Hazelett (Washington) Fall 1:26G12   
    Leisure (Clear Lake)  
 Lucas Roland (PCM-Monroe)   Fall 0:29
 G8 Ascheri (MOC-Floyd Valley)       
 Connor Ascherl (MOC-Floyd Valley) Dec-6-2   
 Tim Sibbel (Kuemper Catholic-Carroll) ^^Back To Top
 G16Mommsen (Assumption) 
 Kirk Mommsen (Assumption-Davenport)  Mommsen (Assumption)  
  Ascheri (MOC-Floyd Valley) Dec-7-0G24
 Brennan Swafford (Mediapolis)  Swafford (Mediapolis)
 G17Swafford (Mediapolis) Dec-4-0
  TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0)G21 
 Oscar Ruiz (Saydel) Swafford (Mediapolis)
   Dudek (Wahlert Catholic) Fall 1:54
 Drew Davis (Independence)      
 G18Davis (Independence) 
  Fall 2:58G22 
 Jordan Renshaw (Glenwood) Staudt (Charles City)
 Staudt (Charles City) Dec-4-2G25
 Austin Hazelett (Washington)  Staudt (Charles City)
 G19Roland (PCM-Monroe) Dec-7-1
 Lucas Roland (PCM-Monroe) Roland (PCM-Monroe)
  Wilson (Denver-Tripoli) Dec-9-2
 Swafford (Mediapolis)  
 G26Rieck (Spirit Lake Park) 
 Rieck (Spirit Lake Park)Dec-4-3G28 
   Staudt (Charles City)
 Staudt (Charles City) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Staudt (Charles City)Dec-6-2
 Abbas (CGD)Dec-1-0  
 Swafford (Mediapolis)  
 G29Swafford (Mediapolis) 
 Abbas (CGD)5th Place Finisher 
 Mommsen (Assumption)  
 G30Roland (PCM-Monroe) 
 Roland (PCM-Monroe)7th Place Finisher 
  SV-1 4-2 

7: 145#


 Bryce Leshen (Albia) ^^Back To Top
 G1Leshen (Albia) 
 Justin Smith (Winterset) Dec-9-3G9     
    Leshen (Albia)
 Alex Hash (Rock Valley (Boyden-Hull/RV), IA)   Dec-7-1G13
 G2 Kerr (N. Fayette Valley)       
 Jared Kerr (North Fayette Valley) Dec-6-4   
    Leshen (Albia)
 Mason Buster (Mediapolis)      Dec-3-1
 G3Buster (Mediapolis)   
 Pierce Gelhaus (Forest City) Dec-3-1G10   
   Buster (Mediapolis)  
 Maxwell Forsyth (Charles City)   Dec-5-4
 G4 Forsyth (Charesl City) 
 Charlie Engelbrecht (Mount Vernon) Fall 0:58      G15
    Leshen (Albia)
 Mitchel Swank (Creston/Orient-Macksburg)   CHAMPION
 G5Miller (PCM-Monroe)   Dec 2-1
 Xavier Miller (PCM-Monroe) SV-1 9-7G11 
     Pecinovsky (Crestwood)
 Trae Pecinovsky (Crestwood-Cresco)   Dec-4-3G14
 G6  Pecinovsky (Crestwood)       
 John Tuttle (Spirit Lake Park)Dec-3-1   
   Brott (CGD)
 Brady Brott (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows)    Dec-8-7
 G7Brott (CGD)   
 Nick Hyland (Vinton-Shellsburg) Dec-3-1G12   
    Brott (CGD)  
 Cole Fritz (Solon)   Dec-7-2
 G8 Fritz (South Tama)       
 Jaret Probasco (South Tama) SV-1 3-1   
 Justin Smith (Winterset) ^^Back To Top
 G16Smith (Winterset) 
 Alex Hash (Rock Valley (Boyden-Hull/RV), IA)  Fritz (South Tama)  
  Fritz (South Tama) Dec-7-3G24
 Pierce Gelhaus (Forest City)  Gelhaus (Forest City)
 G17Gelhaus (Forest City) Dec-12-10
 Charlie Engelbrecht (Mount Vernon) Gelhaus (Forest City)
   Miller (PCM-Monroe) Dec-4-3
 Mitchel Swank (Creston/Orient-Macksburg)      
 G18Swank (COM) 
  SV-1 5-3G22 
 John Tuttle (Spirit Lake Park) Forsyth (Charles City)
 Forsyth (Charles City) Fall 1:54G25
 Nick Hyland (Vinton-Shellsburg)  Forsyth (Charles City)
 G19Hyland (Vinton-Shells..) Fall 3:17
 Jared Kerr (North Fayette Valley) Hyland (Vinton-Shells..)
  Kerr (N. Fayette Valley) TF-1.5 4:46 (15-0)
 Gelhaus (Forest City)  
 G26Buster (Mediapolis) 
 Buster (Mediapolis)Dec-7-4G28 
   Buster (Mediapolis)
 Forsyth (Charles City) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Forsyth (Charles City)Dec-3-2
 Pecinovsky (Crestwood)Fall 5:11  
 Gelhaus (Forest City)  
 G29Gelhaus (Forest City) 
 Pecinovsky (Crestwood)5th Place Finisher 
 Fritz (South Tama)  
 G30Hyland (Vinton-Shells..) 
 Hyland (Vinton-Shells..)7th Place Finisher 
  SV-1 3-1 

