As an adult just out of college and in a new state at my first job, I obviously do not know anyone around here other than the people I work with. Besides the freak outs I have had of being on my own, moving to a new state, starting a new job and figuring out what I want in life, one of the hardest things I am learning how to do is make friends.

You may wonder what I mean by this because you would think I have a lot of friends from college, which is true, but that is not what I mean. Think about this, in school no matter what age you are pushed into situations to make friends through sports, classes, clubs and it is so much easier. However, then you enter the real world and it leads to the question of how do you make friends? You are taught as a child to not talk to strangers but that is basically what it takes to make friends and learn to trust people.

Thinking about this, I have an alternative way to make friends. Have your flight delayed and cancelled in a strange city and then make friends with the people going on the same flight as you and going to the same hotel as you. This happened to me! My flight got cancelled and a girl on the same flight as me ended up going to the same hotel and was on the same flight the next day and I found out she lives close to me. We hit it off really well hashing out our frustrations of flying and honestly just having someone to fly with rather than being alone was what really brought us together. We are now good friends still.

Although, sometimes an inconvenient way, airports can definitely lead to interesting experiences and friendships. I mean honestly we all like to complain about something and what better thing than flying? I endorse making friends at airports, but can’t say anything about finding love in an airport like all those Hallmark movies. Maybe I am going to the wrong airports? Hallmark needs to let us all know what we are doing wrong.