Numerous power outages have been reported around Northeast Iowa this (Thursday, May 26) morning.

In Oelwein, a good portion of the city was without power just before 5am; this included our KOEL transmitter and tower site. Electric service for some areas of Oelwein was restored less than an hour later.

However, there are still reports of electrical outages in Fayette, Clayton, Buchanan and Black Hawk Counties.

Power lines are knocked down in Oelwein, Jesup and rural Clayton County, along with uprooted trees.

Winds topped 50 to nearly 90 mph early this morning in portions of Northeast Iowa.

Some larger trees on the southeast side of Oelwein, near Mercy Hospital, were knocked over, snapping nearby electric lines.

Winds at one point in Oelwein were clocked at about 87 mph. In Independence, where there was more storm damage, winds were estimated at nearly 80 mph.

City crews have been kept busy clearing the streets of storm debris, and utility workers are scrambling to restore power to the rest of the region.

In the rural areas, Fayette County Sheriff Marty Fisher says "as storms rolled through Fayette County high winds caused damage in several locations."

Roofs were damaged and blown off several barns and a few hog confinements. A barn was also blown over all in the Arlington area.

A Shed fire was reported near Maynard during the storm and was believed to be caused by lightening but not confirmed.



Several power lines were also reported down near the Wadena and Fayette Areas.

No injuries were reported.