8: 152#


 Preston Dunn (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) ^^Back To Top
 G1Dunn (Sergeant Bluff-Lut..) 
 Nick Johnson (Assumption-Davenport) Dec-5-3G9     
    Malcom (Glenwood)
 Matt Malcom (Glenwood)   Fall 4:42G13
 G2 Malcom (Glenwood)       
 Colton Lewis (Williamsburg) Fall 1:59   
    Malcom (Glenwood)
 Isaac Judge (South Tama)      Fall 4:26
 G3Judge (South Tama)   
 Neil Clement (Crestwood-Cresco) Fall 1:14G10   
   Judge (South Tama)  
 Tommy Bradshaw (Green County)   Fall 3:25
 G4 Bradshaw (Green County) 
 Wes Cummings (PCM-Monroe) MD 11-3      G15
    Malcom (Glenwood)
 Joe Kelly (West Liberty)   CHAMPION
 G5Kelly (West Liberty)   MD 18-5
 Connor Schoening (Pocahontas Area/L-M) SV-1 6-4G11 
    Kelly (West Liberty)
 Trey Van Weelden (Washington)   Dec-8-2G14
 G6 Van Weelden (Washington)       
 Kade Kelso (Central Decatur)Dec-3-1   
   Kelly (West Liberty)
 Ryan Gorman (New Hampton)    Fall 4:24
 G7Gorman (New Hampton)   
 Brock Jennings (Osage) Dec-3-1G12   
    Lawless (Albia)  
 Blake Lawless (Albia)   Dec-6-4
 G8 Lawless (Albia)       
 Race Brant (Woodward-Granger) MD 14-3   
 Nick Johnson (Assumption-Davenport) ^^Back To Top
 G16Johnson (Assumption) 
  Fall 1:37G20    
 Colton Lewis (Williamsburg)  Johnson (Assumption)  
  Gorman (New Hampton) Dec-13-6G24
 Wes Cummings (PCM-Monroe)  Johnson (Assumption)
 G17Cummings (PCM-Monroe) MD 12-2
 Neil Clement (Crestwood-Cresco) Van Weelden (Washington)
   Van Weelden (Washington) Dec-5-2
 Connor Schoening (Pocahontas Area/L-M)      
 G18Kelso (Cen. Decatur) 
  MD 9-0G22 
 Kade Kelso (Central Decatur) Kelso (Cen. Decatur)
 Bradshaw (Green County) Fall 3:28G25
 Brock Jennings (Osage)  Jennings (Osage)
 G19Jennings (Osage) Dec-8-5
  Fall 1:59G23 
 Race Brant (Woodward-Granger) Jennings (Osage)
  Dunn (Sergeant Bluff-Lut..) Fall 2:50
 Johnson (Assumption)  
 G26Judge (South Tama) 
 Judge (South Tama)MD 11-1G28 
   Judge (South Tama)
 Jennings (Osage) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Jennings (Osage)Dec-9-6
 Lawless (Albia)Dec-3-0  
 Johnson (Assumption)  
 G29Johnson (Assumption) 
 Lawless (Albia)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 3:01 
 Van Weelden (Washington)  
 G30Van Weelden (Washington) 
 Kelso (Cen. Decatur)7th Place Finisher 

