The Cedar Falls School District is adding extra time to the daily schedule to make-up class time missed by snow days.

Starting March 25, each school day will be extended by 15-minutes for the remainder of the academic year. The longer days begin immediately after students and staff return from spring break.

Superintendent Andy Pattee announced the schedule change on Wednesday.

The added instruction time means that the student academic day will end at the following times:

High School: 3:10 PM
Junior High Schools: 3:15 PM
Elementary Schools: 4 PM (Wednesdays at 2:05 PM)
Preschool: 2:05 PM

Under the adjusted schedule, June 6 will be the last day for students. The academic year was initially scheduled to end May 29.

According to Pattee, seniors will not have to make-up the six days that district officials added to the end of the school year. They will graduate from Cedar Falls on May 26, as originally scheduled.