One of the many jobs that BnB have here at K-98.5 is keeping up with our K-Country listeners via social media. It's a great way to stay connected and plugged into the community. Something we've noticed lately is that the term "social media" has become more like "anti-social media".

People seem to be more and more comfortable with separating themselves into groups and becoming hostile to anyone that don't 100% agree with everything they say or think. Here's an important question, "At what point did we start hating each other because of our differences, instead of liking them for our commonalities"?

Chad Prather is a TV personality and internet star from the great state of Texas. We occasionally like to post his videos because they are often filled with great common sense advice and they always make us smile. laugh and more importantly THINK. Prather address the question we posed above in one of his latest videos.