The Class 3A 2016 Iowa High School Wrestling State Tournament runs February 18-20 at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

Thursday, February 18 is the opening day. Friday feature the quarterfinal and semifinal matches. On Saturday morning, the wrestleback matches will take place to determine third through eighth place. The championship matches are scheduled for Saturday night.

Class 3A action for Thursday is complete.

Class 3A action for Friday is complete.

Saturday morning's Placement Matches are complete. Championship matches are set for 6:00 PM tonight.

Results Saturday night will be posted on the page above.
The brackets below will not be updated until the end of the night.

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1: 106#


 Kobey Pritchard (Indianola) ^^Back To Top
 G1Pritchard (Indianola) 
 Jacob Close (Epworth-Western Dub.) TF-1.5 3:07 (16-1)G9     
    Pritchard (Indianola)
 Dayne Cordray (Fort Madison)   Fall 2:34G13
 G2 Humpal (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.)       
 Anthony Humpal (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.) Dec-5-1   
    Oldham (Valley-WDM)
 Isaac Larkin (Clinton)      Fall 2:34
 G3Oldham (Valley-WDM)   
 Nick Oldham (Valley-WDM) TF-1.5 6:00 (16-0)G10   
   Oldham (Valley-WDM)  
 Conrad Braswell (Prairie-CR)   Dec-6-4
 G4 Braswell (Prairie-CR) 
 Milton Duarte (Storm Lake) TF-1.5 5:01 (18-2)      G15
    Biscoglia (Waukee)
 Dillon Gottschalk (Dub.-Hempstead)   CHAMPION
 G5Gottschalk (Dub.-Humpstead)   MD 9-1
 Nate Kahoe (Des Moines-Lincoln) MD 11-1G11 
    Whitaker (Lewis Central)
 Paxton Whiteaker (Lewis Central)   Dec-7-6G14
 G6 Whitaker (Lewis Central)       
 Hans vonRabenau (Iowa City-West)Score   
   Biscoglia (Waukee)
 Kyle Biscoglia (Waukee)    MD 11-1
 G7Biscoglia (Waukee)   
 Riley Thomas (North Scott) MD 18-4G12   
    Biscoglia (Waukee)  
 Drew Bennett (Fort Dodge)   TB-2 6-5-
 G8 Bennett (Fort Dodge)       
 Dylan Albrecht (Waverly-Shell Rock) Score   
 Jacob Close (Epworth-Western Dub.) ^^Back To Top
 G16Close (EWD) 
  Fall 1:23G20    
 Dayne Cordray (Fort Madison)  Bennett (Fort Dodge)  
  Bennett (Fort Dodge) TF-1.5 5:03 (19-3)G24
 Isaac Larkin (Clinton)  Bennett (Fort Dodge)
 G17Larkin (Clinton) Fall 3:09
  Fall 1:48G21 
 Milton Duarte (Storm Lake) Gottschalk (Dub.-Humpstead)
   Gottschalk (Dub.-Humpstead) Dec-6-3
 Nate Kahoe (Des Moines-Lincoln)      
 G18Kahoe (DSM-Lincoln) 
  Fall 4:51G22 
 Hans vonRabenau (Iowa City-West) Braswell (Prairie-CR)
 Braswell (Prairie-CR) TF-1.5 2:54 (17-2)G25
 Riley Thomas (North Scott)  Braswell (Prairie-CR)
 G19Thomas (North Scott) Dec-5-0
 Dylan Albrecht (Waverly-Shell Rock) Thomas (North Scott)
  Humpal (CBTJ) Dec-5-2
 Bennett (Fort Dodge)  
 G26Bennett (Fort Dodge) 
 Pritchard (Indianola)Dec-13-8G28 
   Bennett (Fort Dodge)
 Braswell (Prairie-CR) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Braswell (Prairie-CR)Fall 1:08
 Whitaker (Lewis Central)Dec-8-5  
 Pritchard (Indianola)  
 G29Pritchard (Indianola) 
 Whitaker (Lewis Central)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 5:10 
 Gottschalk (Dub.-Humpstead  
 G30Gottschalk (Dub.-Humpstead 
 Thomas (North Scott)7th Place Finisher 
  MD 15-2 

2: 113#


 Jacob Schipper (North Scott) ^^Back To Top
 G1Schipper (North Scott) 
 Derick Wyatt (Waverly-Shell Rock) MD 9-1G9     
    Schipper (North Scott)
 Josh Diehl (Oskaloosa)   Dec-12-6G13
 G2 Orozco (Dowling Catholic-WDM)       
 Sergio Orozco (Dowling Catholic-WDM) MD 15-3   
    Teske (Fort Dodge)
 Brody Teske (Fort Dodge)      TF-1.5 5:10 (25-8)
 G3Teske (Fort Dodge)   
 Joe Pins (Dub.-Hempstead) Fall 5:12G10   
   Teske (Fort Dodge)  
 Gauge Perrien (SE Polk)   MD 11-2
 G4 Perrien (SE Polk) 
 Brady Hodgins (Sioux City-North) Fall 3:39      G15
    Teske (Fort Dodge)
 Marcus England (Prairie-CR)   CHAMPION
 G5England (Prairie-CR)   Dec 9-2
 Kyle Guilliams (Clinton) Fall 1:16G11 
    Runyon (Indianola)
 Lance Runyon (Indianola)   Dec-7-0G14
 G6 Runyon (Indianola)       
 Jacob Powers (Iowa City-City)Fall 2:47   
   Midkiff (CBTJ)
 Joseph Sibomana (CR-Jefferson)    Dec-2-0
 G7Sibomana (CR-Jefferson)   
 Cade Hopkins (Spencer) Fall 1:37G12   
    Midkiff (CBTJ)  
 McGwire Midkiff (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.)   MD 12-3
 G8 Midkiff (CBTJ)       
 Hunter Versteegh (Newton) DEC-9-3   
 Derick Wyatt (Waverly-Shell Rock) ^^Back To Top
 G16Wyatt (WSR) 
 Josh Diehl (Oskaloosa)  Sibomana (CR-Jefferson)  
  Sibomana (CR-Jefferson) Dec-7-0G24
 Joe Pins (Dub.-Hempstead)  Sibomana (CR-Jefferson)
 G17Pins (Dub.-Hempstead) Dec-7-2
  TF-1.5 4:22 (18-2)G21 
 Brady Hodgins (Sioux City-North) England (Prairie-CR)
   England (Prairie-CR) MD 10-0
 Kyle Guilliams (Clinton)      
 G18Powers (IC-City) 
 Jacob Powers (Iowa City-City) Perrien (SE Polk)
 Perrien (SE Polk) MD 11-1G25
 Cade Hopkins (Spencer)  Perrien (SE Polk)
 G19Versteegh (Newton) MD 11-1
  Fall 0:16G23 
 Hunter Versteegh (Newton) Versteegh (Newton)
  Orozco (Dowling Catholic) Dec-4-2
 Sibomana (CR-Jefferson)  
 G26Schipper (North Scott) 
 Schipper (North Scott)Fall 0:49G28 
   Perrien (SE Polk)
 Perrien (SE Polk) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Perrien (SE Polk)Dec-8-7
 Runyon (Indianola)Dec-6-3  
 Sibomana (CR-Jefferson)  
 G29Runyon (Indianola) 
 Runyon (Indianola)5th Place Finisher 
 England (Prairie-CR)  
 G30England (Prairie-CR) 
 Versteegh (Newton)7th Place Finisher 

