Tiffany Kay

Remember the "Baby Shark" song and dance that was sweeping over the nation? I mean how could you forget, it's one of the most annoying songs and dances your kids are doing and you are probably stuck listening to it (Sorry, parents!). Although, it is pretty annoying and most people don't want to hear/see it anymore, I promise you will want to see/hear it one more time with the video below.

Who said the military doesn't have any fun? Well depending on these soldier's definitions of fun, they may not find this so fun but we sure do! A drill sergeant at Fort Gordon, Florida marched his troops to the "Baby Shark" theme song and then posted a video on their Facebook page which is going viral!

Now, I am not sure if this was a "punishment" or just something fun to do... however, I am not so sure that all the soldiers liked their drill sergeant after this but at least we are entertained!