Cam performed her upbeat heartbreak song "Half Broke Heart" Thursday morning (Nov. 9) on Live With Kelly in New York. Written by the country singer with Luke Laird and Tyler Johnson, "Half Broke Heart" discusses the upset that often follows a breakup. Despite her usual sunny exterior, Cam tells it like it is on the song.

"A half truth's still a lie / I need my space is still goodbye / A wrong size shoe could look good on you / But you'll be cussin' your feet at midnight / A half cold beer ain't cold / I'll be back soon is still gone / A half-smoked cigarette's still smoked / And a half broke heart's still broke," she sings in the chorus.

Alongside banjo accompaniment, Cam took the Live With Kelly stage dressed in a black and white knee-length dress with yellow heels as she acted out some of the lines in the song with her band. Impressed with what she heard, host Kelly Ripa was convinced to go to Cam's headlining show at New York's Highline Ballroom later that night.

Cam previously told Taste of Country how each of the 11 songs on her latest album Untamed taught her a lesson.

“Not all of them were fun things to learn,” she says. “I think life gives you lemons and the thing that I’m working on doing is not watering it down, not putting sugar in it. Just drink it straight. The more you can take life head on … it’s gonna make you a better person and then you have nothing left to be afraid of. And what an awesome way to live.”

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