3: 120#


 Harlan Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) ^^Back To Top
 G1Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) 
 Bryson Hervol (Waverly-Shell Rock) MD 12-0G9     
    Steffensmeier (Fort Madison)
 Brandon Wieland (Lewis Central)   Fall 2:44G13
 G2 Jordan Des Moines East)       
 Matthew Jordan (Des Moines-East) Dec-13-8   
    Wagner (Bettendorf)
 Jack Wagner (Bettendorf)      MD 14-5
 G3Wagner (Bettendorf)   
 Chris Shima (Storm Lake) TF-1.5 2:26 (19-2)G10   
   Wagner (Bettendorf)  
 Brenden Baker (CR-Jefferson)   TF-1.5 5:45 (23-8)
 G4 Allison (Waukee) 
 Jakob Allison (Waukee) Dec-10-6      G15
    Wagner (Bettendorf)
 Keegan Schultschik (Xavier-CR)   CHAMPION
 G5Clark (Ottumwa)   Dec 8-5
 Alec Clark (Ottumwa) Fall 1:29G11 
    Price (Johnston)
 Zach Price (Johnston)   Dec-10-5G14
 G6 Price (Johnston)       
 Jackson Sharp (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.)TF-1.5 4:07 (18-3)   
    Brown (SE Polk)
 Damond Lockner (Fort Dodge)    Dec-5-2
 G7Lockner (Fort Dodge)   
 Mayson Shannon (North Scott) Dec-7-1G12   
     Brown (SE Polk)  
 Adam Brown (SE Polk)   Dec-6-0
 G8  Brown (SE Polk)       
 Bradan Birt (Epworth-Western Dub.) MD 9-0   
 Bryson Hervol (Waverly-Shell Rock) ^^Back To Top
 G16Wieland (Lewis Central) 
  TB-1 9-6G20    
 Brandon Wieland (Lewis Central)  Lockner (Fort Dodge)  
  Lockner (Fort Dodge) TF-1.5 5:28 (18-1)G24
 Chris Shima (Storm Lake)  Baker (CR-Jefferson)
 G17Baker (CR-Jefferson) Dec-2-1
  Fall 1:33G21 
 Brenden Baker (CR-Jefferson) Baker (CR-Jefferson)
   Clark (Ottumwa) Dec-12-7
 Keegan Schultschik (Xavier-CR)      
 G18Schultschik (Xavier-CR) 
  MD 18-4G22 
 Jackson Sharp (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.) Allison (Waukee)
 Allison (Waukee) TF-1.5 3:27 (18-2)G25
 Mayson Shannon (North Scott)  Jordan (Des Moines East)
 G19Shannon (North Scott) Dec-5-4
 Bradan Birt (Epworth-Western Dub.) Jordan (Des Moines East)
  Jordan (Des Moines East) Dec-4-2
 Baker (CR-Jefferson)  
 G26Baker (CR-Jefferson) 
 Steffensmeier (Fort Madison)Dec-5-3G28 
   Baker (CR-Jefferson)
 Jordan (Des Moines East) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Price (Johnston)Dec-7-6
 Price (Johnston)MD 8-0  
 Steffensmeier (Fort Madison)  
 G29Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) 
 Jordan (Des Moines East)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 5:21 
 Lockner (Fort Dodge)  
 G30Allison (Waukee) 
 Allison (Waukee)7th Place Finisher 

