The Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office is warning the Cedar Valley of an I.R.S. scam.

The Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office has received calls from citizens advising that they have received telephone calls from a person claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service. The caller states that there has been a criminal lawsuit filed against them, gives a bogus case number and that the person or their attorney needs to call a number to take care of the issue.

At times the caller also asks to confirm the person's social security number or asks for a Credit Card number or bank account number so the matter can be taken care of.

This should raise a red flag because the Internal Revenue Service does not handle matters in this way. If people receive these types of calls they need to hang up the telephone. By all means do not give out any of your personal information including any numbers and never agree to send them any money.

If you receive a call of this nature and are stil not sure what to do before you do anything call your local law enforcement.