I decided to not cook lunch yesterday, and I went out to eat instead. Apparently a few people thought that had lost my mind while I enjoyed a Big Roast Beef Lunch.

The other day, I shared my thoughts after hearing the news that my coworker and friend Ron Carleton had passing away (read more). One of my favorite moments that Ron and I shared was what we called 'Big Roast Beef Lunch'. We both loved this big roast beef sandwich & curly fries from a fast food joint that was just a few blocks away from where we worked together when the station was on Main Street in Cedar Falls.

We devoured those big roast beef sandwiches at least once a week for what seemed like two years. I'm not saying that we kept that place in business, but it did close shortly after Ron left the radio station.

I decided I needed to try and have a sense of closure of my friend's passing, so I decided yesterday felt like a 'Big Roast Beef Lunch' kind of day. Since the original home of our 'Big Roast Beef Lunch' is now a bank, I found another place that is famous for big roast beef sandwiches, and they even had curly fries.

While standing in line, I decided to order a second sandwich in honor of Ron. I even unwrapped it and placed on the other side of the table. I went about my business.It was a nice trip down memory lane.

As luck would have it, I saw a friend I had not seen for years that stopped by the table. He looked at me. Then he looked at the extra roast beef sandwich and quickly back to me. He asked, "What's going on?" with a hint of concern in his voice.

"Just having some lunch," is all I offered.

Then I noticed a few others staring at me. That's when I realized that they must have thought I was one of those crazy people that decided to finally leave the security of mom's basement.

When he was leaving, I was still eating my sandwich, and the honorary big roast beef sandwich was still sitting on the other side of the table, uneaten, and there still was no one sitting across from me... visible anyway.

From across the dinning area, he looked at the sandwich one more time and then me. "You take care of yourself," he offered with even more concern in his voice.

"You bet," I said laughing to myself. I nodded to let him know I was not crazy. I still think he thought otherwise.