4: 126#


 Nolan Hromidko (CR-Kennedy) ^^Back To Top
 G1Hromodko (CR-Kennedy) 
 Gabriel Kjeldgaard (Lewis Central) MD 9-0G9     
    Lendt (SE Polk)
 Nathan Lendt (SE Polk)   Dec-6-2G13
 G2 Lendt (SE Polk)       
 Tyler Menegay (Ankeny) Dec-6-1   
    Lendt (SE Polk)
 Jake Watters (Dowling Catholic-WDM)      TF-1.5 3:51 (20-5)
 G3Watters (Dowling Catholic)   
 Jacob Watters (Cedar Falls) MD 9-1G10   
   Watters (Dowling Catholic)  
 Matt Robertson (Pleasant Valley)   Dec-7-1
 G4 Robertson (Pleasant Valley) 
 Johnathon Morales (Ottumwa) Dec-4-0      G15
    Lara (Fort Dodge)
 Donny Allaway (LeMars)   CHAMPION
 G5Foreman (CR-Washington)   Dec 9-3
 Will Foreman (CR-Washington) Dec-4-3G11 
    Lara (Fort Dodge)
 Triston Lara (Fort Dodge)   Dec-4-0G14
 G6 Lara (Fort Dodge)       
 Bryce Murano (Dallas Center-Grimes)Fall 2:20   
   Lara (Fort Dodge)
 Trenten Wennermark (Prairie-CR)    MD 12-3
 G7Pohlmeyer (Johnston)   
 Elliott Pohlmeyer (Johnston) Dec-10-8G12   
    O'Shea (Keokuk)  
 Brant O`Shea (Keokuk)   MD 11-2
 G8 O'Shea (Keokuk)       
 Collin Lewis (North Scott) Dec-5-1   
 Gabriel Kjeldgaard (Lewis Central) ^^Back To Top
 G16Kjeldgaard (Lewis Central) 
 Tyler Menegay (Ankeny)  Kjeldgaard (Lewis Central)  
  Pohlmeyer (Johnston) Dec-3-2G24
 Jacob Watters (Cedar Falls)  Foreman (CR-Washington)
 G17Watters (Cedar Falls) Dec-3-2
 Johnathon Morales (Ottumwa) Foreman (CR-Washington)
   Foreman (CR-Washington) Fall 3:40
 Donny Allaway (LeMars)      
 G18Murano (DCG) 
  Fall 5:33G22 
 Bryce Murano (Dallas Center-Grimes) Robertson (PV)
 Robertson (Pleasant Valley) MD 10-2G25
 Trenten Wennermark (Prairie-CR)  Hromodko (CR-Kennedy)
 G19Lewis North Scott) Dec-7-3
 Collin Lewis (North Scott) Hromodko (CR-Kennedy)
  Hromodko (CR-Kennedy) Fall 3:23
 Foreman (CR-Washington)  
 G26Watters (Dowling Catholic) 
 Watters (Dowling Catholic)Dec-9-4G28 
   Hromodko (CR-Kennedy)
 Hromodko (CR-Kennedy) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Hromodko (CR-Kennedy)Fall 5:47
 O'Shea (Keokuk)MD 11-2  
 Foreman (CR-Washington)  
 G29O'Shea (Keokuk) 
 O'Shea (Keokuk)5th Place Finisher 
 Kjeldgaard (Lewis Central)  
 G30Robertson (PV) 
 Robertson (PV)7th Place Finisher 

5: 132#


 Jacob Jones (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.) ^^Back To Top
 G1Dirkx (Carroll) 
 James Dirkx (Carroll) Fall 2:59G9     
    Uthoff (Prairie-CR)
 Sam Uthoff (Prairie-CR)   Fall 1:22G13
 G2 Uthoff (Prairie-CR)       
 Elijah Demmer (Epworth-Western Dub.) Fall 3:09   
    Stotts (Valley-WDM)
 Will Jefferson (Bettendorf)      Dec-10-5
 G3Howard (Indianola)   
 Joe Howard (Indianola) Dec-6-1G10   
   Stotts (Valley-WDM)  
 Grant Stotts (Valley-WDM)   MD 11-3
 G4 Stotts (Valley-WDM) 
 Drew Sams (Oskaloosa) Dec-3-2      G15
    Stotts (Valley-WDM)
 Keenan Cook (Fort Dodge)   CHAMPION
 G5Cook (Fort Dodge)   Dec 3-2
 Kyle Kuckta (Lewis Central) MD 16-8G11 
    Yant (Waverly-Shell Rock)
 Nathan Feldman (Dub.-Hempstead)   Dec-10-3G14
 G6 Yant (Waverly-Shell Rock)       
 Austin Yant (Waverly-Shell Rock)MD 8-0   
   Yant (WSR)
 Ethan Ksiazek (Johnston)    Dec-5-3
 G7Ksiazek (Johnston)   
 Mikey Wheeler (North Scott) Fall 4:51G12   
    Mulder (DCG)  
 Camiran Sadeghi (Keokuk)   Dec-8-3
 G8 Mulder (DCG)       
 Zane Mulder (Dallas Center-Grimes) Fall 5:02   
 Jacob Jones (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.) ^^Back To Top
 G16Jones (CBTJ) 
 Elijah Demmer (Epworth-Western Dub.)  Ksiazek (Johnston)  
  Ksiazek (Johnston) Dec-9-3G24
 Will Jefferson (Bettendorf)  Ksiazek (Johnston)
 G17Sams (Oskaloosa) Dec-4-1
  MD 10-1G21 
 Drew Sams (Oskaloosa) Sams (Oskaloosa)
   Cook (Fort Dodge) UTB 1-0
 Kyle Kuckta (Lewis Central)      
 G18Feldman (Dub.-Hemstead) 
  MD 11-2G22 
 Nathan Feldman (Dub.-Hempstead) Howard (Indianola)
 Howard (Indianola) Dec-3-0G25
 Mikey Wheeler (North Scott)  Howard (Indianola)
 G19Sadeghi (Keokuk) SV-1 4-2
  Fall 2:46G23 
 Camiran Sadeghi (Keokuk) Sadeghi (Keokuk)
  Dirkx (Carroll) Dec-4-3
 Ksiazek (Johnston)  
 G26Ksiazek (Johnston) 
 Uthoff (Prairie-CR)Dec-10-6G28 
   Mulder (DCG)
 Howard (Indianola) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Mulder (DCG)Dec-7-2
 Mulder (DCG)MD 9-0  
 Uthoff (Prairie-CR)  
 G29Uthoff (Prairie-CR) 
 Howard (Indianola)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 0:46 
 Sams (Oskaloosa)  
 G30Sams (Oskaloosa) 
 Sadeghi (Keokuk)7th Place Finisher 
  M. For. 

