It started out as a simple conversation between's Bucky Doren and's Cory Ford, but it quickly escalated into quite a spirited debate. The topic, who was the better driver. From that the "Grudge Nationals" was born.

Debuting January 27, 2016, the Grudge Nationals video series will follow Cory Ford and Bucky Doren as they prepare for and compete in the first ever 'Grudge Nationals' race. The Grudge Nationals racing event ended up being a very heated argument as to who was actually the better driver.

Watch the Grudge Nationals Trailer "Face Off" now...

Rick & Kim Dripps, the owners of 175 Speedway, were more than willing to host this first ever event. Plus dirt track racing legends Corey Dripps and Scott Hogan jumped on board to try and help Bucky & Cory prepare for the challenge.

The Grudge Nationals video series features three episodes, and the first episode entitled "The Practice" goes live on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Episode #2, called "The Practice", will be released the following Wednesday (February 3). The final episode ("The Race"), will be available on Wednesday, February 10.

Even after the checkered flag was waved, the debate still rages on between the two of them. In fact,'s Will Bradley became a part of the debate. The three of them have vowed to beat the other two in several other competitions. They have decided to stage more competitions in a series of competitions they are calling the 'Grudge Series'.

Race fans will not only get to watch the action unfold during the Grudge Nationals, they will also be able to shape the results of the first ever "Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic". The VDTC features the top Iowa drivers competing in a virtual race that is powered by their votes.