The Board of Supervisors has declared a State of Emergency for Black Hawk County due to major flooding from the Cedar River.

“With the heavy rains that have been experienced in the entire area and an expected flood crest on the Cedar River on Saturday in both Waterloo and Cedar Falls, we felt it prudent to declare this State of Emergency for all the communities making preparation for expected flooding” said Linda Laylin, Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors Chairperson.

The Board of Supervisors declared the State of Emergency on Friday (Sept. 23, 2016). The declaration is authorized under Iowa State Statute for all communities in Black Hawk County and will execute the expenditure of emergency funds from all available sources, may invoke mutual aid agreements, and request assistance from the State of Iowa.

The flood crests for the Cedar River are expected to be less than 2008, but serious flooding is expected in some areas. Residents and businesses need to be prepared to evacuate in case the predicted crests change.