The Class 1A 2016 Iowa High School Wrestling State Tournament runs February 18-20 at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

Thursday, February 18 is the opening day. Friday feature the quarterfinal and semifinal matches. On Saturday morning, the wrestleback matches will take place to determine third through eighth place. The championship matches are scheduled for Saturday night.

Class 1A action for Thursday is complete.

Class 1A action for Friday is complete.

Saturday's morning Placement Matches are complete. Championship matches are set for tonight.

Results Saturday night will be posted on the page above.
The brackets below will not be updated until the end of the night.

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1: 106#


 Marshall Rasmussen (Underwood) ^^Back To Top
 G1Rasmussen (Underwood) 
 Juan Guido (Belmond-Klemme) Fall 5:09G9     
    Schmit (Wapsie Valley)
 Donny Schmit (Wapsie Valley)   Dec-42G13
 G2 Schmit (Wapsie Valley)       
 Will Portis (Rockford) DEC-9-4   
    Schmit (Wapsie Valley)
 Blaine Beeler (Guthrie Center)      Dec-9-5
 G3Beeler (Guthrie Center)   
 Cooper Andreassen (English Valleys) Dec-12-8G10   
   Meeker (Wapello)  
 Devon Meeker (Wapello)   TF-1.5 3:53 (15-0)
 G4 Meeker (Wapello) 
 Brennan Brown (Westwood-Sloan) TF-1.5 3:17 (15-0)      G15
    Schmit (Wapsie Valley)
 Kurtis Krager (Oa-bcig)   CHAMPION
 G5Krager (OA-BCIG)   Dec 5-3
 Seth Wright (Woodbine) Fall 3:44G11 
    Fox (Don Bosco)
 Gable Fox (Don Bosco)   Fall 3:34G14
 G6 Fox (Don Bosco)       
 Jaymus Wilson (Alburnett)Fall 1:26   
   Loyd (New London)
 Hunter Pfantz (West Marshall)    Dec-7-5
 G7Pfanz (West Marshall)   
 Quentin Gregg (Mount Ayr) Fall 0:52G12   
    Loyd (New London)  
 William Kooi (West Lyon-Inwood)   Dec-6-4
 G8 Loyd (New London)       
 Samuel Loyd (New London) Fall 0:27   
 Juan Guido (Belmond-Klemme) ^^Back To Top
 G16Portis (Rockford) 
 Will Portis (Rockford)  Portis (Rockford)  
  Pfanz (West Marshall) Dec-10-4G24
 Cooper Andreassen (English Valleys)  Krager (OA-BCIG)
 G17Andreassen (English Val.) Fall 1:58
  TF-1.5 4:44 (17-1)G21 
 Brennan Brown (Westwood-Sloan) Krager (OA-BCIG)
   Krager (OA-BCIG) Fall 1:58
 Seth Wright (Woodbine)      
 G18Wilson (Alburnett) 
  Fall 5:09G22 
 Jaymus Wilson (Alburnett) Wilson (Alburnett)
 Beeler (Guthrie Center) Fall 1:18G25
 Quentin Gregg (Mount Ayr)  Wilson (Alburnett)
 G19Kooi (Weest Lyon) Fall 5:36
  Fall 2:20G23 
 William Kooi (West Lyon-Inwood) Rasmussen (Underwood)
  Rasmussen (Underwood) Fall 1:44
 Krager (OA-BCIG) G24  
 G26Meeker (Wapello) 
 Meeker (Wapello)FALL 5:15G28 
   Fox (Don Bosco)
 Wilson (Alburnett) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Fox (Don Bosco)Fall 2:51
 Fox (Don Bosco)Fall 1:28  
 Krager (OA-BCIG) G24  
 G29Wilson (Alburnett) 
 Wilson (Alburnett)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 5:58 
 Portis (Rockford)  
 G30Portis (Rockford) 
 Rasmussen (Underwood)7th Place Finisher 

2: 113#


 Josh Tibbits (Martensdale-St. Mary`s) ^^Back To Top
 G1Tibbits (Martensdale...) 
 Javis Kreiger (New London) MD 14-4G9     
    Henderson (North Linn)
 Brock Henderson (North Linn)   Dec-4-1G13
 G2 Henderson (North Linn)       
 Tatem Bluml (Riverside-Oakland) MD 12-1)   
    Henderson (North Linn)
 Drew Woodall (MMC/RU)      TF-1.5 4:00 (16-1)
 G3Graham (Eagle Grove)   
 Derek Graham (Eagle Grove) Fall 1:25G10   
   Lutgen (Don Bosco)  
 Adam Proctor (Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont)   MD 11-2
 G4 Lutgen (Don Bosco) 
 Logan Lutgen (Don Bosco) Dec-5-1      G15
    Henderson (North Linn)
 Ben Emrich (Tipton)   CHAMPION
 G5Emrich (Tipton)   Dec 4-3
 Nathan Phillips (Interstate 35) Dec-7-0G11 
    Kleve (Starmont)
 Remington Meeker (Logan-Magnolia)   ScoreG14
 G6 Kleve (Starmont)       
 Kody Kleve (Starmont)MD 12-0   
   Colon (Newman Catholic)
 Logan Heaberlin (Belmond-Klemme)    Fall 1:14
 G7Hearberlin (Bel.-Kle)   
 Justin Severson (West Lyon-Inwood) Dec-5-2G12   
    Colon (Newman Catholic)  
 Jeremiah Colon (Newman Catholic)   Fall 1:12
 G8 Colon (Newman Catholic)       
 Luke House (Sigourney/Keota) Fall 1:11   
 Javis Kreiger (New London) ^^Back To Top
 G16Blumi (Riverside-Oakland) 
  Fall 3:28G20    
 Tatem Bluml (Riverside-Oakland)  Blumi (Riverside-Oakland)  
  Hearberlin (Bel.-Kle) Dec-9-3G24
 Drew Woodall (MMC/RU)  Blumi (Riverside-Oakland)
 G17Proctor (EBF) Dec-5-3
  Fall 1:57G21 
 Adam Proctor (Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont) Proctor (EBF)
   Emrich (Tipton) MD 114-6
 Nathan Phillips (Interstate 35)      
 G18Phillips (I35) 
 Remington Meeker (Logan-Magnolia) Phillips (I35)
 Graham (Eagle Grove) Fall 5:01G25
 Justin Severson (West Lyon-Inwood)  Tibbits (Martensdale...)
 G19Severson (West Lyon) TF-1.5 5:44 (17-2)
  MD 14-4G23 
 Luke House (Sigourney/Keota) Tibbits (Martensdale...)
  Tibbits (Martensdale...) Fall 1:25
 Blumi (Riverside-Oakland)  
 G26Blumi (Riverside-Oakland) 
 Lutgen (Don Bosco)Fall 1:07G28 
   Tibbits (Martensdale...)
 Tibbits (Martensdale...) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Tibbits (Martensdale...)Dec-7-0
 Kleve (Starmont)Dec-9-2  
 Lutgen (Don Bosco)  
 G29Kleve (Starmont) 
 Kleve (Starmont)5th Place Finisher 
 Proctor (EBF)  
 G30Phillips (I35) 
 Phillips (I35)7th Place Finisher 