6: 138#


 Zach Barnes (SE Polk) ^^Back To Top
 G1Barnes (SE Polk) 
 Reese Hageman (Marshalltown) MD 14-3G9     
    Brands (Iowa City-West)
 Nelson Brands (Iowa City-West)   Dec-9-3G13
 G2 Brands (Iowa City-West)       
 Dain Gansen (Epworth-Western Dub.) Dec-11-4   
    Brands (Iowa City-West)
 Lanny Herzog (Council Bluffs-Abe Lincoln)      Fall 1:33
 G3Chapman (Clinton)   
 Jess Chapman (Clinton) Fall 3:07G10   
   Graham (Johnston)  
 Nick Graham (Johnston)   Dec-8-6
 G4 Graham (Johnston) 
 Cole Detmering (Fort Dodge) Fall 2:49      G15
    Brands (Iowa City-West)
 Clint Lembeck (Xavier-CR)   CHAMPION
 G5Lembeck (Xavier-CR)   Dec 6-5
 Noah Carr (Valley-WDM) TF-1.5 4:50 (21-4)G11 
    Lembeck (Xavier-CR)
 Alex Streicher (Linn-Mar)   Dec-12-5G14
 G6 Streicher (Linn-Mar)       
 Collin McConnell (Ottumwa)Dec-8-5   
   Lembeck (Xavier-CR)
 Jackson Gallagher (Bettendorf)    SV-1 3-1
 G7Gallagher (Bettendorf)   
 Eric Steele (Sioux City-East) Fall 2:35G12   
    Gallagher (Bettendorf)  
 Mason Hulse (Boone)   Dec-8-3
 G8 Hulse (Boone)       
 Jace Williams (Ankeny Centennial) Dec-6-4   
 Reese Hageman (Marshalltown) ^^Back To Top
 G16Gansen (EWD) 
 Dain Gansen (Epworth-Western Dub.)  Gansen (EWD)  
  Hulse (Boone) Dec-7-5G24
 Lanny Herzog (Council Bluffs-Abe Lincoln)  Streicher (Linn-Mar)
 G17Detmering (Fort Dodge) Dec-3-1
  Fall 2:51G21 
 Cole Detmering (Fort Dodge) Streicher (Linn-Mar)
   Streicher (Linn-Mar) Dec-8-4
 Noah Carr (Valley-WDM)      
 G18Carr (Valley-WDM) 
  SV-1 7-3G22 
 Collin McConnell (Ottumwa) Carr (Valley-WDM)
 Chapman (Clinton) Dec-13-7G25
 Eric Steele (Sioux City-East)  Barnes (SE Polk)
 G19Williams (Ankeny Centennial) Fall 1:54
 Jace Williams (Ankeny Centennial) Barnes (SE Polk)
  Barnes (SE Polk) Fall 2:59
 Streicher (Linn-Mar)  
 G26Streicher (Linn-Mar) 
 Graham (Johnston)Dec-10-4G28 
   Barnes (SE Polk)
 Barnes (SE Polk) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Barnes (SE Polk)Dec-10-5
 Gallagher (Bettendorf)Dec-3-1  
 Graham (Johnston)  
 G29Gallagher (Bettendorf) 
 Gallagher (Bettendorf)5th Place Finisher 
 Gansen (EWD)  
 G30Carr (Valley-WDM) 
 Carr (Valley-WDM)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 4:30 

7: 145#


 Cayd Lara (Fort Dodge) ^^Back To Top
 G1Lara (Fort Dodge) 
 Justus Skinner (Ottumwa) Fall 2:42G9     
    Zachary (Dowling Catholic)
 Michael Zachary (Dowling Catholic-WDM)   TF-1.5 4:38 (21-6)G13
 G2 Zachary (Dowling Catholic)       
 Brock Parker (Waukee) Fall 1:10   
    Zachary (Dowling Catholic)
 Caleb Kingery (Lewis Central)      Dec-10-4
 G3Woodyard (WSR)   
 Dalton Woodyard (Waverly-Shell Rock) Dec-6-5G10   
   Nevills (Pleasant Valley)  
 Spencer Nevills (Pleasant Valley)   TF-1.5 5:33 (15-0)
 G4 Nevills (Pleasant Valley) 
 Johnny Clymer (Linn-Mar) Dec-7-1      G15
    Zachary (Dowling Catholic)
 Colten Mertens (Mount Pleasant)   CHAMPION
 G5Mertens (Mt. Pleasant)   TF-1.5 4:35 (20-5)
 Sam Kastle (Carroll) Dec-7-1G11 
    Mertens (Mt. Pleasant)
 Joel Shapiro (Valley-WDM)   Dec-11-5G14
 G6 Ksiazek (Johnston)       
 Alec Ksiazek (Johnston)Dec-7-6   
   Mertens (Mt. Pleasant)
 Josh Gerke (Xavier-CR)    Dec-5-3
 G7Gerke (Xavier-CR)   
 Dom Strawn (Sioux City-West) Fall 2:18G12   
    Gerke (Xavier-CR)  
 Alex Ward (Dub.-Hempstead)   Dec-5-4
 G8 Ward (Dub.-Hempstead)       
 John Behrens (Davenport-West) Dec-8-3   
 Justus Skinner (Ottumwa) ^^Back To Top
 G16Parker (Waukee) 
 Brock Parker (Waukee)  Ward (Dub.-Hempstead)  
  Ward (Dub.-Hempstead) Dec-7-3G24
 Caleb Kingery (Lewis Central)  Ward (Dub.-Hempstead)
 G17Clymer (Linn-Mar) TB-2 8-7
  Fall 3:04G21 
 Johnny Clymer (Linn-Mar) Clymer (Linn-Mar)
   Ksiazek (Johnston) Dec-7-2
 Sam Kastle (Carroll)      
 G18Sharpiro (Valley-WDM) 
 Joel Shapiro (Valley-WDM) Sharpiro (Valley-WDM)
 Woodyard (WSR) Dec-7-2G25
 Dom Strawn (Sioux City-West)  Sharpiro (Valley-WDM)
 G19Beherns (Davenport-West) Dec-3-0
  Fall 3:06G23 
 John Behrens (Davenport-West) Lara (Fort Dodge)
  Lara (Fort Dodge) MD 13-4
 Ward (Dub.-Hempstead)  
 G26Nevills (Pleasant Valley) 
 Nevills (Pleasant Valley)MD 17-3G28 
   Sharpiro (Valley-WDM)
 Sharpiro (Valley-WDM) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Sharpiro (Valley-WDM)Dec-3-2
 Gerke (Xavier-CR)Dec-5-0  
 Ward (Dub.-Hempstead)  
 G29Gerke (Xavier-CR) 
 Gerke (Xavier-CR)5th Place Finisher 
 Clymer (Linn-Mar)  
 G30Clymer (Linn-Mar) 
 Lara (Fort Dodge)7th Place Finisher 
  MD 13-4 

