It's that time of year when the kids are already getting a major case of cabin fever and lets be honest, parents are too. The last thing you want to hear is that a big winter storm is headed your way.

The first thing you think when the local meteorologist starts talking lots of snow and wind is, "What am I going to do with the kids if school is cancelled?"


Here are 10 fun things you can do with the kids if you're snowed in.

1. Help the Neighbors - Demonstrate being a good Samaritan by grabbing the kids and helping out an elderly neighbor. The kids can work off some steam, you get some exercise and inevitably get to know your neighbor by offering to shovel for them.



2. Turn Your Living Room Into a City - Clear out a big space in your living room and make "roads" with masking tape all over the carpets and furniture for the kids' vehicles, legos, army men and plastic zoo animals.



3. Game Time - Dig out the old board games. Maybe even go "old school" and teach the kids a few old card games you used to play when you were a kid.

4. Go Camping - Make a huge tent out of blankets and chairs, dig out the sleeping bags and light some unscented candles to make s'mores. Make hot dogs and other classic camping fireside food for lunch. Set around and sing songs or tell campfire stories.


Sally Scott


5, Cookie Bake-Off - Why not have a cookie bake-off between the kids? A - It will keep them busy.  B - You get to munch on some yummy homemade cookies. It's a win, win!


6. Read Aloud - Grab and old book you used to love when you were a young and read it to your kids. After you're done, you can have them read their favorite to you.

7. Photo Shoot - Take silly pictures of you and the kids and create a mini album of what you did during the winter storm of 2016. What a fun gift for Grandma and Grandpa later down the line.

8. Play 'What Is That'? - Put different household items in different shoe boxes and tape them shut. Cut a small hole in the box, just big enough for the kids to reach in and try to guess what mystery item is in the box.

Dean Mitchell


9. Family Movie Night - Pick out some old movies, pop some popcorn and make some hot cocoa. Sit back and relax.




10. Get Out The Sled - Last but not least, get out the sleds and pile on! It creates lifelong memories, makes great photos, and burns a ton of calories. No sled? Cardboard boxes, cafeteria trays and bins from a plastic storage box work as well. Sometimes even without snow (wink).