How much would you pay to put a roof over your pet’s heads? I don’t think anyone would pay as much as this guy from San Jose, California. 43-year-old Troy Good had come across a problem when he decided to move to his new apartment but could not keep his daughter’s two cats as they were not allowed to be in the apartment.

So, what did he do? Good rented a studio apartment in Silicon Valley for $1500 a month… just for the cats!!! Talk about going overboard to accommodate your pets. Instead of moving into this apartment with the cats, Good is living in the apartment he rented before the cats became and issue and giving the cats the expensive $1500 a month apartment.

I get loving your pets like they are children but there is no way I would pay this much for two cats to live in… well I am allergic to cats, so maybe I would think about it but not for that much money. Would you pay this much for a “pet” apartment?

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