It's gaining a lot of traction. 

There have been plenty of talks of breaking California up into three separate states. But a new online petition started in Fargo has though of combining North and South Dakota into Megadakota. A petition went online this past Sunday and by Monday night, it had already gained more than 2,500 signatures.

Dillian Stewart is the person who started all of this on the petition website. He had one simple reason for combing North and South Dakota, he thinks it would be "pretty cool."

It's understandable why a state like California would break up into three states. The biggest reason being to break up the 55 electoral votes California receives in every election. But just the fact that MegaKota is gaining steam means that this petition could actually get to President Trump's desk.

I personally think 50 is a great number to have for states. A solid round number... who wants 53 states. If I were to make a petition about anything, it would be to get Iowa one more county... 99... really? It's an O.C.D. gut-punch.