As a kid I remember asking for a new book, board games, dance clothes, or movies for Christmas. Some of these things are still asked for today during Christmas, but the most common gifts being asked for have to do with technology. According to a new gift-giving survey, the top gifts being asked for by kids include laptops, phones and clothes.

The most asked for item are computer games which I am not surprised about as kids do not know how to play outside anymore but would rather be on the computer all day. I am not surprised by the items on the list but I have to say I feel bad for parents of today. It is way more expensive for them to get gifts for their kids than it was when I was little or even people before me. Technology is great, until you have to pay for it!

If you are still at a loss on what to get your kid for Christmas, if they haven’t told you what they want already, check out the top 20 Christmas gifts of 2018 below.

Happy Shopping!