Some people work really hard to make sure that they leave their children something worth money when they pass BUT speaking from experience, it's the memories you leave behind that are the most precious treasures.

Here are six suggested "Treasures" you should consider saving for your kids.

1. Something With A Date - Save a ticket stub from a sporting event, concert or maybe even a festival that you attended with your kid.

2. Old Picture Of Yourself - Your kids will get a kick out of running across an old picture of you. Think about saving an old drivers license, passport or high school photo. Don't forget to write on the backs of all your photos so they get the story behind the picture. Who? When? What? Where? Etc.


3. Hard Copy Baby Photos Of Your Kids - Meaning don't just keep digital copies of everything. Technology is changing rapidly. Who knows if you'll be able to transfer or pull up photos from certain computers or phones a few years from now? Print hard copies.

4. Something Sentimental - Treasure is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. Think about passing on something with an interesting story connected to it. For example, an old tool that your grandfather hand made or a quilt made from your great grandmother's dresses.

5. Their First Pets Name Tag - A child's first pet always has a special place in their heart.

6. A Copy Of A Special Recipe - There's always that one special dish or baked good that's put up on a pedestal in every family. Make copies of the "secret recipe" and pass it on.