Spring is right around the corner and the apprehension of being able to fit into last years summer clothes is starting to set in. Let's face it, maintaining a healthy weight in the winter can be pretty tough, especially with all of the holiday eating.

If you are one of those people looking to get back on track, the number one thing you can do is start eating healthy. Here are six ways to help you make healthier choices.

1. Put healthy foods on the middle shelf. Studies have found you're more likely to choose something that's on the middle shelf.

2. Don't keep water in the fridge. That way your won't go to get water and see something tempting in the fridge. Think about buying a water cooler instead.


Dave King


3. Put unhealthy snack in containers that aren't see-through. If you don't see it when you open the fridge, you're less likely to eat it.



4. Prep healthy snacks beforehand. It's super easy to wash and cut up healthy food like raw veggies or fruit, then put healthy portions in individual baggies you can grab out of the fridge.

Refrigerator interior


5. Don't pack your fridge full of food. If it's so jam-packed you can't find anything, you'll end up going to your cupboard where the REAL junk food is. Avoid stacking thing and leave half an inch between them.



6. Tape your grocery receipt to the door. Sometimes you end up forgetting you have healthy options in there. The receipt is an easy way of giving you a list of the healthy items you bought that are in the fridge.