I went to see the Cedar Falls Community Theatre’s performance of “A Christmas Carol,” this past Sunday, December 9th. First off, I have never been into the Oster Regent theater in Cedar Falls and it was actually very beautiful inside with all the old architecture. I felt like I was transported back in time to when theaters were beautifully made and that was the main source of entertainment for people. I felt as though all of the women should have been dressed in grand dresses and the men should be wearing suits and top hats. Yeah, we would all look weird now but it would definitely made it festive.

The show was actually a musical version the original tale of “A Christmas Carol.” If you have never heard of this or seen it, here is a quick plot rundown: Main character is a grumpy old man named Scrooge who hates Christmas and basically all other people. He is very mean to other people and has lost his family and friends due to being work oriented and his best friend/business partner Marley. On Christmas Eve, Marley’s ghost visits him to warn him to change his behavior or else he will end up like him in chains in the afterlife. Then Scrooge is visited by three ghosts of the past, present, and future and they show him his behavior in his life. He realizes how bad he has become and changes his life on Christmas day to help all.

The CFCT did a great job interpreting this and captivating the audience with the set, costumes and really bringing the characters to life. They added some amounts of comedy into it as well to break up the tension. I think the stand out performance was of Marley’s ghost as the actor give the entire audience chills during the confrontation scene. It was an inspiring show for Christmas time and a great performance from all the cast!