3: 120#


 Ben Moyer (Alburnett) ^^Back To Top
 G1Siebrecht (Lisbon) 
 Cooper Siebrecht (Lisbon) UTB 4-3G9     
    Thorndson (Riceville)
 Chance Throndson (Riceville)   Dec-7-0G13
 G2 Thorndson (Riceville)       
 Michael Baker (Underwood) MD 19-5   
    Kyner (SWMD)
 Brady Kyner (Southeast Warren/Melcher-Dallas)      Fall 3:39
 G3Kyner (SWMD)   
 Skylar Richter (Hinton) TF-1.5 3:09 (16-0)G10   
   Kyner (SWMD)  
 Cole Allison (St. Edmond-Fort Dodge)   Fall 2:46
 G4 Allison (St. Edmond-FD) 
 Tyler Strasser (North Mahaska) Dec-6-2      G15
    West (Highland)
 Bryce West (Highland-Riverside)   CHAMPION
 G5West (Highland)   Fall 3:26
 Kaleb Krall (Wapsie Valley) Fall 1:11G11 
    West (Highland)
 Connor Lange (Missouri Valley)   MD 11-2G14
 G6 Lange (Missouri Valley)       
 Max Wettengel (Don Bosco)MD 12-0   
   West (Highland)
 Kody Berg (Westwood-Sloan)    TF-1.5 3:12 (19-3)
 G7Berg (Westwood)   
 George Appleseth (Panorama) Dec-5-0G12   
    Berg (Westwood)  
 Dakota Henry (Belle Plaine)   Fall 5:10
 G8 Henry (Belle Plaine)       
 Keaton Hetland (South Hamilton) Dec-6-5   
 Ben Moyer (Alburnett) ^^Back To Top
 G16Baker (Underwood) 
 Michael Baker (Underwood)  Henry (Belle Plaine)  
  Henry (Belle Plaine) Fall 4:38G24
 Skylar Richter (Hinton)  Lange (Missouri Valley)
 G17Richter (Hinton) Dec-7-1
  Fall 5:50G21 
 Tyler Strasser (North Mahaska) Lange (Missouri Valley)
   Lange (Missouri Valley) Dec-7-2
 Kaleb Krall (Wapsie Valley)      
 G18Krall (Wapsie Valley) 
  MD 9-0G22 
 Max Wettengel (Don Bosco) Allison (St. Edmond-FD)
 Allison (St. Edmond-FD) Dec-13-6G25
 George Appleseth (Panorama)  Siebrecht (Lisbon)
 G19Hetland (South Hamilton) Dec-4-1
  SV-1 6-4G23 
 Keaton Hetland (South Hamilton) Siebrecht (Lisbon)
  Siebrecht (Lisbon) Fall 1:26
 Lange (Missouri Valley)  
 G26Thorndson (Riceville) 
 Thorndson (Riceville)Dec-1-0G28 
   Thorndson (Riceville)
 Siebrecht (Lisbon) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Siebrecht (Lisbon)Dec-8-4
 Berg (Westwood)Dec-5-3  
 Lange (Missouri Valley)  
 G29Berg (Westwood) 
 Berg (Westwood)5th Place Finisher 
 Henry (Belle Plaine)  
 G30Henry (Belle Plaine) 
 Allison (St. Edmond-FD)7th Place Finisher 

