This week, we break down the best sports movies that don't involve the big 4 sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey. So we have all number 1's.


Golf: Caddyshack

Orion Pictures

Hands down the best golf movie. It's hysterical from beginning to end. It has one of the best closing lines in movie history. (Either you know it or you don't. I'm not putting it in here.) This is one of the most quotable movies on and off the golf course. It's number 1 in the golf category and number 1 in my heart.

Honorable Mentions: Tin Cup, Happy Gilmore, The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Greatest Game Ever Played


Tennis: Wimbledon

Universal Pictures

A rom-com even guys can appreciate. The up-and-coming female player meets the declining male player on the courts at Wimbledon. Will their meeting improve or distract them from their goal of winning the biggest tennis tournament in the world? Going inside their head while they are on the court was a nice cinematic touch to this movie. Guys, if you are cornered into a date night movie, choose "Wimbledon."

Honorable Mentions: Battle of the Sexes (I haven't seen this yet but I want to.)


Boxing: Rocky IV

United Arts

There are a bunch of good boxing movies. This one is really just a personal favorite. It has everything: Death, Revenge, Cold War, Multiple Montages, and Christmas. (I really felt like SNL's Stefon right there.) The most difficult part of boxing movies is the realism of the punches. Both of these guys would have died if they actually laded the blows in this film but it's one of those things that sports fans just need to get over. Stallone even went to the hospital after Dolph Lundgren tagged him for real by accident.

Honorable Mentions: Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby, Every other Rocky flick, Ali, Cinderella Man, Southpaw, The Hurricane


Bowling: Kingpin

Rysher Entertainment

A really underrated movie. This movie is pretty funny, but it was brought to you by the same guys that did "Dumb and Dumber." Our second Bill Murray movie and he plays a great villain! Randy Quaid is so-so but this is a good movie. You get to see the above and underground bowling world. To see a fun fact that is also a spoiler alert, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Honorable Mentions: The Big Lebowski


Cards: Rounders


One of the few poker movies around. Maybe because this one is so good. Matt Damon is a struggling law student who lost big to the KGB. He is trying to get through law school while working odd jobs on the side. When his best friend is released from prison, he talks him into sitting down at the tables again to make some quick and illegitimate cash to pay off his friend's debts. John Malkovich steals the movie and anyone who knows me knows I'm a big Edward Norton fan. Put this on your must see movies list.

Honorable Mentions: Casino Royale, A Big Hand for the Little Lady (Great movie!), 21


Martial Arts: The Karate Kid

Columbia Pictures Corporation

Every kid needs to see "The Karate Kid." It's just too good. I think the first group of people that I hated in movies was the Cobra Kai Dojo. They were just so mean. Plus Mr. Miyagi was the best. The crane kick was the most satisfying ending to a sports movie.

Honorable Mentions: Blood Sport, Drunken Master, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2


Playground Games: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

I remember being in the theater and the cardboard cut out of the movie Dodgeball made me really think that Hollywood was out of ideas. But this is a really funny movie. I'm not a big Ben Stiller fan, but this one is forgivable. Vince Vaughn is funny and I am a Stephen Root fan. Rip Torn steals the movie. It's one of those movies to watch any time its on TV.

Honorable Mention: The dodeball instructional video in the movie Dodgeball.


Soccer: The Big Green

Caravan Pictures

A fun kids movie about soccer. You get Steve Guttenberg mixed up with the catcher from "The Sandlot." It's a pretty hokey but funny kids movie. The whole family will get a kick out of "The Big Green". (Pun very much intended.)

Honorable Mention: Kicking and Screaming, Ladybugs, Bend it like Beckham


Extreme Sports: Out Cold

Touchstone Pictures

A dumb-funny movie that I really like. You get to see some early Zach Galifianakis work and he is clearly the best part. This is a movie where, you kind of wish to live this life. Snowboard all day and party all night and get paid for it. Seems like a good gig if you can get it. The love story is kind of bland, but the rest of the movie is entertaining. Also... Victoria Silvstedt.

Honorable Mentions: Point Break, Blue Crush


Pool: The Hustler

Rossen Films

Must see! Such a good movie. Paul Newman is "Fast Eddie" who is trying to take down Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason). All-star cast nails a great movie. Minnesota Fats is "like playing the violin" working the pool tables and winning money hand over fist at the pool hall. Newman thinks he can take him down but if a definite underdog and his drinking doesn't help him. He's also approaching a 36 hour marathon game.

Honorable Mention: The Color of Money


Horse Racing: The Sting

Zanuck/Brown Productions

Another Paul Newman film. Another must see. This movie is just too good to pass up. It has one of the best movie endings of all time. Even if we don't see one horse, this is still the best horse racing movie. The movie revolves around a big bet on a fake horse. I don't want to give too much away. So see it!

Honorable Mentions: Black Stallion, Seabiscuit


Pro Wresting: The Wrestler

Wild Bunch

"The Wrestler" is a really good movie and shows what it takes to be a pro wrestler. Pro wrestlers get criticized a lot for it being a work. But jump off the top rope and take the bumps they take every night and say it's not taxing. Plus, pro wrestlers work well over 250 nights a year which means they are often on the road away from their families. It is not an easy life by any means.

Honorable Mentions: Ready to Rumble, Beyond the Mat (documentary), ESPN 30 for 30: Flair


Swimming: Swimfan

Twentieth Century Fox

There really aren't that many swimming movies. This movie is okay but it's not great. I don't necessarily recommend it but it's the best of small category. Basically... it's "Fatal Attraction" in a pool.

Honorable Mentions: Men of Honor (A scuba diving movie so it doesn't really qualify because we are talking about sports.)


Olympic Movies: Cool Runnings

Walt Disney Pictures

Who doesn't like "Cool Runnings"? It is a good movie based on a true story. The Jamaicans are in the Winter Olympics with the help of a washed up cheater hiding from his home country. They need to overcome the critics, the complainers, and the cold. It's a good rent for a family friendly movie night.



Keep scrolling for the "Kingpin" Spoiler Fun Fact









Kingpin Spoiler Alert *** Bill Murray's character, Big Ernie McCracken needed 3 strikes (a turkey) to win the tournament. Bill Murray actually rolled the turkey himself as he is a good bowler. The crowd's reaction to the 3 strikes was genuine and Murray's taunting was all apart of it.