It's not hard to see the sheer joy a dog gets when you rub their ears. They lean into the rub, start licking their chops, and even let out a little grown. We could almost say the same thing when it comes to chocoholics when they get their chocolate fix!

The average person likes a little chocolate here and there, but serious chocolate lovers have secrets that might surprise you. Here is a list of the top five secrets you never knew about Chocoholics.
1. Secret Stashes - We not only have secret stashes of chocolate, but we have secret stashes to back up our secret stashes just in case we accidentally run out.
2. We Are Selfish - True chocoholics are secretly selfish. We may offer you a piece of our chocolate, but deep down, we're screaming NOOOOOO!


3. Hopes & Dreams - Most chocolate lovers dreamed of diving into a warm pool of chocolate as a child, especially after watching Willy Wonka. Who are we kidding, we still dream of it as adults!

4. Just One Piece - We may of said we only had one piece, but that's a lie.
5. White Chocolate - Is white chocolate real chocolate? it's not.