Country On The River, that really wasn't on the river the last few years, could be back on the River for 2017.

According to the Prairie du Chien Courier (web), the 2017 Country On The River is looking to go back to it's roots.  The city council planned to consider the request during last night's city council meeting.

The allotted property COTR used this year in Bridgeport, Wisconsin is not big enough for the three-day country music festival. The organizers were able to use more space this year because of a variance, but it is not an option going forward.

COTR organizers are hoping that the idea of the festival returning to downtown Prairie du Chien will excite the city council  when they consider the potential economic boost to the local community.

I vote to move Country On The River, back On The River.  After all, if it was meant to be along the river not Country In The Weeds or something like that?  But hey, that might have brought Willy to town.