A Wisconsin bar let Green Bay Packers fans drink for free for an entire game.

The Bavarian Bierhaus (Glendale, Wisconsin) has a gameday special where customers drink free beer until the Packers score.

Unfortunately for the bar (and maybe for its patrons the next morning), the Packers were SHUT OUT by the Ravens this pastSunday, so the free beer was flowing for the entire game. The bar manager told WTMJ-TV that they served approximately 200 people, and that equaled between 275-300 cups of free beer.

However, the brewery is spinning a negative into a positive and continuing the promotion ALL WEEK until the Packers score against the Steelers Sunday night. Pittsburgh has the second-best defense in the NFL...so the Bierhaus could be footing the bill for awhile. [Foodbeast]

On Facebook user posted a comment, "Idiots keep hating on Brett Hundley. He’s your meal ticket, baby!"

Or would that be drink ticket?

Hundley has been playing for injured QB Aaron Rogers, and he has been less than stellar. He's defiantly not helping himself for his next round of contract negotiations, but he will most certainly help the sale of hangover medicine in the Glendale, Wisconsin area.

Anyone in the mood for a road trip this weekend?