The Cash Cow's 'Winner's List' continues to grow, and it's simple to play for a chance at $5,000. There is still time to get in on the winning.

It's easy to play and win with the Cash Cow. Each time you enter a correct Code Word, you could win anywhere from $100 up to $5,000 simply by listening for the Cash Cow Code Words and entering them online.

Plus each time you enter, you increase your chances of winning an awesome Red Carpet trip to the 2017 CMA Awards Show.

Tune in at 7:20 each weekday morning to K-Country Mornings for the first Cash Cow Code Word of the day. Then enter that word on our web site. We'll even let you know when we'll reveal Code #2 and #3 later that day.

Christopher Broders, $300
Earl Hayes, $100
Deborah Stoelting, $1,000
Jessica Ray, $100
Johnnie Picken, $2,000
Clint Smith, $100
Janette Crombie, $200
Rhonda McGrew, $100
Kyle Burton New, $1,000
Naomi Fierro, $100
Brenda Kelsey, $200
Kathy Archer, $100
Gayle McCormick, $100
Lynn Fast, $4,000
Stacy Melton, $3,000
Jennifer Condia, $100
Kimberly Nolan, $100