It is officially December which means it is officially time to watch 25 days of Christmas movies! Now if you are tired of the same old movies that Freeform runs and you just cannot stand the thought of watching another Hallmark movie with same plot and ending happily ever after, I have a solution for you! Throw the holiday season back to the 90’s! That’s right, watch some of the old christmas movies, and no I don’t mean all of the typical classic movies you think of, I mean the movies you probably forgot about from the 90’s but once you see them again you will wonder how you could forget about it?!


Here is my list of my 90’s christmas movies that you probably forgot about but will definitely want to watch this season!



  • Frosty’s Return: Start off your marathon by reconnecting with your inner-child with actually a pretty good sequel to the classic cartoon. Honestly, after watching this, I always wished I had a talking snowman as my best friend.
  • Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas: I still watch this every year! Literally all of my favorite disney characters basically explaining how Christmas happens in all extended families.
  • To Grandmother’s House We Go: If you have some nostalgia seeing this title because you know it stars the Olsen twins when they were younger, then you know you want to go watch this to relive the good old days of the two kind but mischievous girls. Just don’t compare them to the twins now as your reality will be ruined.
  • Richie Rich’s Christmas: Teaching all of us the real meaning of Christmas and also made every kid want a robot for Christmas… I am sure our parents were not very happy for that but this movie was so beyond its years.
  • I’ll Be Home For Christmas: Finally, end your night in front of the fire with the 90’s teen heartthrob, Jonathan Taylor Thomas or JTT as you may have cooed. Not only is the star every 90’s girl dream boyfriend but the movie has so much comedy it is great for a full belly laugh!



Hopefully these suggestions help get you out of the rut of same old Christmas movies but if you do not like any of these suggestions, well don’t hurt my feelings and tell me, but check out the Bustle article for more suggestions!