4: 126#


 Tanner Lundgren (Emmetsburg) ^^Back To Top
 G1Lundgren (Emmetsburg) 
 Tristen Brase (Nashua-Plainfield) Dec-11-4G9     
    Lundgren (Emmetsburg)
 Jarrett Stodghill (North Mahaska)   Fall 1:51G13
 G2 Myers (Westwood)       
 Markes Myers (Westwood-Sloan) Dec-12-10   
    Thomsen (Underwood)
 Alex Thomsen (Underwood)
      TF-1.5 4:36 (21-5)
 G3Thomsen (Underwood)   
 Wally Zernich (Lisbon) Dec-41G10   
   Thomsen (Underwood)  
 Nicholas Martin (Moravia)   TF-1.5 3:47 (21-6)
 G4 Martin (Moravia) 
 Michael Egan (MFL MarMac) Dec-1-0      G15
    Thomsen (Underwood)
 Kody Kugel (Dike-New Hartford)   CHAMPION
 G5Kugel (DNH)   MD 15-7
 Jake Wulf (Oa-bcig) Dec-11-5G11 
    Kugel (DNH)
 Skyler Briggs (Akron-Westfield)   Fall 1:37G14
 G6 Briggs (Akron-Westfield)       
 Travis Lewis (Tri-County/Montezuma)TF-1.5 5:16 (20-3)   
   West (Highland)
 Drew West (Highland-Riverside)    Fall 2:52
 G7West (Highland)   
 Garret Thompson (Logan-Magnolia) Dec-10-3G12   
    West (Highland)  
 Colin Schrader (Wapsie Valley)   Fall 2:11
 G8 Freese (Nodaway Valley)       
 Ben Freese (Nodaway Valley) Fall 1:23   
 Tristen Brase (Nashua-Plainfield) ^^Back To Top
 G16Brase (Nashua-Plainfield) 
  Fall 4:37G20    
 Jarrett Stodghill (North Mahaska)  Freese (Nodaway Valley)  
  Freese (Nodaway Valley) Fall 5:48G24
 Wally Zernich (Lisbon)  Zemich (Lisbon)
 G17Zemich (Lisbon) Dec-3-0
 Michael Egan (MFL MarMac) Zemich (Lisbon)
   Briggs (Akron-Westfield) Fall 0:53
 Jake Wulf (Oa-bcig)      
 G18Wulf (OA-BCIG) 
  Fall 3:01G22 
 Travis Lewis (Tri-County/Montezuma) Martin (Moravia)
 Martin (Moravia) Dec-9-7G25
 Garret Thompson (Logan-Magnolia)  Martin (Moravia)
 G19Thompson (Logan-Mag.) Dec-15-8
 Colin Schrader (Wapsie Valley) Thompson (Logan-Mag.)
  Myers (Westwood) Fall 3:43
 Zemich (Lisbon)  
 G26Zemich (Lisbon) 
 Lundgren (Emmetsburg)Dec-8-2G28 
   Zemich (Lisbon)
 Martin (Moravia) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Kugel (DNH)Fall 1:06
 Kugel (DNH)Dec-14-9  
 Lundgren (Emmetsburg)  
 G29Lundgren (Emmetsburg) 
 Martin (Moravia)5th Place Finisher 
 Freese (Nodaway Valley)  
 G30Thompson (Logan-Mag.) 
 Thompson (Logan-Mag.)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 3:35 

5: 132#


 Jacob Hansen (West Fork-Sheffield) ^^Back To Top
 G1Hansen (West Fork..) 
 Matt Anderson (Okoboji-Milford) Fall 3:11G9     
    Hansen (West Fork..)
 Austin Leopard (Louisa-Muscatine)   Dec-7-3G13
 G2 Leopard (Lousia-Musc...)       
 Chase McAlister (South Central Calhoun) Dec-7-0   
    Cochran (Movaria)
 Briar Cochran (Moraria)      Dec-3-2
 G3Cochran (Moraria)   
 Bo Geise (Logan-Magnolia) MD 14-2G10   
   Cochran (Movavia)  
 Cole Needham (West Marshall)   Dec-9-2
 G4 Needham (West Maarshall) 
 Kyle Decker (East Buchanan) Dec-3-2      G15
    Cochran (Movaria)
 Kory Van Oort (West Sioiux-Hawarden)   CHAMPION
 G5Mangrich (Don Bosco)   Dec 14-11
 Nick Mangrich (Don Bosco) SV-1 6-4G11 
    McLaughlin (Lisbon)
 Kolton Roth (Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire)   Fall 4:39G14
 G6 McLaughlin (Lisbon)       
 Chase McLaughlin (Lisbon)Dec-8-7   
   McLaughlin (Lisbon)
 Jack Kyle (Missouri Valley)    SV-1 5-3
 G7Kyle (Missouri Valley)   
 Tye Joint (West Central Valley) SV-1 6-4G12   
    Halblom (Alburnett)  
 Drake Halblom (Alburnett)   Dec-8-3
 G8 Halbom (Alburnett)       
 Alex Hanna (Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont) MD 16-5   
 Matt Anderson (Okoboji-Milford) ^^Back To Top
 G16McAllister (S. Central Calhoun) 
  Fall 0:50G20    
 Chase McAlister (South Central Calhoun)  Kyle (Missouri Valley)  
  Kyle (Missouri Valley) Dec-13-8G24
 Bo Geise (Logan-Magnolia)  Mangrich (Don Bosco)
 G17Geise (Logan-Magnolia) Dec-6-2
 Kyle Decker (East Buchanan) Mangrich (Don Bosco)
   Mangrich (Don Bosco) MD 10-2
 Kory Van Oort (West Sioiux-Hawarden)      
 G18Roth (GTRA) 
  Fall 4:32G22 
 Kolton Roth (Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire) Roth (GTRA)
 Needham (West Maarshall) Fall 2:59G25
 Tye Joint (West Central Valley)  Roth (GTRA)
 G19Hanna (EBF) MD 10-2
  Fall 3:54G23 
 Alex Hanna (Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont) Leopard (Lousia-Musc...)
  Leopard (Lousia-Musc...) Dec-8-4
 Mangrich (Don Bosco)  
 G26Hansen (West Fork..) 
 Hansen (West Fork..)Dec-10-5G28 
   Hansen (West Fork..)
 Roth (GTRA) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Halblom (Alburnett)Dec-8-7
 Halblom (Alburnett)MD 16-6  
 Mangrich (Don Bosco)  
 Roth (GTRA)5th Place Finisher 
 Kyle (Missouri Valley)  
 G30Leopard (Lousia-Musc...) 
 Leopard (Lousia-Musc...)7th Place Finisher 

