Summer is finally coming and that's the time to do all the things on your bucket list that the snow was keeping you from doing (stupid snow)! I am sure some of those things include going to the pool, laying out and tanning.... basically just spending a lot of time outside. But, if you are into traveling like I am and want to know where to go, well keep reading!

There really is no need to break the bank and travel internationally when there is so much to do right here! A recent survey asked Americans what were the top things on their travel bucket list in the U.S. Here are the Top 15 places to travel to and what to do once there in the U.S.:

1.  See the Grand Canyon, 36%.

2.  Visit Yellowstone National Park, 35%.

3.  See Niagara Falls.  The American side. 34%.

4.  Go to Las Vegas, 31%.

5.  See Mount Rushmore, 27%.

6.  Go to Redwood National Park, 27%.

7.  Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, 26%.

8.  Drive the Pacific Coast Highway, 25%.

9.  See the fall leaves in New England, 22%.

10.  Drive from Miami to Key West, 22%.

11.  See Cape Cod, 22%.

12.  See a Broadway show in New York City, 21%.

13.  Walk along Venice Beach and the Santa Monica pier, 21%.

14.  Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, 21%.

15.  Eat a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, 20%.