8: 152#


 Alec Helmkamp (Ankeny Centennial) ^^Back To Top
 G1Rodriguez (CR-Kennedy) 
 Rodriguez (CR-Kennedy) Fall 4:47G9     
    Rodriguez (CR-Kennedy)
 Nic Jarvis (Iowa City-City)   Dec-14-7G13
 G2 Jarvis (Iowa City-City)       
 Mac Southard (Lewis Central) SV-1 3-1   
    Rodriguez (CR-Kennedy)
 Christian Foote (Pleasant Valley)      MD 12-2
 G3Foote Pleasant Valley)   
 Joe Nicholson (Valley-WDM) Dec-4-0G10   
   Foote Pleasant Valley)  
 Zack Wagenhoffer (Waverly-Shell Rock)   MD 14-4
 G4 Wagenhoffer (WSR) 
 Justus Robeson (Ames) Fall 2:23      G15
    Clingenpeel (CBTJ)
 Kyle Briggs (CR-Jefferson)   CHAMPION
 G5Briggs (CR-Jefferson)   Dec 8-2
 Shawn Brown (Des Moines-Lincoln) MD-16-7G11 
    Clingenpeel (CBTJ)
 Colton Clingenpeel (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.)   Dec-3-0G14
 G6 Clingenpeel (CBTJ)       
 Wyatt Schlotter (Ottumwa)Fall 3:42   
   Clingenpeel (CBTJ)
 Solomon Jones (SE Polk)    MD 12-1
 G7Jones (SE Polk)   
 Clem Butler (Clinton) Fall 3:52G12   
    Jones (SE Polk)  
 Eric Bruening (Carroll)   De-2-0
 G8 Hood (Prairie-CR)       
 Morgan Hood (Prairie-CR) MD 11-0   
 Alec Helmkamp (Ankeny Centennial) ^^Back To Top
 G16Helmkamp (Ankeny Cent.) 
 Max  Helmkamp (Ankeny Cent.)  
  Hood (Prairie-CR) Dec-10-4G24
 Joe Nicholson (Valley-WDM)  Briggs (CR-Jefferson)
 G17Nicholson (Valley-WDM) Fall 3:10
  MD 12-3G21 
 Justus Robeson (Ames) Briggs (CR-Jefferson)
   Briggs (CR-Jefferson) Fall 5:14
 Shawn Brown (Des Moines-Lincoln)      
 G18Brown (DSM-Lincoln) 
 Wyatt Schlotter (Ottumwa) Wagenhoffer (WSR)
 Wagenhoffer (WSR) Dec-7-1G25
 Clem Butler (Clinton)  Wagenhoffer (WSR)
 G19Bruening (Carroll) MD 13-1
  Fall 4:25G23 
 Eric Bruening (Carroll) Jarvis (Iowa City-City)
  Jarvis (Iowa City-City) MD 14-2
 Briggs (CR-Jefferson)  
 G26Foote (Pleasant Valley) 
 Foote (Pleasant Valley)Fall 5:19G28 
   Foote (Pleasant Valley)
 Wagenhoffer (WSR) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Wagenhoffer (WSR)Dec-5-3
 Jones (SE Polk)Dec-9-4  
 Briggs (CR-Jefferson)  
 G29Briggs (CR-Jefferson) 
 Jones (SE Polk)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 1:51 
 Helmkamp (Ankeny Cent.)  
 G30Jarvis (Iowa City-City) 
 Jarvis (Iowa City-City)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 3:16 

9: 160#


 Ryan Loyd (Pleasant Valley) ^^Back To Top
 G1Carlson (Mason City) 
 Jacob Carlson (Mason City) TF-1.5 5:46 (16-0)G9     
    Carlson (Mason City)
 Tyler Bitting (Keokuk)   MD 12-2G13
 G2 Bitting (Keokuk)       
 Tad Griffith (Des Moines-Lincoln) Dec-5-1   
    Carlson (Mason City)
 Austin Lamm (Urbandale)      SV-1 12-2
 G3Sarasin (CR-Kennedy)   
 Ben Sarasin (CR-Kennedy) MD-20-8G10   
   Koethe (Valley-WDM)  
 Jack Koethe (Valley-WDM)   Dec-3-1
 G4 Koethe (Valley-WDM) 
 Parker Preul (Denison-Schleswig) Fall 1:51      G15
    Hartzler (Linn-Mar)
 Seth Walker (Waverly-Shell Rock)   CHAMPION
 G5Walker (WSR)   Dec 5-0
 Alex Lopez (Bettendorf) Fall 2:42G11 
    Walker (WSR)
 Austin Garcia (Johnston)   Fall 3:32G14
 G6 Rohweder (IC-West)       
 Carter Rohweder (Iowa City-West)Dec-6-5   
   Hartzler (Linn-Mar)
 Shea Hartzler (Linn-Mar-Marion)    Dec-5-0
 G7Hartzler (Linn-Mar)   
 Brycen Carney (Ames) MD 9-0G12   
    Hartzler (Linn-Mar)  
 Cory Lear (Lewis Central)   Fall 1:26
 G8 Babcock (SE Polk)       
 Gavin Babcock (SE Polk) Fall 1:26   
 Ryan Loyd (Pleasant Valley) ^^Back To Top
 G16Griffith (DSM-Lincoln) 
 Tad Griffith (Des Moines-Lincoln)  Griffith (DSM-Lincoln)  
  Babcock (SE Polk) Dec-6-0G24
 Austin Lamm (Urbandale)  Griffith (DSM-Lincoln)
 G17Lamm (Urbandale) Dec-4-0
 Parker Preul (Denison-Schleswig) Rohweder (IC-West)
   Rohweder (IC-West) Dec-5-3
 Alex Lopez (Bettendorf)      
 G18Garcia (Johnston) 
 Austin Garcia (Johnston) Sarasin (CR-Kennedy)
 Sarasin (CR-Kennedy) Dec-12-6G25
 Brycen Carney (Ames)  Sarasin (CR-Kennedy)
 G19Lear (Lewis Central) Fall 3:32
 Cory Lear (Lewis Central) Bitting (Keokuk)
  Bitting (Keokuk) Dec-3-2
 Griffith (DSM-Lincoln)  
 G26Koethe (Valley-WDM) 
 Koethe (Valley-WDM)MD 11-3G28 
   Koethe (Valley-WDM)
 Sarasin (CR-Kennedy) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Sarasin (CR-Kennedy)Dec-3-0
 Walker (WSR)MD 11-3  
 Griffith (DSM-Lincoln)  
 G29Walker (WSR) 
 Walker (WSR)5th Place Finisher 
 Rohweder (IC-West)  
 G30Rohweder (IC-West) 
 Bitting (Keokuk)7th Place Finisher 

