Some of my best memories from my two daughter's growing up, were taking them fishing. The look on their faces when there was a tug on their pole as the bobber submerges into the water, followed by excited screams of "Daddy, look, I caught a fish!" = Priceless.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 5th through the 7th is Iowa's annual free fishing weekend. This weekend only, Iowa residents do not need a fishing license or trout privilege to fish for trout, but all other regulations apply.

The Iowa DNR offers these fishing tips for this summer of COVID-19.

    • Try a new fishing spot — if your regular fishing location is popular and busy, try out a new one where less people are fishing.
    • Once you find your fishing spot, keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and other groups.
    • Stick with your immediate family, but keep groups to fewer than 10 people.
    • Bring lures from home instead of buying bait to minimize your interaction with other people.
    • Bring hand sanitizer and wash your hands often.

For everything from how to catch & release properly to common fishing mistakes, check out the Iowa DNR's "Fishing Tips & How To's". Then take a kid fishing...because before you know it, they're all grown and taking their own catch off the hook...but they still won't touch the worms and bait their own hook. So, I guess they'll always need their Daddy.

Townsquare Media - Shawn McKenna
Townsquare Media - Shawn McKenna
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