A number of commercials that are set to air during this weekends NFL Championship Game have already been released.

The NFL will run an ad during the Super Bowl based on the premise that a number of children were conceived in post championship celebrations. The spot shows mini-choirs of the children, singing a song set to the tune of Seal's "Kiss From A Rose". Seal is even in the spot.

There are eight choirs of Super Bowl Babies, including Packers from the 60's - the Steelers from the 70's, the 49ers from the 80's, the Cowboys from the 90's, the Buccaneers from 2003, the Colts from 2007, the Giants from 2012 and the Seahawks from 2014.

Heinz is capitalizing on the always popular "cute animal" book, and got a bunch of wierner dogs dressed in costume for a "Wiener Stampede".

Honda also went the animal route with a chorus of sheep singing Queen's "Somebody to Love".

The Carolina Panthers take on The Denver Broncos at Super Bowl 50 this Sunday, February 7th on CBS. Here's a preview of the game.