All of us want our bosses to like us. It just makes for an easier time at work. These are the folks that approve EVERYTHING from raises, promotions, vacations and more. If your boss hates you, typically you get passed by for promotions and you don't get much attention. So here are some signs that your boss hates you.

We'd also like the mention that if you have boss that's a horrible leader, these signs will visible all the time. If you're the only one who sees them, your boss hates you.

  1. They can't maintain eye contact with you - This is a big one. It's a way for your boss to avoid you recognizing that they have some negative feelings about you. They don't respect you.
  2. They don't smile around you - Sure, everyone can have a bad day and find it difficult to smile. If you're boss sees you and their smile goes away...oops, they hate you.
  3. Micromanaging just you - Is your boss constantly in your office or at your desk telling you how to do things and then following up every 5 seconds? If you're the only one that gets that from the boss, then your boss hates you.
  4. Acknowledging your presence - Let's say you get to work and you say 'hello' or 'good morning' to everyone and they respond back, except your boss doesn't. It's not too difficult to recognize that ignoring you is a great way to show the hate.

These are only 4 of the 23 signs that Business Insider (web) has. It may be a good idea to read the rest of them, then take some to work and see if your boss hates you or you can see if your boss hates any of your coworkers.

What do you do if this is you? The video below will help.