9: 160#


 Tristan Johnson (Osage) ^^Back To Top
 G1Johnson (Osage) 
 Josh Strohman (Algona) MD 14-3G9     
    Leth (COM)
 Cameron Leith (Creston/Orient-Macksburg)   Fall 3:47G13
 G2 Leth (COM)       
 Kelly Clabaugh (Estherville Lincoln Central) MD 14-2   
    Johnston (ADM)
 Zach Johnston (ADM)      Dec-6-3
 G3Johnston (ADM)   
 John Engelbrecht (Mount Vernon) Dec-11-4G10   
   Johnston (ADM)  
 Jake Juhl (Independence)   Dec-8-4
 G4 Juhl (Independence) 
 Tristin Westphal-Edwards (Washington) Dec-9-2      G15
    Johnston (ADM)
 Kyler Jondle (Southeast Valley)   CHAMPION
 G5Long (East Marshall)   Dec 11-4
 Nick Long (East Marshall/GMG) MD 12-4G11 
    Long (East Marshall)
 Tyler Zeimen (Cherokee-Washington)   Fall 1:13G14
 G6 Wingert (Harlan)       
 Jacob Wingert (Harlan)Dec-7-2   
   Nelson (Solon)
 Trevor Nelson (Solon)    Dec-5-4
 G7Nelson (Solon)   
 Dylan Coffin (Saydel) Dec-10-4G12   
    Nelson (Solon)  
 Isaiah Vaughan (Union)   MD 11-0
 G8 Stanford (Oelwein)       
 Cole Stanford (Oelwein) Dec-6-4   
 Josh Strohman (Algona) ^^Back To Top
 G16Strohman (Algona) 
 Kelly Clabaugh (Estherville Lincoln Central)  Strohman (Algona)  
  Stanford (Oelwein) Dec-7-4G24
 John Engelbrecht (Mount Vernon)  Engelbrecht (Mt. Vernon)
 G17Engelbrecht (Mt. Vernon) Dec-6-2
 Tristin Westphal-Edwards (Washington) Engelbrecht (Mt. Vernon)
   Wingert (Harlan) Fall 1:34
 Kyler Jondle (Southeast Valley)      
 G18Jondle (SE Valley) 
 Tyler Zeimen (Cherokee-Washington) Juhl (Independence)
 Juhl (Independence) Dec-10-4G25
 Dylan Coffin (Saydel)  Johnson (Osage)
 G19Vaughan (Union) Score
 Isaiah Vaughan (Union) Johnson (Osage)
  Johnson (Osage) MD 14-2
 Engelbrecht (Mt. Vernon)  
 G26Engelbrecht (Mt. Vernon) 
 Leth (COM)Dec-6-4G28 
   Johnson (Osage)
 Johnson (Osage) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Johnson (Osage)Dec-5-4
 Long (East Marshall)Fall 1:13  
 Leth (COM)  
 G29Long (East Marshall) 
 Long (East Marshall)5th Place Finisher 
 Strohman (Algona)  
 G30Juhl (Independence) 
 Juhl (Independence)7th Place Finisher 
  TF-1.5 5:42 (17-2) 

