Carrie Underwood celebrated another career milestone on Monday (March 1) in Nashville. The singer-songwriter gathered with friends, family and industry insiders at Nashville's the Sutler to honor her recent No. 1 hit "Smoke Break."

Written by Underwood, Chris DeStefano and Hillary Lindsey, "Smoke Break" is the singer's 22nd No. 1 single and the 12th No. 1 song she has had a hand in writing.

Those in attendance at the Sutler enjoyed "Smoke Break" inspired spiked coffee drinks and a healthy spread of vegetable fajitas, fruit tacos, salad, a cheese and meat platter, as well as fried pickles and fried okra.

After receiving several plaques and medallions to celebrate the song," Underwood took to the podium to thank her co-writers and the team that helped push it to the top of the country charts.

"Hillary, I've known you for 11 years now," she told frequent collaborator Hillary Lindsey. "It's a pleasure and it's an honor. I don't know of anybody else that I've consistently written with. We always come up with something awesome. Thank you for 11 years and lots of songs. I look forward to many, many more."

While Underwood hasn't known DeStefano for quite as long, the two have done much writing together, including previous No. 1 hits "Good Girl" and "Something in the Water."

"This team is so easy to be around. Even if we don't come up with a No. 1 smash, I had fun," she added with a smile. "It's nice to be able to write with people who no matter what, you had a good day."

The singer concluded: "I have the best team around me and I'm blessed beyond measure and so thankful for that. I'm so thankful that there are so many people who believe in what we do. We can do all the writing we wanted in the world, but if there's nobody to play it and make sure it gets played than nobody would hear it, nobody would know about it."

Both Lindsey and DeStefano share Underwood's sentiments of friendship and the enjoyment of writing a good song together, and DeStefano shed some light on the writing community in Nashville.

"This is such an unbelievable moment," DeStefano remarked. "I can't put into words how grateful I feel to be a part of this community. I almost want to start using the word family, because it is that. I love the people I get to write with. It's such a blessing to be here."

Even with nearly two dozen chart-topping singles under her belt, Underwood insists the excitement never wavers: "I'm blessed and I'm thankful above all and I'm glad to be here and celebrating another No. 1. It never gets old."

Underwood is currently on the road on her Storyteller Tour.

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