plays all the parts in his "Drunk on Your Love" video.

The singer took his acting skills to the next level by playing the lead and supporting roles in the three-minute clip, which was shot in South Carolina and directed by Joel Robertson. In it, Eldredge acts as the love interest, boyfriend, cop, florist, singer, restaurant chef and taxi driver.

“We wanted a romantic and beautiful place to shoot the music video and that’s why we chose Charleston,” Eldredge says in a press release. “It’s a magical city. The video is a lot of fun and I’m playing multiple versions of me so there were a lot of wardrobe and location changes. My favorite character was playing Officer Brett and I got to arrest my brother and rough him up a little so that was fun. I had to cuff him but for the life of me I could not figure out how to work the handcuffs.”

Eldredge also plays an evil chef who tries to sabotage one of the Bretts who is on a romantic date with a new love interest. Once Boyfriend Brett gets a taste of the hot sauce in his meal and runs out, Chef Brett jumps in to win the girl over. But getting a glimpse of Chef Brett and Singer Brett performing beside her, she is understandably creeped out and runs out of the restaurant to catch a cab, where — you guessed it — Cab Driver Brett is waiting.

No amount of flowers can undo this strange date. Lucky for Eldredge, he has plenty of girls out there who would gladly take her place.

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