10: 170#


 Chase Shiltz (Creston/Orient-Macksburg) ^^Back To Top
 G1Shiltz (COM) 
 Eli Saemisch (Perry) Fall 1:20G9     
    Shiltz (COM)
 Tucker Morrison (Columbus Community/WMU)   MD 10-2G13
 G2 Morrison (Columbus Comm.)       
 Luke Jenness (Sheldon/South O`Brien) Dec-5-1   
    Shiltz (COM)
 Bailey Chyma (South Tama)      TF-1.5 3:11 (17-1)
 G3Chyma (South Tama)   
 Dylan Henderson (Davis County) MD 10-0G10   
   Chyma (South Tama)  
 Jacob Kloft (Maquoketa)   Fall 3:01
 G4 Kloft (Maquoketa) 
 Coy Roussell (West Delaware) Dec-3-2      G15
    Shiltz (COM)
 Conner Shaw (Garner-Hayfield/Ventura)   CHAMPION
 G5Shaw (GHV)   MD 8-0
 Anthony Sherry (Glenwood) Dec-5-4G11 
    Shaw (GHV)
 Sean Kellogg (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)   Dec-5-2G14
 G6 Reiter (Union)       
 Will Reiter (Union)Dec-11-6   
   Holt (Independence)
 Jarron Trausch (PCM-Monroe)    Dec-2-1
 G7Kent (Iowa Falls-Aldean)   
 Michael Kent (Iowa Falls-Alden) Dec-11-6G12   
    Holt (Independence)  
 Nick Holt (Independence)   Dec-5-2
 G8 Holt (Independence)       
 Dillon Diltz (Solon) Dec-3-1   
 Eli Saemisch (Perry) ^^Back To Top
 G16Saemisch (Perry) 
  Fall 5:22G20    
 Luke Jenness (Sheldon/South O`Brien)  Kent (Iowa Falls-Aldean)  
  Kent (Iowa Falls-Aldean) Fall 0:30G24
 Dylan Henderson (Davis County)  Roussell (West Delaware)
 G17Roussell (West Delaware) Dec-4-3
 Coy Roussell (West Delaware) Roussell (West Delaware)
   Reiter (Union) Dec-3-2
 Anthony Sherry (Glenwood)      
 G18Sherry (Glenwood) 
  Fall 0:39G22 
 Sean Kellogg (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) Sherry (Glenwood)
 Kloft (Maquoketa) Dec-4-3G25
 Jarron Trausch (PCM-Monroe)  Sherry (Glenwood)
 G19Diltz (Solon) Dec-5-4
 Dillon Diltz (Solon) Morrison (Columbus Comm.)
  Morrison (Columbus Comm.) Dec-3-1
 Roussell (West Delaware)  
 G26Chyma (South Tama) 
 Chyma (South Tama)Dec-4-0G28 
   Chyma (South Tama)
 Sherry (Glenwood) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Sherry (Glenwood)Dec-3-0
 Shaw (GHV)Fall 1:13  
 Roussell (West Delaware)  
 G29Shaw (GHV) 
 Shaw (GHV)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 3:06 
 Kent (Iowa Falls-Aldean)  
 G30Morrison (Columbus Comm.) 
 Morrison (Columbus Comm.)7th Place Finisher 