6: 138#


 Jacob Krakow (Iowa Valley) ^^Back To Top
 G1Krakow (Iowa Valley) 
 Reno Chiri (New London) Dec-7-0G9     
    Krakow (Iowa Valley)
 Tucker Franklin (Alburnett)   MD 15-6G13
 G2 Franklin (Alburnett)       
 Payton Sitzmann (St. Edmond-Fort Dodge) MD 15-6   
    Krakow (Iowa Valley)
 Austin Hellman (Don Bosco)      Dec-7-6
 G3Hellman (Don Bosco)   
 Logan Scheuermann (Guthrie Center) Dec-6-5G10   
   Jennings (Underwood)  
 Tom Jennings (Underwood)   Dec-10-6
 G4 Jennings (Underwood) 
 Pedro Rodriguez (Sibley-Ocheyedan) Fall 5:04      G15
    Williams (Lisbon)
 Nick Williams (Lisbon)   CHAMPION
 G5Williams (Lisbon)   Dec 6-3
 Cooper White (West Marshall) Dec-6-3G11 
    Williams (Lisbon)
 Skylar Solko (Alta-Aurelia)   Dec-5-1G14
 G6 Ackerman (Wapsie Valley)       
 Bryce Ackerman (Wapsie Valley)SV-1 9-5   
   Williams (Lisbon)
 Austin Pontier (Interstate 35)    Dec-7-2
 G7Pontier (I-35)   
 Dakota Garretson (Clarksville) MD 13-1G12   
    Pontier (I35)  
 Cody Zellmer (Woodbury Central-Moville)   Dec-42
 G8 Zellmer (Woodbury Central)       
 Jay Heiny (AHSTW) Fall 2:30   
 Reno Chiri (New London) ^^Back To Top
 G16Stitzman (St Edmond-FD) 
  INJ 1:03G20    
 Payton Sitzmann (St. Edmond-Fort Dodge)  Stitzman (St Edmond-FD)  
  Zellmer (Woodbury Central) Dec-10-5G24
 Logan Scheuermann (Guthrie Center)  Scheuerman (Guthrie Cntr)
 G17Scheuerman (Guthrie Cntr) Dec-14-13
  SV-1 4-2G21 
 Pedro Rodriguez (Sibley-Ocheyedan) Scheuerman (Guthrie Cntr)
   Scheuerman (Guthrie Cntr) Dec-3-2
 Cooper White (West Marshall)      
 G18White (West Marshall) 
  Fall 6:40G22 
 Skylar Solko (Alta-Aurelia) White (West Marshall)
 Hellman (Don Bosco) Dec-5-2G25
 Dakota Garretson (Clarksville)  White (West Marshall)
 G19Garretson (Clarksville) Fall 3:11
 Jay Heiny (AHSTW) Franklin (Alburnett)
  Franklin (Alburnett) Fall 5:47
 Scheuerman (Guthrie Cntr)  
 G26Jennings (Underwood) 
 Jennings (Underwood)Dec-6-2G28 
   White (West Marshall)
 White (West Marshall) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27White (West Marshall)Fall 5:59
 Pontier (I35)Dec-4-0  
 Scheuerman (Guthrie Cntr)  
 G29Pontier (I35) 
 Pontier (I35)5th Place Finisher 
 Stitzman (St Edmond-FD)  
 G30Stitzman (St Edmond-FD) 
 Franklin (Alburnett)7th Place Finisher 

7: 145#


 Dylan Schuck (Sibley-Ocheyedan) ^^Back To Top
 G1Schuck (Sibley-Ochey..) 
 Braydon Nunemaker (East Buchanan) Fall 0:49G9     
    Schuck (Sibley-Ochey..)
 Jake Mulford (Audubon)   Dec-3-2G13
 G2 Mulford (Audubon)       
 Griffen McBride (Pleasantville) Dec-8-6   
    Johnson (DNH)
 Trent Johnson (Dike-New Hartford)      Fall 5:55
 G3Johnson (DNH)   
 Trey Brisker (Wilton) Dec-6-5G10   
   Johnson (DNH)  
 Tyler Van Houten (Panorama)   Fall 2:40
 G4 Van Houten (Panorama) 
 Caleb Gunderson (Sioux Central) Fall 5:13      G15
    Happel (Lisbon)
 Tanner Hoyer (Alburnett)   CHAMPION
 G5Hoyer (Alburnett)   (Dec 7-1)
 Braiden Tank (West Monona-Onawa) MD 15-2G11 
    Hoyer (Alburnett)
 Lane Boender (Sigourney/Keota)   MD 8-0G14
 G6 Stortenbecker (East Mills)       
 Luke Stortenbecker (East Mills)Dec-2-1   
   Happel (Lisbon)
 Carter Happel (Lisbon)    Fall 1:02
 G7Happel (Lisbon)   
 Dylan Mueller (Central Springs) TF-1.5 4:00 (19-3)G12   
    Happel (Lisbon)  
 Tanner Heaberlin (Belmond-Klemme)   TF-1.5 4:22 (17-1)
 G8 Hearberlin (Belmond-Kle..)       
 Zach McCloud (Ogden) MD 13-2   
 Braydon Nunemaker (East Buchanan) ^^Back To Top
 G16McBride (Pleasantville) 
 Griffen McBride (Pleasantville)  McBride (Pleasantville)  
  Hearberlin (Belmond-Kle..) Dec-12-5G24
 Trey Brisker (Wilton)  Brisker (Wilton)
 G17Brisker (Wilton) Fall 1:39
 Caleb Gunderson (Sioux Central) Brisker (Wilton)
   Brisker (Wilton) Dec-9-3
 Braiden Tank (West Monona-Onawa)      
 G18Tank (West Monona) 
 Lane Boender (Sigourney/Keota) Tank (West Monona)
 Van Houten (Panorama) Fall 1:09G25
 Dylan Mueller (Central Springs)  Mueller (Central Springs)
 G19Mueller (Central Springs) Fall 1:33
 Zach McCloud (Ogden) Mueller (Central Springs)
  Mulford (Audubon) Dec-14-8
 Brisker (Wilton)  
 G26Brisker (Wilton) 
 Schuck (Sibley-Ochey..)Dec-2-0G28 
   Brisker (Wilton)
 Mueller (Central Springs) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Hoyer (Alburnett)Fall 0:37
 Hoyer (Alburnett)Dec-5-0  
 Schuck (Sibley-Ochey..)  
 G29Schuck (Sibley-Ochey..) 
 Mueller (Central Springs)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 2:33 
 McBride (Pleasantville)  
 G30McBride (Pleasantville) 
 Tank (West Monona)7th Place Finisher 
  MD 14-2 

