Even though I am a radio disk jockey, I do not receive free tickets to every show and when I do manage to score a pair often times they are nosebleed tickets.

As a DJ I answer calls all day long about the next time we will be giving away tickets because the concert is sold out and we want to go really really badly.

Here are a few ways to score tickets before the sale date.

First always go to Ticketmaster.com and check the information on the show. They will have a tab that lets you look at dates of presales.

Almost always if you are a member of the artists fan club they will let you purchase tickets a few days before they go on sale either from Ticketmaster.com or right from their website.

Many concerts will have special credit card pre-sales. For example, American Express held a pre-sale promotion that happened four days before tickets ever went on sale for the Jake Owen concert this Friday night in Moline Illinois. I was able to score front row tickets since I had a good friend who owned an American Express card, and we ordered them online right at 10:00 AM the day the presale started.

Another great way is the day before and the day of the shows check back at Ticketmaster.com even if the show had been sold out since the first day because the after the venue sets up for the show they end up adding extra seats. If there is a pit section, then there will be a very good chance they will add multiple tickets to that section as well.

If all else fails turn to Craigslist the night before and the day of the concert. You may get extreme discounts on tickets,  Most prices are cheaper then what the person paid for them as they are worried they cannot sell and then drop the prices substantially.

Good luck in your search for the best seats in the house, but this should give you a head start on the competition.