Tips and reviews of the new thriller A Quiet Place.

As being a person who is not a fan of scary movies, I had the same nervous excitement as anyone would have going into this kind of movie. I wanted to see it because I'm an Office nerd and like John Krasinski and wanted to see him direct/act and share the screen with his real life wife, Emily Blunt. I also wanted to see this movie because one of the screen writers, Bryan Woods, is a native of Davenport.

A Quiet Place is about a earth after it's inhabited by monsters that attack and kill humans when they make any kind of sound. Any kind. These monsters are blind and attack when they hear a loud noise from a creaking floor to talking.

I give the movie a B-. Overall, it was entertaining but left a few things to be desired. We see some implied background of the steps that this family has to take in order remain as quiet as possible. Steps like learning sign language, pouring sand along their paths so their feet make less noise when they walk, and having lights that will signal if there's danger or not. It would have been better to see more of the steps that they had taken. (Kind of like how they showed the Columbus's rules in Zombieland.)

There was a scene in the middle of the movie that could have made for great foreshadowing that they missed out on it. It would have been as good as the foreshadowing of Candy and George from Of Mice of Men.

Finally, this the BIGGEST TIP when it comes to seeing this movie. Go when you think the least amount of people will be in the theater with you. The movie has very little spoken dialogue and very little score. So when a movie is completely silent, you can hear everyone in the theater and everyone in the hallway. Remember, it's a PG13 movie. So teens often act like teens and would talk about how scared they are inside and outside the theater but you can hear all of it.