8: 152#


 Josh Hopkins (East Mills) ^^Back To Top
 G1Hopkins (East Mills) 
 Brody Goodman (South Central Calhoun) Fall 3:27G9     
    Shulista (Alburnett)
 Conner Shulista (Alburnett)   Fall 3:35G13
 G2 Shulista (Alburnett)       
 Chris Paulsen (Don Bosco) MD 15-2   
    Shulista (Alburnett)
 Blayde Baker (Wayne)      Fall 1:43
 G3Phillips (Pleasantville)   
 Sawyer Phillips (Pleasantville) UTB 15-2G10   
   Phillips (Pleasantville)  
 Tanner Greenwald (Wilton)   Dec-8-4
 G4 Greenwald (Wilton) 
 Kyle Green (Sibley-Ocheyedan) Dec-8-3      G15
    Shulista (Alburnett)
 Chance Rice (Manson Northwest Webster)   CHAMPION
 G5Wilson (Logan-Magnolia)   Dec 6-3
 Brady Wilson (Logan-Magnolia) Dec-7-2G11 
    Seehase (Sumner-Fred..)
 Dalton Nelson (North Butler)   TF-1.5 3:58 (18-2)G14
 G6 Seehase (Sumner-Fredri..)       
 Karsen Seehase (Sumner-Fredericksburg)Dec-3-1   
   Axmear (English Valleys)
 Zachary Axmear (English Valleys)    Dec-9-3
 G7Axmear (English Valleys)   
 Gunnar Grunsted (Panorama) Fall 1:03G12   
    Axmear (English Valleys)  
 Drew Anderson (Westwood-Sloan)   Dec-8-4
 G8 Robinson (Lisbon)       
 Hunter Robinson (Lisbon) Dec-3-2   
 Brody Goodman (South Central Calhoun) ^^Back To Top
 G16Paulsen (Don Bosco) 
  Fall 1:45G20    
 Chris Paulsen (Don Bosco)  Robinson (Lisbon)  
  Robinson (Lisbon) TB-2 6-5G24
 Blayde Baker (Wayne)  Robinson (Lisbon)
 G17Baker (Wayne) Dec-9-5
  Fall 1:17G21 
 Kyle Green (Sibley-Ocheyedan) Wilson (Logan-Magnolia)
   Wilson (Logan-Magnolia) Dec-14-8
 Chance Rice (Manson Northwest Webster)      
 G18Nelson (North Burlter) 
  MD 9-0G22 
 Dalton Nelson (North Butler) Nelson (North Burlter)
 Greenwald (Wilton) ScoreG25
 Gunnar Grunsted (Panorama)  Anderson (Westwood)
 G19Anderson (Westwood) Dec-7-2
  TF-1.5 6:00 (15-0)G23 
 Drew Anderson (Westwood-Sloan) Anderson (Westwood)
  Hopkins (East Mills) Dec-6-4
 Robinson (Lisbon)  
 G26Phillips (Pleasantville) 
 Phillips (Pleasantville)Dec-5-2G28 
   Seehase (Sumner-Fred..)
 Anderson (Westwood) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Seehase (Sumner-Fred..)Dec-3-1
 Seehase (Sumner-Fred..)SV-1 4-2  
 Robinson (Lisbon)  
 G29Robinson (Lisbon) 
 Anderson (Westwood)5th Place Finisher 
 Wilson (Logan-Magnolia)  
 G30Nelson (North Burlter) 
 Nelson (North Burlter)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 1:56 

9: 160#


 Sal Arzani (Interstate 35) ^^Back To Top
 G1Arzani (I35) 
 Kaden Kilburg (Lisbon) Fall 3:14G9     
    Arzani (I35)
 Bryce Paul (Alburnett)   Dec-4-3G13
 G2 Paul (Alburnett)       
 Dustin Engel (AHSTW) Dec-11-5   
    Arzani (I35)
 Garrett Sayler (Sibley-Ocheyedan)      MD 14-3
 G3Sayler (Sibley-Oche..)   
 Skyler Michalski (Manson Northwest Webster) Fall 0:53G10   
   Van Buren (HLV-Victor)  
 Nate Van Buren (H-L-V-Victor)   SV-1 8-4
 G4 Van Buren (HLV-Victor) 
 Jarel Arbegast (West Fork-Sheffield) SV-1 9-7      G15
    Arzani (I35)
 Rogan Pforts (Wapello)   CHAMPION
 G5Pforts (Wapello)   MD 10-2
 Tj Dierking (Southeast Warren/Melcher-Dallas) Dec-3-2G11 
    Haynes (Missouri Valley)
 Nathan Haynes (Missouri Valley)   Dec-3-2G14
 G6 Haynes (Missouri Valley)       
 Hunter Fletcher (MFL MarMac)Dec-9-2   
   Haynes (Missouri Valley)
 Luke Peters (South Hamilton)    Fall 2:31
 G7Peters (South Hamilton)   
 Jakob Shattuck (Westwood-Sloan) Dec-11-4G12   
    Entriken (Westwood)  
 Taylan Entriken (Hudson)   Dec-8-5
 G8 Entriken (Westwood)       
 Garet Sims (Iowa Valley) TF-1.5 5:30 (16-0))   
 Kaden Kilburg (Lisbon) ^^Back To Top
 G16Engel (AHSTW) 
  Fall 2:22G20    
 Dustin Engel (AHSTW)  Engel (AHSTW)  
  Peters (South Hamilton) Fall 2:42G24
 Skyler Michalski (Manson Northwest Webster)  Pforts (Wapello)
 G17Arbegast (West Fork) Dec-9-6
  Fall 5:05G21 
 Jarel Arbegast (West Fork-Sheffield) Pforts (Wapello)
   Pforts (Wapello) Dec-4-1
 TJ Dierking (Southeast Warren/Melcher-Dallas)      
 G18Dierking (SWMD) 
 Hunter Fletcher (MFL MarMac) Dierking (SWMD)
 Sayler (Sibley-Oche..) Dec-3-0G25
 Jakob Shattuck (Westwood-Sloan)  Paul (Alburnett)
 G19Sims (Iowa Valley) MD 12-3
  Fall 1:19G23 
 Garet Sims (Iowa Valley) Paul (Alburnett)
  Paul (Alburnett) Fall 0:45
 Pforts (Wapello)  
 G26Pforts (Wapello) 
 Van Buren (HLV-Victor)MD 16-8G28 
   Paul (Alburnett)
 Paul (Alburnett) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Paul (Alburnett)Dec-3-2
 Entriken (Westwood)Dec-6-4  
 Van Buren (HLV-Victor)  
 G29Entriken (Westwood) 
 Entriken (Westwood)5th Place Finisher 
  TF-1.5 2:45 (16-0) 
 Engel (AHSTW)  
 G30Engel (AHSTW) 
 Dierking (SWMD)7th Place Finisher 
  MD 16-8 