11: 182#


 Chris Bridges (Assumption-Davenport) ^^Back To Top
 G1Malloy (Williamsburg) 
 Vic Malloy (Williamsburg) Dec-10-4G9     
    Baumler (NFV)
 Nick Baumler (North Fayette Valley)   Dec-8-2G13
 G2 Baumler (NFV)       
 Will May (Ballard) Fall 2:54   
    Baumler (NFV)
 Daniel Sommerlot (Pocahontas Area/L-M)      Dec-10-7
 G3Sommerlot (PALM)   
 Tanner Vermaas (Woodward-Granger) MD 8-0G10   
   Clark (Clarinda)  
 Sam Mathis (Roland-Story-Story City)   Dec-3-2
 G4 Clark (Clarinda) 
 J.J. Clark (Clarinda) Fall 5:16      G15
    Erickson (Mediapolis)
 Luke Erickson (Mediapolis)   CHAMPION
 G5Erickson (Mediapolis)   Fall 5:31
 Drew Durant (Central DeWitt) Fall 5:00G11 
    Erickson (Mediapolis)
 Cole Bennett (ADM)   MD 9-1G14
 G6 Bennett (ADM)       
 Elliott Ryan (Independence)Fall 5:34   
   Erickson (Mediapolis)
 Cade Baker (Garner-Hayfield/Ventura)    Fall 5:56
 G7Baker (GHV)   
 Kyle Benson (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) Fall 5:59G12   
    Baker (GHV)  
 Zac Stork (Atlantic)   Dec-12-5
 G8 Stork (Atlantic)       
 Logan Chipp (Hampton-Dumont) Dec-8-6   
 Chris Bridges (Assumption-Davenport) ^^Back To Top
 G16May (Ballard) 
  Fall 1:19G20    
 Will May (Ballard)  Stork (Atlantic)  
  Stork (Atlantic) Fall 1:16G24
 Tanner Vermaas (Woodward-Granger)  Bennett (ADM)
 G17Mathis (Roland-Story City) Dec-3-1
 Sam Mathis (Roland-Story-Story City) Bennett (ADM)
   Bennett (ADM) Fall 5:28
 Drew Durant (Central DeWitt)      
 G18Ryan (Independence) 
  Fall 0:24G22 
 Elliott Ryan (Independence) Sommerlot (PALM)
 Sommerlot (PALM) Dec-7-0G25
 Kyle Benson (Sergeant Bluff-Luton)  Malloy (Williamsburg)
 G19Bensen (SBL) Dec-13-8
 Logan Chipp (Hampton-Dumont) Malloy (Williamsburg)
  Malloy (Williamsburg) MD 13-0
 Bennett (ADM)  
 G26Clark (Clarinda) 
 Clark (Clarinda)UTB 9-4G28 
   Clark (Clarinda)
 Malloy (Williamsburg) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Malloy (Williamsburg)Dec-6-5
 Baker (GHV)MD 12-4  
 Bennett (ADM)  
 G29Bennett (ADM) 
 Baker (GHV)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 3:22 
 Stork (Atlantic)  
 G30Sommerlot (PALM) 
 Sommerlot (PALM)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 2:20 

12: 195#


 Ethan Timmerman (Mediapolis) ^^Back To Top
 G1Timmerman (Mediapolis) 
 Max Moulden (Ballard) Fall 4:26G9     
    Timmerman (Mediapolis)
 Zach Pogge (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows)   Dec-3-2G13
 G2 Cochrane (Mt. Vernon)       
 Jack Cochrane (Mount Vernon) Dec-8-5   
    Shedenhelm (Denver-Tripoli)
 Shane Poppens (Aplington-Parkersburg)      MD 11-3
 G3Poppens (AP)   
 Noah Minnick (MOC-Floyd Valley) Fall 0:46G10   
   Shedenhelm (Denver-Tripoli)  
 Izaak Shedenhelm (Denver-Tripoli)   Dec-12-5
 G4 Shedenhelm (Denver-Tripoli) 
 Zach Haggstrom (Glenwood) MD 12-4      G15
    Shedenhelm (Denver-Tripoli)
 Jordan Beal (Knoxville)   CHAMPION
 G5Durbala (Benton Comm.)   Dec 7-2
 Blade Durbala (Benton Community) Dec-6-0G11 
    Esmoil (West Liberty)
 Bryce Esmoil (West Liberty)   Fall 1:25G14
 G6 Esmoil (West Liberty)       
 Chris McGuire (Gilbert)Fall 1:08   
   Maitlen (COM)
 Mason Meitzenheimer (Cherokee-Washington)    SV-1 7-5
 G7Jacobs (Charesl City)   
 Nick Jacobs (Charles City) Dec-4-1G12   
    Maitlen (COM)  
 Seth Maitlen (Creston/Orient-Macksburg)   Dec-3-1
 G8 Maitlen (COM)       
 Matt McMillan (Independence) Score   
 Max Moulden (Ballard) ^^Back To Top
 G16Pogge (CGD) 
  INJ. 2:22G20    
 Zach Pogge (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows)  Jacobs (Charles City)  
  Jacobs (Charles City) Fall 3:26G24
 Noah Minnick (MOC-Floyd Valley)  Jacobs (Charles City)
 G17Haggstrom (Glenwood) Dec-4-3
  Fall 1:15G21 
 Zach Haggstrom (Glenwood) Haggstrom (Glenwood)
   Durbala (Benton Comm.) Fall 4:31
 Jordan Beal (Knoxville)      
 G18McGuire (Gilbert) 
 Chris McGuire (Gilbert) Poppens (AP)
 Poppens (AP) Fall 1:51G25
 Mason Meitzenheimer (Cherokee-Washington)  Poppens (AP)
 G19McMillan (Independence) Fall 3:04
  MD 10-1G23 
 Matt McMillan (Independence) McMillan (Independence)
  Cochrane (Mt. Vernon) Dec-8-4
 Jacobs (Charles City)  
 G26Jacobs (Charles City) 
 Timmerman (Mediapolis)Dec-7-4G28 
   Esmoil (West Liberty)
 Poppens (AP) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Esmoil (West Liberty)Fall 4:54
 Esmoil (West Liberty)Fall 5:12  
 Timmerman (Mediapolis)  
 G29Poppens (AP) 
 Poppens (AP)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 0:51 
 Haggstrom (Glenwood)  
 G30McMillan (Independence) 
 McMillan (Independence)7th Place Finisher 