10: 170#


 Jacob Dykes (Iowa City-City) ^^Back To Top
 G1Pilcher (Cedar Falls) 
 Bryce Pilcher (Cedar Falls) Dec-4-2G9     
    Clayborne (SC-North)
 Deion Clayborne (Sioux City-North)   Dec-9-7G13
 G2 Clayborne (Sioux City-North)       
 Tanner Zimmerman (Indianola) Dec-10-4   
    Clayborne (SC-North)
 Gabe Behrendt (Davenport-Central)      Dec-12-8
 G3Egli (Fort Dodge)   
 Jonah Egli (Fort Dodge) MD 10-0G10   
   Egli (Fort Dodge)  
 Garrett Kubovec (CR-Kennedy)   Fall 4:30
 G4 Kubovec (CR-Kennedy) 
 Nick Brushaber (Dallas Center-Grimes) Dec-8-3      G15
    Coleman (Ames)
 Josh Edel (Marshalltown)   CHAMPION
 G5Edel (Mashalltown)   Fall 5:29
 Nate Kelsay (Iowa City-West) MD 10-0G11 
    Edel (Mashalltown)
 Drew Singbush (Johnston)   Dec-6-0G14
 G6 Singbush (Johnston)       
 Colton Lear (Lewis Central)Dec-10-8   
   Coleman (Ames)
 Marcus Coleman (Ames)    Dec-7-4
 G7Coleman (Ames)   
 Trajae Lackland (Clinton) Fall 1:47G12   
    Coleman (Ames)  
 Austin Stotts (Valley-WDM)   Fall 2:57
 G8 Haas (Dub.-Hemstead)       
 Brandon Haas (Dub.-Hempstead) Dec-3-2   
 Jacob Dykes (Iowa City-City) ^^Back To Top
 G16Dykes (IC-City) 
  Fall 3:09G20    
 Tanner Zimmerman (Indianola)  Haas (Dub.-Hemstead)  
  Haas (Dub.-Hemstead) MD 12-2G24
 Gabe Behrendt (Davenport-Central)  Haas (Dub.-Hemstead)
 G17Brushaber (DCG) Fall 3:20
 Nick Brushaber (Dallas Center-Grimes) Brushaber (DCG)
   Brushaber (DCG) Dec-7-6
 Nate Kelsay (Iowa City-West)      
 G18Kelsay (IC-West) 
  MD 16-5G22 
 Colton Lear (Lewis Central) Kubovec (CR-Kennedy)
 Kubovec (CR-Kennedy) Dec-7-6G25
 Trajae Lackland (Clinton)  Kubovec (CR-Kennedy)
 G19Stotts (Valley-WDM) Dec-8-7
  Fall 3:32G23 
 Austin Stotts (Valley-WDM) Stotts (Valley-WDM)
  Pilcher (Cedar Falls) Dec-6-5
 Haas (Dub.-Hemstead)  
 G26Haas (Dub.-Hemstead) 
 Egli (Fort Dodge)Dec-5-2G28 
   Haas (Dub.-Hemstead)
 Kubovec (CR-Kennedy) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Edel (Mashalltown)SV-1 5-3
 Edel (Mashalltown)Fall 1:45  
 Egli (Fort Dodge)  
 G29Egli (Fort Dodge) 
 Kubovec (CR-Kennedy)5th Place Finisher 
  Fall 3:15 
 Brushaber (DCG)  
 G30Stotts (Valley-WDM) 
 Stotts (Valley-WDM)7th Place Finisher 

