Family reunions should be a TV show. I mean we all show up either once a year or once every 20 years in my case, and meet people we either have not seen before and wonder if they really are your family or people you really don’t want to have to see. You attempt to follow people’s updates on their lives even though you can’t actually figure out what they are doing and, in the end, there is way too much hugging and human contact in one night. And let’s be honest, we are all really just there for the food that is involved.

Whether you have been to one of these or multiple, we all probably have the same thoughts when you hear of a family reunion coming up. Here are my 10 thoughts that occur.

  1. Do I really have to go? I am not anti-social, I just don’t want to talk to you all.
  2. I do not know anyone that is showing up, are they even really my family?
  3. And of course, let the hugging of random strangers commence.
  4. Every time someone says I have grown, “Yes Karen, it has been 20 years since you have seen me, I don’t need help going potty anymore and have grown up.”
  5. Where is the food? I need it to stuff my face and avoid answering any questions about my love life, work life and just in general life.
  6. Asks Mom who that person is down the table, she responds with I don’t know. Like why are we here! Are we sure this is even our family or did we show up at the wrong reunion?
  7. Looks down the entire table and seriously wonders how we are all related and if I really have to be related to them.
  8. I am all for a good story, but I have heard the same “when I was young” stories too many times. People get new stories or lives!
  9. Oh great, picture time with people I still don’t know. There is no way I am posting this on social media.
  10. Thank God it’s the end. That was way too much interaction for the day. I need a bed… Uncle says, “Anyone up for a round of drinks?”… OK, maybe if alcohol is involved I will stay a few, I mean they are my family.