10: 170#


 Tanner Sloan (Alburnett) ^^Back To Top
 G1Sloan (Alburnett) 
 Bryce Werderman (Lisbon) TF-1.5 4:15 (16-0)G9     
    Sloan (Alburnett)
 Noah Huber (Hudson)   Dec-3-1G13
 G2 Huber (Hudson)       
 Sam Gregory (Treynor) Fall 2:32   
    Sloan (Alburnett)
 Logan Schumacher (Martensdale-St. Mary`s)      12/10/04
 G3Schumacher (Martensdale..)   
 Noah Bouse (Okoboji-Milford) Fall 4:26G10   
   Schumacher (Martensdale..)  
 Jordan Weiland (West Hancock-Britt)   Dec-14-2
 G4 Schwenn (Belle Plaine) 
 Joey Schwenn (Belle Plaine) Dec-6-2      G15
    Sloan (Alburnett)
 Hunter Connor (Louisa-Muscatine)   CHAMPION
 G5Garnier (Sumner-Fredri..)   MD 8-0
 Bodie Garnier (Sumner-Fredericksburg) Dec-13-6G11 
    Barr (AHSTW)
 Tim Barr (AHSTW)   Fall 5:06G14
 G6 Barr (AHSTW)       
 Zach Ryg (Central Springs)Dec-10-5   
   Barr (AHSTW)
 Trent Kruger (Sibley-Ocheyedan)    Dec-7-3
 G7Kruger (Sibley-Oche..)   
 Logan Sturtz (Ogden) MD 11-3G12   
    Johnson (West Marshall)  
 Jared Johnson (West Marshall)   Dec-10-4
 G8 Johnson (West Marshall)       
 Ryan Cougill (Ridge View) TF-1.5 3:38 (16-1))   
 Bryce Werderman (Lisbon) ^^Back To Top
 G16Werderman (Lisbon) 
 Sam Gregory (Treynor)  Kruger (Sibley-Oche..)  
  Kruger (Sibley-Oche..) SV-1 10-8G24
 Noah Bouse (Okoboji-Milford)  Kruger (Sibley-Oche..)
 G17Weiland (West Hancock) Dec-13-9
  MD 15-4G21 
 Jordan Weiland (West Hancock-Britt) Weiland (West Hancock)
   Garnier (Sumner-Fredri..) SV-1 2-0
 Hunter Connor (Louisa-Muscatine)      
 G18Ryg (Central Springs) 
 Zach Ryg (Central Springs) Schwenn (Belle Plaine)
 Schwenn (Belle Plaine) Dec-7-4G25
 Logan Sturtz (Ogden)  Huber (Hudson)
 G19Sturtz (Ogden) 12/14/09
 Ryan Cougill (Ridge View) Huber (Hudson)
  Huber (Hudson) MD 10-2
 Kruger (Sibley-Oche..)  
 G26Schumacher (Martensdale..) 
 Schumacher (Martensdale..)Fall 5:13G28 
   Schumacher (Martensdale..)
 Huber (Hudson) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Huber (Hudson)SV-1 5-3
 Johnson (West Marshall)MD 9-0  
 Kruger (Sibley-Oche..)  
 G29Johnson (West Marshall) 
 Johnson (West Marshall)5th Place Finisher 
  MD 11-3 
 Weiland (West Hancock)  
 G30Schwenn (Belle Plaine) 
 Schwenn (Belle Plaine)7th Place Finisher 

