A sneezing fit is being blamed for causing an unusual accident in Buchanan county.

It happened at about 7am last Thursday, on I-380 at the Brandon interchange on-ramp.

23 year old Robert Sumner of Peoria, Illinois, was driving a pickup southbound in the inside lane of the interstate. He explained to authorities that as he approached the on-ramp, he suffered a sneezing attack. His pickup crossed both lanes and struck the back of a semi-trailer that was attempting to merge onto I-380 from the on-ramp.

Sumner's pickup became stuck to the back side of the trailer, but both drivers were able to maneuver their vehicles to the shoulder, and pull over.

Sumner, and the driver of the semi, 28 year old Nicolas Hanna of LaPorte City, were not injured.

The accident was investigated by the Iowa State Patrol.