Bremer County sheriff's officials have released statistics from a Special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP) they conducted last week in conjunction with the Thanksgiving holiday.

The increased enforcement effort took place from Nov. 20-27, 2016.

During the eight-day period, deputies issued 88 citations and 33 warnings for speeding, 17 warnings for no proof of insurance and 10 warnings for equipment violations. They also issued two warnings for OWI, one for no seat belt and another for improper passing.

Authorities also wrote two citations and one warning for stop sign or stop light violations, seven were issued to motorists driving without a license, two citations and two warnings were issued for improper vehicle registration, one citation and one warning were issued for dark windows, and there was one citation for an open alcohol container.

Deputies also wrote five citations and issued seven warnings for other traffic violations. They also served three arrest warrants.

Additional numbers show that Bremer County deputies also assisted 16 stranded motorists during while the sTEP project was taking place. They also investigated one personal injury traffic accident, nine incidents of property damage and conducted two interdiction/canine searches.

Sheriff's officials report that 97-percent of all front seat occupants were wearing their seat belts, a pre-wave survey indicated. A post-wave survey indicated that seat belt usage had increased slightly to 98-percent.

The Bremer County Sheriff’s Office was awarded a grant from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau (GTSB) for the Special Traffic Enforcement Program. STEP is cooperative effort through the GTSB that allows the sheriff's department to apply for funding for equipment to be used by deputies at minimal charge to local tax-payers.