According to the American Psychological Association, 40% to 50% of all marriages end in divorce in the United States. Marriage is hard work, and some would say, it's like a second job. But if you're willing to put in the effort, the rewards are worth it.

Wedding season is almost here, so we thought we'd help prepare the soon to be bride and grooms with a list of 8 conversations you should have BEFORE you head down the isle, courtesy of

Ingram Publishing

 1. Money - What's your view on money? How do you spend disposable income? Does one person make more than the other? Will you share expenses or have separate bills and separate accounts? What are your financial goals? All of these questions are important to know in order to avoid future arguments.


2. Sex -  Like it or not, it's an important component of a relationship. did you talk about it in your household growing up or was it taboo? Does religion play a part in intimacy? do you both feel comfortable and safe talking about your needs with each other? Does either of you feel offended by expressing what they want or expect? does either of you feel threatened?



3. Extended Family - What are the differences in your family or origin? Do your families get along? Are the big are the differences? How similar? What are your family traditions and will they conflict with yours, especially around the holidays?


4. Values - How different are your values and how important are they to you? Honesty? Integrity? Family? Work? Religion? Lifestyle? Are you on the same page or do you argue about them now? If you argue about them now, can they be worked out?



5. Lifestyle - Is one person social and the other a couch potato? What do you like to do on your spare time? What about your use of social media? What are the boundaries? What are your expectations regarding time together vs. time apart?


6. Communication Styles - Do you lean in towards conflict or go running for the hill to avoid it? Problems with communication is the number one complaint expressed by couples.



7. Work Demands - How important is your work to you? Are you able to balance both work and home demands? Does your partner understand and support your work, especially if it's overly demanding on your time?


8. Children - Do you want children? How many? What are your parenting styles? How will you reconcile the differences in how you were raised and how you wish to parent if this exsts? Who will stay home if the child gets sick? How will you keep your marriage alive after children come into the picture?