The 12th Annual Charity Barn Dance presented by K98.5 was held at the Electric Park Ballroom on Saturday, January 26th to help raise money for the Cedar Valley Hospice! The Triple B’s (Bucky Doren, Bruce Harberts, and Brian Ehler) along with the Cedar Valley Hospice volunteers helped to put on a great event this year with some good old-fashioned country music, line dancing and raising cash donations and door prizes from area businesses. Not only that, but in the end, they raised $3,040 for the Cedar Valley Hospice, so congratulations to all involved and donated to this event!

It was my first time being there and honestly my first barn dance because those are not really events that happen where I am from in Ohio. Here is what I learned; you can meet some of the friendliest people who make you feel like you belong at this event, they do love to drink, they are awesome dancers and somehow everyone knows the same dances.

Let me discuss that last point I made. I was watching throughout the night and for almost every song, it seemed people all knew a dance to it and not just any dance but the same one! I felt kind of left out at points and was confused on how they all seem to know these? Did they mind-meld together or what? Well, I asked a few of the guests and the answer I got was they had been doing these dances for years and were basically just taught by their families. Almost how families pass down stories as legends, well the dancing is their family stories. I felt like I grew up wrong and needed to get an education in country dancing.