11: 182#


 Max Lyon (Epworth-Western Dub.) ^^Back To Top
 G1Lyon (EWD) 
 Damon Deyo (Lewis Central) Fall 1:34G9     
    Lyon (EWD)
 Duncan Lee (Newton)   TF-1.5 3:12 (16-0)G13
 G2 Lee (Newton)       
 Peyton Patterson (Ankeny) SV-1 5-3   
    Lyon (EWD)
 Kaden Sauer (Dowling Catholic-WDM)      Fall 2:15
 G3Bartel (Mason City)   
 Isaac Bartel (Mason City) ScoreG10   
   Bartel (Mason City)  
 David Carr (Pleasant Valley)   Dec-9-2
 G4 Carr (Pleasant Valley) 
 Mason Hartman (Burlington) Fall 5:19      G15
    Lyon (EWD)
 Jacob Wiley (Sioux City-East)   CHAMPION
 G5Wiley (Sioux City East)   Fall 1:04
 Nick Dreckman (CR-Jefferson) Dec-5-3G11 
    Padavich (SE Polk)
 Cody Pearson (Urbandale)   Dec-3-2G14
 G6 Padavich (SE Polk)       
 Kameron Padavich (SE Polk)Dec-7-2   
   Moore (WSR)
 Jamiir Moore (Waverly-Shell Rock)    Dec-9-5
 G7Moore (WSR)   
 Ben Wilson (Johnston) Fall 0:30G12   
    Moore (WSR)  
 Isaiah Cox (Ottumwa)   Fall 2:39
 G8 Cox (Ottumwa)       
 Triston Richardson (North Scott) Dec-9-4   
 Damon Deyo (Lewis Central) ^^Back To Top
 G16Deyo (Lewis Central) 
 Peyton Patterson (Ankeny)  Cox (Ottumwa)  
  Cox (Ottumwa) Dec-9-4G24
 Kaden Sauer (Dowling Catholic-WDM)  Cox (Ottumwa)
 G17Sauer (Dowling Catholic) Dec-3-2
  MD 13-0G21 
 Mason Hartman (Burlington) Sauer (Dowling Catholic)
   Wiley (Sioux City East) Dec-72
 Nick Dreckman (CR-Jefferson)      
 G18Dreckman (CR-Jefferson) 
 Cody Pearson (Urbandale) Carr (Pleasant Valley)
 Carr (Pleasant Valley) MD 12-4G25
 Ben Wilson (Johnston)  Lee (Newton)
 G19Wilson (Johnston) Dec-32
 Triston Richardson (North Scott) Lee (Newton)
  Lee (Newton) Dec-5-0
 Cox (Ottumwa)  
 G26Bartel (Mason City) 
 Bartel (Mason City)Dec-5-3G28 
   Bartel (Mason City)
 Lee (Newton) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Padavich (SE Polk)Fall 3:27
 Padavich (SE Polk)Fall 4:50  
 Cox (Ottumwa)  
 G29Cox (Ottumwa) 
 Lee (Newton)5th Place Finisher 
 Sauer (Dowling Catholic)  
 G30Sauer (Dowling Catholic) 
 Carr (Pleasant Valley)7th Place Finisher 

12: 195#


 Hayden Waldstein (Lewis Central) ^^Back To Top
 G1Waldstein (Lewis Central) 
 Ethan Rummel (Carroll) Fall 1:00G9     
    Mehmen (Prairie-CR)
 Taylor Mehmen (Prairie-CR)   MD 13-2G13
 G2 Mehmen (Prairie-CR)       
 Cody McDermott (Epworth-Western Dub.) Fall 0:50   
    Mehmen (Prairie-CR)
 Chance Cary (Pleasant Valley)      Dec-9-2
 G3Cary (Pleasant Valley)   
 Billy White (Des Moines-East) Fall 1:31G10   
   Buck (DCG)  
 Logan Buck (Dallas Center-Grimes)   Dec-5-3
 G4 Buck (DCG) 
 Jacob Briscoe (Keokuk) Dec-7-1      G15
    Cook (Fort Dodge)
 Sam Cook (Fort Dodge)   CHAMPION
 G5Cook (Fort Dodge)   Dec 9-6
 Cameron Baker (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.) Fall 0:45G11 
    Cook (Fort Dodge)
 Brayden Schultz (Linn-Mar)   Fall 1:45G14
 G6 Mann (Marshalltown)       
 Devan Mann (Marshalltown)Dec-7-3   
   Cook (Fort Dodge)
 Jacob Zachary (Dowling Catholic-WDM)    Dec-8-2
 G7Guilliams (Clinton)   
 Justin Guilliams (Clinton) Fall 5:28G12   
    Doyle (IC-West)  
 Donovan Doyle (Iowa City-West)   Dec-6-2
 G8 Doyle (IC-West)       
 Connor Corbin (Valley-WDM) Dec-5-2   
 Ethan Rummel (Carroll) ^^Back To Top
 G16Rummell (Carroll) 
  Fall 0:53G20    
 Cody McDermott (Epworth-Western Dub.)  Guilliams (Clinton)  
  Guilliams (Clinton) Fall 0:45G24
 Billy White (Des Moines-East)  Guilliams (Clinton)
 G17White (DSM-East) Fall 0:52
  MD 14-5G21 
 Jacob Briscoe (Keokuk) Mann (Marshalltown)
   Mann (Marshalltown) Dec-3-2
 Cameron Baker (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.)      
 G18Baker (CBTJ) 
 Brayden Schultz (Linn-Mar) Cary (Pleasant Valley)
 Cary (Pleasant Valley) TF-1.5 3:29 (17-2)G25
 Jacob Zachary (Dowling Catholic-WDM)  Corbin (Dowling Catholic)
 G19Corbin (Dowling Catholic) Fall 3:46
 Connor Corbin (Valley-WDM) Corbin (Dowling Catholic)
  Waldstein (Lewis Central) MD 8-0
 Guilliams (Clinton)  
 G26Guilliams (Clinton) 
 Buck (DCG)Dec-3-2G28 
   Doyle (IC-West)
 Corbin (Dowling Catholic) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Doyle (IC-West)Dec-6-1
 Doyle (IC-West)Dec-6-4  
 Buck (DCG)  
 G29Corbin (Dowling Catholic) 
 Corbin (Dowling Catholic)5th Place Finisher 
 Mann (Marshalltown)  
 G30Mann (Marshalltown) 
 Cary (Pleasant Valley)7th Place Finisher 

