A Northeast Iowa man, originally charged in a burglary, faces more charges after he allegedly threatening the life of the Fayette Police Chief.

The incident began with a break-in, late in the evening of March 24th in the city of Fayette.

32 year old Joshua Sargent of Fayette had parked his car at a day care center, across the street from the victim's home. Two male juveniles, 14 and 17 years old, got out of the car and broke into the house, taking a laptop, tv's, a gold retirement watch, and more, while Sargent stayed in his car. The three then hid the items at a friend's house.

The incident was captured on surveillance video at the day care center, and was also witnessed by a neighbor.

Sargent was arrested on Tuesday (March 29th) and charged with burglary, theft, and introducing contraband into a detention facility.

After Sargent was released from jail on Wednesday (March 30th), he is accused of calling the arresting officer, Fayette Police Chief Richard Pisanti, and told him he was on his way over to kill him.

A Fayette County deputy found Sargent walking along Highway 150, a few blocks from jail; he had a cell phone and a knife in his possession.

Sargent was re-arrested on charges of going armed with intent, and harassment 2nd degree. He is currently in the Fayette County jail.

The incidents remain under investigation, and charges against the two juveniles in the burglary, are pending.