11: 182#


 Nathan Krueger (Manson Northwest Webster) ^^Back To Top
 G1Krueger (MNW) 
 Walker Even (Don Bosco) Dec-6-4G9     
    Krueger (MNW)
 Colton Massengale (B-G-M)   Dec-15-8G13
 G2 Massengale (B-G-M)       
 Hunter Dejong (Sibley-Ocheyedan) Dec-3-0   
    Lentz (Ogden)
 Steven Gregory (Treynor)      MD 9-1
 G3Lyons (Bellevue)   
 Mason Lyons (Bellevue) Dec-6-1G10   
   Lentz (Ogden)  
 Austin Lentz (Ogden)   Dec-8-4
 G4 Lentz (Ogden) 
 Jestin Kime (Sumner-Fredericksburg) Dec-8-3      G15
    Lentz (Ogden)
 Jason Fisher (Nashua-Plainfield)   CHAMPION
 G5Fisher (Nashu-Plainfield)   Dec 6-3
 Hunter Hagen (West Hancock-Britt) Fall 5:27G11 
    Bishop (Hinton)
 Daniel Bishop (Hinton)   ScoreG14
 G6 Bishop (Hinton)       
 Kaleb Reeves (Sigourney/Keota)TF-1.5 4:17 (17-0)   
   Bishop (Hinton)
 Bryce Oveson (Wilton)    MD 17-4
 G7Oveson (Wilton)   
 Joey Wolf (Woodbine) MD 11-3G12   
    McDowell (Maq. Valley)  
 Alec McDowell (Maquoketa Valley)   Dec-3-0
 G8 McDowell (Maq. Valley)       
 Dante Arzani (Interstate 35) Dec-8-3   
 Walker Even (Don Bosco) ^^Back To Top
 G16Even (Don Bosco) 
 Hunter Dejong (Sibley-Ocheyedan)  Even (Don Bosco)  
  Oveson (Wilton) TB-2 3-2G24
 Steven Gregory (Treynor)  Gregoery (Treynor)
 G17Gregoery (Treynor) Dec-6-0
  Fall 3:35G21 
 Jestin Kime (Sumner-Fredericksburg) Gregoery (Treynor)
   Fisher (Nashu-Plainfield) Fall 2:56
 Hunter Hagen (West Hancock-Britt)      
 G18Reeves (Sigourney/Keota) 
  Fall 3:29G22 
 Kaleb Reeves (Sigourney/Keota) Reeves (Sigourney/Keota)
 Lyons (Bellevue) Fall 1:55G25
 Joey Wolf (Woodbine)  Massengale (B-G-M)
 G19Arzani (I35) MD 16-8
  Fall 3:29G23 
 Dante Arzani (Interstate 35) Massengale (B-G-M)
  Massengale (B-G-M) Fall 5:04
 Gregoery (Treynor)  
 G26Gregoery (Treynor) 
 Krueger (MNW)Dec-2-1G28 
 Massengale (B-G-M) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27McDowell (Maq. Valley)Score
 McDowell (Maq. Valley)Dec-9-3  
 Krueger (MNW)  
 Massengale (B-G-M)5th Place Finisher 
 Even (Don Bosco)  
 G30Reeves (Sigourney/Keota) 
 Reeves (Sigourney/Keota)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 4:41 

12: 195#


 Slade Sifuentes (Lake Mills) ^^Back To Top
 G1Sifuentes (Lake Mills) 
 Devin Thompson (Westwood-Sloan) Fall 2:46G9     
    Sifuentes (Lake Mills)
 Jordan Challis (Tipton)   DQG13
 G2 Challis (Tipton)       
 Colton Francis (West Hancock-Britt) Dec-9-2   
    Sifuentes (Lake Mills)
 Nick Ross (Ogden)      Dec-9-5
 G3Ross (Ogden)   
 Lane Ring (Exira/EHK) Fall 3:20G10   
   Ross (Ogden)  
 Chaz Clark (Pleasantville)   Fall 5:30
 G4 Clark (Pleasantville) 
 Griffin Cabalka (East Buchanan) MD 11-3      G15
    Sifuentes (Lake Mills)
 Skylar Bonestroo (Western Christian-Hull)   CHAMPION
 G5Bonestroo (Western Christian)   Dec 8-3
 Spencer Bruess (Don Bosco) Dec-4-3G11 
    Riley (S. Central Calhoun)
 Ty Riley (South Central Calhoun)   Fall 2:46G14
 G6 Riley (S. Central Calhoun)       
 Brandon Dykes (Durant)Fall 0:56   
   Kuboushek (South Winn.)
 Drake Johnsen (Logan-Magnolia)    MD 9-0
 G7Johnson (Logan-Mag..)   
 Mike Ward (East Union) Fall 2:39G12   
    Kuboushek (South Winn.)  
 Landers Kuboushek (South Winneshiek)   Dec-7-0
 G8 Kuboushek (South Winn..)       
 Noah Boender (Sigourney/Keota) Dec-9-2   
 Devin Thompson (Westwood-Sloan) ^^Back To Top
 G16Francis (West Hancock) 
  M. For.G20    
 Colton Francis (West Hancock-Britt)  Francis (West Hancock)  
  Johnson (Logan-Mag..) Dec-5-2G24
 Lane Ring (Exira/EHK)  Francis (West Hancock)
 G17Ring (Exira/EHK) Dec-4-3
  Fall 1:32G21 
 Griffin Cabalka (East Buchanan) Bonestroo (Western Christian)
   Bonestroo (Western Christian) Dec-5-2
 Spencer Bruess (Don Bosco)      
 G18Dykes (Durant) 
  Fall 1:06G22 
 Brandon Dykes (Durant) Dykes (Durant)
 Clark (Pleasantville) Fall 1:02G25
 Mike Ward (East Union)  Challis (Tipton)
 G19Boender Fall 1:02
  Fall 5:27G23 
 Noah Boender (Sigourney/Keota) Challis (Tipton)
  Challis (Tipton) Fall 0:36
 Francis (West Hancock)  
 G26Ross (Ogden) 
 Ross (Ogden)Dec-10-6G28 
 Challis (Tipton) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Challis (Tipton)Score
 Riley (S. Central Calhoun)Dec-11-4  
 Francis (West Hancock)  
 Riley (S. Central Calhoun)5th Place Finisher 
 Bonestroo (Western Christian)  
 Dykes (Durant)7th Place Finisher 

