Chocolate may be the new break through medicine to cure your colds! Ok maybe not completely cure you, but a new study shows that people who took cough medicine that had cocoa in it saw improvements in their coughing fits compared to those who took regular cough medicine. British doctors are now recommending if you are having a coughing fit to try and drink some milk chocolate rather than cough syrup.

According to the Fox28 article, Professor Morice, whom is the head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies and a founding member of the International Society for the Study of Cough (who knew this existed?), has recently gotten results of a recent study comparing over-the-counter cough medicine to medicine that contains cocoa. In the study, 163 patients found that their symptoms improved within two days when using the cocoa medicine. Researchers reported that an alkaloid in coca is better at suppressing your cough because it is sticky which forms a coating on your nerve endings.

In the end we have learned that chocolate is actually good for you and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong! Check out full article below.