Last weekend Brett Eldredge put on his best “Buddy the Elf” costume and started popping up at honky tonks around Nashville, taking the stage where and when he could. No, it doesn’t make perfect sense, but the videos are sort of awesome.

The first video shows a couple singing Eldredge’s hit song “Beat of the Music” karaoke style. Eldredge stands next to them, helping out before assuring them he can take the second verse solo. It appears no one involved — including the videographer — knew that there was a famous country singer seated nearby in Elf regalia. Of course when he started to sing, his cover was blown.

A second video was captured by Nashville musician Chad Bearden at the Stage on Lower Broadway in Nashville. Eldredge sings “Silent Night,” but also played a few originals before signing off, and Facetiming the singer’s daughter, Bearden writes.

“Don’t forget to tip the band,” Eldredge says at the end of this 45-second clip.

Bearden tells Taste of Country that the "Mean To Me" singer regularly joins him on stage during his Saturday night gigs at the Stage, and he knew he would be there on that night. His band played a few of Eldredge's hits (sonically they compliment each other), and sure enough the 29-year-old couldn't resist joining them for "Don't Ya," "Mean To Me" and "Silent Night." After the show, Eldredge and his team called it a night.

As for why Eldredge decided to dress up as an elf and hit the town? That’s not clear. In fact the only explanation may be because he’s Brett Eldredge and he likes to do things like this:

Last week, Eldredge also wrapped up 2015 by performing a private set of Frank Sinatra songs for Music City insiders. He wrapped up his Suits and Boots Tour with Thomas Rhett earlier this year. “Drunk On Your Love” is the current single from his Illinois album.

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