13: 220#


 Travis McMillan (Oelwein) ^^Back To Top
 G1Paulson (Forest City) 
 Alex Paulson (Forest City) ScoreG9     
    Hulett (COM)
 Kadon Hulett (Creston/Orient-Macksburg)   Dec-9-8G13
 G2 Hulett (COM)       
 Bryce Cox (Mount Vernon) MD 13-2   
    Duwa (MDW)
 Levi Duwa (Mid-Prairie-Wellman)      Fall 5:57
 G3Duwa (MDW)   
 Aaron Maloy (Charles City) Dec-7-3G10   
   Duwa (MDW)  
 Ko Kieft (Sioux Center)   Dec-8-3
 G4 Kieft (Sioux Center) 
 Travis Poffenbarger (Knoxville) Dec-1-0      G15
    Dinsdale (Webster City)
 Gavin Dinsdale (Webster City)   CHAMPION
 G5Dinsdale (Webster City)   Fall 6:21
 Jordan Baumler (North Fayette Valley) Fall 2:57G11 
    Dinsdale (Webster City)
 Noah Broderson (Assumption-Davenport)   Dec-5-4G14
 G6 Broderson (Assumption)       
 Keagan Hosfelt (Atlantic)Dec-5-0   
   Dinsdale (Webster City)
 Caleb Ring (Osage)    Dec-3-2
 G7Ring (Osage)   
 Gage Jarrett (West Burlington/Notre Dame/Danville) Fall 3:48G12   
    Gibson (ADM)  
 Hunter Gibson (ADM)   Dec-5-2
 G8 Gibson (ADM)       
 Diego Samaniego (Bishop Heelan Catholic) MD 11-1   
 Travis McMillan (Oelwein) ^^Back To Top
 G16McMillan (Oelwein) 
 Bryce Cox (Mount Vernon)  McMillan (Oelwein)  
  Ring (Osage) Dec-8-5G24
 Aaron Maloy (Charles City)  Broderson (Assumption)
 G17Maloy (Charles City) Dec-11-8
 Travis Poffenbarger (Knoxville) Broderson (Assumption)
   Broderson (Assumption) Fall 3:22
 Jordan Baumler (North Fayette Valley)      
 G18Hosfelt (Atlantic) 
  UTB 10-8G22 
 Keagan Hosfelt (Atlantic) Kieft (Sioux Center)
 Kieft (Sioux Center) MD 9-0G25
 Gage Jarrett (West Burlington/Notre Dame/Danville)  Paulson (Forest City)
 G19Jarret MD 12-2 Dec-3-2
 Diego Samaniego (Bishop Heelan Catholic) Paulson (Forest City)
  Paulson (Forest City) Fall 2:56
 Broderson (Assumption)  
 G26Broderson (Assumption) 
 Hulett (COM)Dec-10-6G28 
   Broderson (Assumption)
 Paulson (Forest City) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Gibson (ADM)Dec-9-3
 Gibson (ADM)Fall 5:12  
 Hulett (COM)  
 G29Hulett (COM) 
 Paulson (Forest City)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 3:00 
 McMillan (Oelwein)  
 G30Kieft (Sioux Center) 
 Kieft (Sioux Center)7th Place Finisher 