13: 220#


 Josh Roggentien (Iowa Valley) ^^Back To Top
 G1Ihrig (Tipton) 
 Cameron Ihrig (Tipton) Fall 1:04G9     
    Lenz (Sumner-Frericks..)
 Derrick Lenz (Sumner-Fredericksburg)   Fall 3:43G13
 G2 Lenz (Sumner-Frericks..)       
 Cameron Beminio (Belmond-Klemme) Fall 2:36   
    Hansen ( Newman Cath..)
 Colton Hansen (Newman Catholic)      Fall 4:30
 G3Hansen ( Newman Catholic)   
 Cade Suhr (Guthrie Center) Fall 1:33G10   
   Hansen ( Newman Cath..)  
 Tom Rief (Missouri Valley)   Dec-10-6
 G4 Rief (Missouri Valley) 
 Darlyn Marquez (West Sioiux-Hawarden) Dec-10-4      G15
    Hansen ( Newman Cath..)
 Drew Finnegan (West Branch)   CHAMPION
 G5Finnegan (West Branch)   Fall 2:45
 Hunter Foubert (Tri-County/Montezuma) Fall 1:49G11 
    Richardson (S. Central Calhoun)
 Rylan Richardson (South Central Calhoun)   Dec-6-5G14
 G6 Richardson (S. Central Calhoun)       
 Eric Heims (Maquoketa Valley-Delhi)TF-1.5 3:51 (20-5)   
   Richardson (SCC)
 Quinton Casteel (Moravia)    Dec-3-2
 G7Meinders (AGWSR)   
 Caleb Meinders (AGWSR) TB-1 5-3G12   
    Naig (Sibley-Oche..)  
 Matt Naig (Sibley-Ocheyedan)   Fall 3:17
 G8 Naig (Sibley-Oche..)       
 Nick Perkins (East Mills) Fall 0:45   
 Josh Roggentien (Iowa Valley) ^^Back To Top
 G16Roggerntien (Iowa Valley) 
  Fall 4:26G20    
 Cameron Beminio (Belmond-Klemme)  Meinders (AGWSR)  
  Meinders (AGWSR) Fall 3:04G24
 Cade Suhr (Guthrie Center)  Finnegan (West Branch)
 G17Marquez (West Sioux) Fall 3:00
 Darlyn Marquez (West Sioiux-Hawarden) Finnegan (West Branch)
   Finnegan (West Branch) Dec-7-1
 Hunter Foubert (Tri-County/Montezuma)      
 G18Heims (Maq. Valley) 
  Fall 3:59G22 
 Eric Heims (Maquoketa Valley-Delhi) Rief (Missouri Valley)
 Rief (Missouri Valley) TF-1.5 4:42 (19-3)G25
 Quinton Casteel (Moravia)  Rief (Missouri Valley)
 G19Casteel (Moravia) Dec-8-5
  Fall 2:38G23 
 Nick Perkins (East Mills) Casteel (Moravia)
  Ihrig (Tipton) Fall 3:38
 Finnegan (West Branch)  
 G26Finnegan (West Branch) 
 Lenz (Sumner-Frericks..)Fall 5:17G28 
 Rief (Missouri Valley) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Rief (Missouri Valley)Score
 Naig (Sibley-Oche..)Dec-7-5  
 Lenz (Sumner-Frericks..)  
 Naig (Sibley-Oche..)5th Place Finisher 
 Meinders (AGWSR)  
 Casteel (Moravia)7th Place Finisher 

14: 285#


 Cole Jensen (Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto) ^^Back To Top
 G1Jensen (Maple Valley) 
 Brian Sadler (Jesup) Dec-9-4G9     
    Jensen (Maple Valley)
 Anthony Ossman (East Mills)   Fall 1:50G13
 G2 Ossman (East Mills)       
 Gabe Hartman (Iowa Valley) Dec-5-1   
    Butcher (MNW)
 Sawyer Hulshizer (Saint Ansgar)      Dec-3-2
 G3Hulshizer (St. Ansgar)   
 Cody Crawford (WACO-Wayland) Fall 1:10G10   
   Butcher (MNW)  
 Lane Ripperger (East Union)   Dec-5-2
 G4 Butcher (MNW) 
 Tim Butcher (Manson Northwest Webster) Fall 1:35      G15
    Brinkman (Regina-IC)
 Kyler Schott (North Linn)   CHAMPION
 G5Schott (North Linn)   Dec 2-1
 Beau Kellenberger (West Lyon-Inwood) UTB 3-2G11 
    Schott (North Linn)
 Will Anthony (Pleasantville)   Fall 1:58G14
 G6 Maher (Riverside-Oakland)       
 Coy Maher (Riverside-Oakland)Fall 5:29   
   Brinkman (Regina-IC)
 Jared Brinkman (Regina-Iowa City)    Dec-5-4
 G7Brinkman (Regina-IC)   
 Michael Young (AGWSR) Fall 3:27G12   
    Brinkman (Regina-IC)  
 Luke Worden (Belmond-Klemme)   Fall 5:30
 G8 Worden (Belmond-Kle..)       
 Dan Jensen (Panorama) Fall 0:18   
 Brian Sadler (Jesup) ^^Back To Top
 G16Sadler (Jesup) 
  Fall 3:06G20    
 Gabe Hartman (Iowa Valley)  Sadler (Jesup)  
  Worden (Belmond-Kle..) Dec-8-4G24
 Cody Crawford (WACO-Wayland)  Sadler (Jesup)
 G17Crawford (WACO) Fall 1:00
 Lane Ripperger (East Union) Crawford (WACO)
   Maher (Riverside-Oakland) Dec-9-2
 Beau Kellenberger (West Lyon-Inwood)      
 G18Anthony (Pleasantville) 
  Fall 2:29G22 
 Will Anthony (Pleasantville) Anthony (Pleasantville)
 Hulshizer (St. Ansgar) Fall 1:50G25
 Michael Young (AGWSR)  Young (AGWSR)
 G19Young (AGWSR) Fall 1:33
  Fall 0:26G23 
 Dan Jensen (Panorama) Young (AGWSR)
  Ossman (East Mills) Fall 1:11
 Sadler (Jesup)  
 G26Sadler (Jesup) 
 Jensen (Maple Valley)Fall 2:12G28 
   Schott (North Linn)
 Young (AGWSR) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Schott (North Linn)Dec-8-2
 Schott (North Linn)Fall 1:10  
 Jensen (Maple Valley)  
 Young (AGWSR)5th Place Finisher 
 Crawford (WACO)  
 Anthony (Pleasantville)7th Place Finisher