13: 220#


 Ethan Andersen (SE Polk) ^^Back To Top
 G1Anderson (SE Polk) 
 Tyler Pasker (Prairie-CR) Fall 0:57G9     
    Anderson (SE Polk)
 Callan Tomlin (Oskaloosa)   Fall 0:49G13
 G2 Jacobus (CR-Kennedy)       
 Dalles Jacobus (CR-Kennedy) Dec-3-2   
    Anderson (SE Polk)
 Brady Stange (Sioux City-East)      Fall 1:57
 G3Barry (Clinton)   
 Trevor Barry (Clinton) Fall 0:34G10   
   Heimer (Ankeny Cent.)  
 Christian Heimer (Ankeny Centennial)   TB-2 5-4
 G4 Heimer (Ankeny Cent.) 
 Alex Newberg (Urbandale) Dec-3-1      G15
    Wriedt (North Scott)
 Peyton Williams (Marshalltown)   CHAMPION
 G5Lombardi (Valley-WDM)   Dec 12-10
 Rocky Lombardi (Valley-WDM) Dec-9-5G11 
    Lombardi (Valley-WDM)
 Alex Freiburger (Dub.-Hempstead)   Fall 0:10G14
 G6 Freibeurger (Dub.-Hempstead)       
 Jordain Buckland (Iowa City-City)Fall 5:20   
   Wriedt (North Scott)
 Wyatt Wriedt (North Scott)    Dec-9-2
 G7Wriedt (North Scott)   
 Tanner Miller (Lewis Central) Fall 1:54G12   
    Wriedt (North Scott)  
 Harrison Townsend (Ames)   Dec-7-2
 G8 Townsend (Ames)       
 Brock VanLoon (Indianola) Dec-2-0   
 Tyler Pasker (Prairie-CR) ^^Back To Top
 G16Pasker (Prairie-CR) 
  TB-1 2-1G20    
 Callan Tomlin (Oskaloosa)  Townsend (Ames)  
  Townsend (Ames) Dec-4-2G24
 Brady Stange (Sioux City-East)  Townsend (Ames)
 G17Newbereg (Urbandale) Dec-6-5
 Alex Newberg (Urbandale) Freibeurger (Dub.-Hempstead)
   Freibeurger (Dub.-Hempstead) Fall 2:36
 Peyton Williams (Marshalltown)      
 G18Williams (Marshalltown) 
  Fall 2:57G22 
 Jordain Buckland (Iowa City-City) Williams (Marshalltown)
 Barry (Clinton) Fall 4:31G25
 Tanner Miller (Lewis Central)  Williams (Marshalltown)
 G19VanLoon (Indianola) Fall 3:22
 Brock VanLoon (Indianola) Jacobus (CR-Kennedy)
  Jacobus (CR-Kennedy) Fall 1:35
 Townsend (Ames)  
 G26Townsend (Ames) 
 Heimer (Ankeny Cent.)UTB 3-2G28 
   Lombardi (Valley-WDM)
 Williams (Marshalltown) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Lombardi (Valley-WDM)Dec-6-5
 Lombardi (Valley-WDM)Dec-3-1  
 Heimer (Ankeny Cent.)  
 G29Williams (Marshalltown) 
 Williams (Marshalltown)5th Place Finisher 
  TB-2 10-6 
 Freibeurger (Dub.-Hempstead)  
 G30Jacobus (CR-Kennedy) 
 Jacobus (CR-Kennedy)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 4:52 

14: 285#


 Zach Beyerink (Carroll) ^^Back To Top
 G1Beyerink (Carroll) 
 Tyler Bookin-Nosbisch (Ottumwa) Fall 5:08G9     
    Lickiss (Indianola)
 Eagan Lickiss (Indianola)   Dec-6-0G13
 G2 Lickiss (Indianola)       
 Ad Edwards (Des Moines-North-Hoover) Dec-3-1   
    Costello (EWD)
 Nick Mitchell (Council Bluffs-Thomas Jeff.)      Dec-3-2
 G3Mitchell (CBTJ)   
 Alex Heisdorffer (Prairie-CR) Fall 1:57G10   
   Costello (EWD)  
 Tyler Clark (Clinton)   Fall 1:04
 G4 Costello (EWD) 
 Aaron Costello (Epworth-Western Dub.) Fall 4:25      G15
    Gremmel (Dub.-Hempstead)
 Trenton Wellendorf (Fort Madison)   CHAMPION
 G5Hoefling (Spencer)   Fall 2:48
 Nic Hoefling (Spencer) Fall 2:14G11 
    Ramirez (SE Polk)
 Daniel Ramirez (SE Polk)   Dec-3-0G14
 G6 Ramirez (SE Polk)       
 Keegan Poole (Pella)Dec-3-0   
   Gremmel (Dub.-Hempstead)
 Omar Begic (Waterloo-East)    Dec-4-1
 G7Begic (Waterloo-East)   
 Jesse Ramirez (Sioux City-West) Fall 1:33G12   
    Gremmel (Dub.-Hempstead)  
 Gannon Gremmel (Dub.-Hempstead)   Dec-3-1
 G8 Gremmel (Dub.-Hempstead)       
 Max Erpelding (Bettendorf) Dec-7-1   
 Tyler Bookin-Nosbisch (Ottumwa) ^^Back To Top
 G16Edwards (DSM-North Hoover) 
  MD 9-1G20    
 Ad Edwards (Des Moines-North-Hoover)  Begic (Waterloo-East)  
  Begic (Waterloo-East) TB-2 2-1G24
 Alex Heisdorffer (Prairie-CR)  Clark (Clinton)
 G17Clark (Clinton) Fall 0:41
  Fall 1:23G21 
 Tyler Clark (Clinton) Clark (Clinton)
   Hoefling (Spencer) Fall 1:55
 Trenton Wellendorf (Fort Madison)      
 G18Poole (Pella) 
  UTB 3-2G22 
 Keegan Poole (Pella) Poole (Pella)
 Mitchell (CBTJ) Fall 1:33G25
 Jesse Ramirez (Sioux City-West)  Poole (Pella)
 G19Erpelding (Bettendorf) Dec-5-0
  Fall 3:18G23 
 Max Erpelding (Bettendorf) Beyerink (Carroll)
  Beyerink (Carroll) Fall 1:43
 Clark (Clinton)  
 G26Clark (Clinton) 
 Lickiss (Indianola)Fall 2:16G28 
   Ramirez (SE Polk)
 Poole (Pella) 3rd Place Finisher
 G27Ramirez (SE Polk)Fall 1:03
 Ramirez (SE Polk)Dec-3-0  
 Lickiss (Indianola)  
 G29Lickiss (Indianola) 
 Poole (Pella)5th Place Finisher 
 Begic (Waterloo-East)  
 G30Begic (Waterloo-East) 
 Beyerink (Carroll)7th Place Finisher 
  Fall 5:53