14: 285#


 Carter Isley (Albia) ^^Back To Top
 G1Isley (Albia) 
 John McConkey (Atlantic) Fall 1:25G9     
    Isley (Albia)
 Spencer Trenary (Pocahontas Area/L-M)   MD 9-1G13
 G2 Trenary (PALM)       
 Jacob Knutson (Crestwood-Cresco) Fall 1:48   
    Isley (Albia)
 Michael Ahrendsen (Union)      Fall 1:58
 G3Ahrendsen (Union)   
 Josh Wegener (Algona) Fall 0:27G10   
   Hoffstetter (Grinnell)  
 Tanner Hoffstetter (Grinnell)   Fall 1:00
 G4 Hoffstetter (Grinnell) 
 Travis Bruns (Assumption-Davenport) Fall 0:29      G15
    Isley (Albia)
 Caleb Sanders (Glenwood)   CHAMPION
 G5Heath (ADM)   MD 9-1
 Nathan Heath (ADM) ScoreG11 
    Van`t Hof (Sioux Center)
 Brock Farley (Denver-Tripoli)   Fall 4:27G14
 G6 Van`t Hof (Sioux Center)        
 Elijah Van`t Hof (Sioux Center)TB-2 3-2   
   Lawson (Webster City)
 Cooper Lawson (Webster City)    Dec-5-3
 G7Lawson (Webster City)   
 Quinten Miller (Williamsburg) Dec-13-6G12   
    Lawson (Webster City)  
 Tristan Wirfs (Mount Vernon)   Dec-8-6
 G8 Wirfs (Mt. Vernon)       
 Brody Tupy (Charles City) Dec-8-3   
 John McConkey (Atlantic) ^^Back To Top
 G16McConkey (Atlantic) 
  Fall 0:38G20    
 Jacob Knutson (Crestwood-Cresco)  McConkey (Atlantic)  
  WIrfs (Mt. Vernon) UTB 3-2G24
 Josh Wegener (Algona)  Heath (ADM)
 G17Bruns (Assumption) Fall 4:43
  Fall 5:31G21 
 Travis Bruns (Assumption-Davenport) Heath (ADM)
   Heath (ADM) Fall 0:47
 Caleb Sanders (Glenwood)      
 G18Sanders (Glenwood) 
  Fall 7:59G22 
 Brock Farley (Denver-Tripoli) Sanders (Glenwood)
 Ahrendsen (Union) Fall 5:28G25
 Quinten Miller (Williamsburg)  Sanders (Glenwood)
 G19Miller (Williamsburg) Dec-3-2
  UTB 4-3G23 
 Brody Tupy (Charles City) Trenary (PALM)
  Trenary (PALM) Fall 4:34
 Heath (ADM)  
 G26Heath (ADM) 
 Hoffstetter (Grinnell)Fall 0:23G28 
   Heath (ADM)
 Sanders (Glenwood) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Sanders (Glenwood)Fall 1:46
 Van`t Hof (Sioux Center) Dec-6-5  
 Hoffstetter (Grinnell)  
 G29Van`t Hof (Sioux Center)  
 Van`t Hof (Sioux Center) 5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 0:31 
 McConkey (Atlantic)  
 G30Trenary (PALM) 
 Trenary (PALM)7th Place Finisher