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This political season that been one crazy ride so far. Social media has been on fire with every Tom, Dick and Harry giving their two cents about who should be the next President of the United States.

To tell you the truth, the negativity has been both frustrating and sad to watch.


Scott Griessel

Many Americans are so caught up in fighting that they have forgotten that we have more things in common than not. We're all mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who want the best for our families. In short, we all have the same goal, but not the same path.


Well, here's something we can all agree on - country music! Country singers Sunny Sweeny and Brennen Leigh put together a song and video addressing our countries political divide and how we can find SOME common ground.

We don't think the song is going to be a big chart topper, but maybe it's silly enough to put a smile on your face.